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Guilty Gear drabble dump over at [profile] nuklearwinter for anyone interested~

My life has basically been Discedo and Brofist these past few days, with some Spike TV sprinkled in between. Pretty boring. Also job spplications. LOL RESUME, I think mine probably sucks D:

I slept a lot. That was really nice. ♥ I do so enjoy my breaks from insomnia. Feels good, man.

It's windy as fuck here in Austin today. How's the weather where you are, friends list?
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Made me a writing journal, at [profile] nuklearwinter. ♥ I'll start typing up shit in a minnit.

Go ahead and friend it if you want~
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This is just one of those days/nights that I feel like I should be doing something epic, but I can't gather up the energy to do it. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and yet there's still some voice in the back of my head insisting that I write something that's not an LJ entry, but plot is being elusive.

Should probably dig out all those Star Ocean notes I had for a BigFic and, yanno, actually make something of it, since rereading all I'd scribbled was like "OH MY GOD, I AM BRILLIANT." And then I feel like less of a genius when nothing ever comes of all those drabbles. :\ So is life, I suppose.

Damn you, motivation, for not budging my writer's block.

Tomorrow is finally Speech Practice Day, so Imma call my mom and practice the speech at her before heading out to UAT. Oh joy.
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Oh, before I forget: Request yourself a drabble here! I won't be able to start on writing them 'til finals are over, but I will most definitely have time to do them before Christmas. ♥

I'll write:
- Ouran (Roses!type included)
- Naruto (Naruko/NHS/Shades universes included)
- Star Ocean 2 and 3
- Final Fantasy VII (DoC/AC included)
- Legend of Legaia
- ASA, for you... four that'd possibly ask for it. XD
- Trigun
- FMA ([profile] chocochick... if you request the same fucking drabble you did last time, I will pwn you when I'm back in PA.)
- Discworld

Just comment with what characters you want, prompt is optional, and I'll get around to 'em. ♥


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