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Oh my god weird dreams again last night. Two of them here. )

I totally blame the amount of stress from dealing with this fucking college for these stupidass dreams. I've consistently felt like puking for a couple days now and can't even focus on Pokemon.
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So I didn't make it into JPN202, but I did make the cut for JPN201. Now the problem is that they don't offer 201 until the spring semester... which is supposed to be my last semester here. PFFFF. So I decided, fuck it, I'll just drop Japanese entirely and teach myself until I find a decent program at a local community college or something. It's just... not worth the aggravation right now. I wouldn't be getting credit for JPN103 or JPN201 anyway since they transferred in from UAT, so... screw it.

Semester schedule now stands at:
Monday: International Economics, Romantic Literature
Tuesday: Ancient Chinese History, Meteorology
Thursday: Int. Ec., Rom. Lit.
Friday: Chinese History, Meteorology + Lab

I think I can stomach that batch of classes. Chinese history will be very interesting, and I like meteorology and romantic literature, so... it's really only the econ class that might be a ball-buster.

This all, of course, depends on if the school actually lets me IN this semester. Their money is sitting there in the bank, waiting for them to simply tell Wells Fargo if I'm enrolled or not before they'll release my loans to the school. It's been waiting for three weeks, and they haven't done a thing. They have, however, found the time to send me a nasty threatening email saying they'd de-register me from my classes should they not be paid. Just... Ldsalidjl8wadalisd.

If they don't have it straightened out by Friday, I'm going to go talk to the dean. I'm tired of all this. If they really don't want my money that bad, then I can take it elsewhere and just... finish college later or something. I want to finish it so bad, but... sladjiawdaisd. Do they have to fight me every step of the way?

Thank the lord for Discedo. Being able to play a raving bitch woman there has really been helping me stay sane this summer. XD;
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...why is it so amusing that, on the cans for these self-heating teas, it says that the secret to how it heats is quicklime, which heats when combined with water, and then it says, "If heating components get onto skin, flush with generous amounts of water"?

Wouldn't that burn the hell out of your skin? XD

Despite their questionable logic, the self-heating teas are damn good and also wicked awesome. Cowboy Bebop, eat your heart out.

In other news, my XHTML homework from two weeks ago is finally done. I've learned the kanji for the quiz upon my return to Arizona. I still have to do the reading for history, but I'm gonna get on that in a minute.

Throat doesn't hurt so bad anymore, and my lips, while still quite chapped, aren't bleeding anymore. A step up. :D
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Just adding to the new LJ update field hate.



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