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Aside from work training and vidya, not much has been going on lately. Been playing a lot of Pokemon -- I'm planning some new, fun teams to try out for a new runthrough in the near future. New challenges! Exciting!

...Something tells me attempting a runthrough with a Spinda is going to be a royal pain in the ass!

Also been playing some delightful Star Ocean 4, which has been nerve-grating in several places but the graphics are downright beautiful and I adore the green-haired "fabulous elf dude" and the catgirl so far. The catgirl... looks like she could be the daughter of Vahn and Noa from Legaia. ;_; It's so adorable. It makes me love her even more.

I just wish the gameplay wasn't so aggravating sometimes. That spiky lizardman dungeon/planet/thing kept getting my camera stuck in the spikes and fucking up my view, for example. And you couldn't go more than three steps in the Area 51 knockoff without running into another monster. Just... ffffffffff.

Also the Rocks of Linear. That bodily block your path from areas of the map that WILL unlock later, just not until you have a certain item, so keep on this specific path for now you puny gamer. NO SIDEQUEST FOR YOU.

...I really don't know how I feel about this game.

Pondering starting a Borderlands file soon, and also Dead Rising 2. And Castle Crashers. It's been too long since I had a working Xbox. ;_;
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So last week, due to Will having a 25% off coupon for GameStop on a used game, we went and finally picked up Star Ocean 4 for me to play since I didn't want to spend any more than $20 on it. With the final discount at 35% off, it was $21, and I could handle that.

Since I was finally able to drag myself out of my bed just last night, I started up a file on there to waste some time, 'cause sleeping with Hellboy 2 on in the background gets old after a while.

It's alright so far. Nothing I'd really write home about, although the maps are beautiful and the battle system has been fun as all hell. The characters bore the fuck out of me so far and the story is just meh, but... well, I'm only two hours in, so I'm still in that RPG stage where everything important is just referred to as "THAT" and everyone nods while the player sits there facepalming. But hey, the maps are fun to explore (even though GODDAMMIT QUIT BLOCKING OFF MY PATHS DAMN YOU LINEARNESS) and the battles have been far too entertaining with the jump option now available. About damn time, Star Ocean. Well done.

Hopefully the characters and story get a little less boring, lol. But then again, when have I ever played a Star Ocean where I wasn't bored by the the original two party members.

Needs moar save points, though. Fuckin' seriously.
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So I caught some sort of flu. Started to come down with it on Saturday, felt like shit Saturday night, felt slightly better Sunday, went to class on Monday despite feeling poopy, felt MUCH WORSE yesterday and stayed home from class, and it seems to be clearing again today. I should just stay down and let it get better today.

But I need to do laundry baaaw. Maybe I'll just let that go until the weekend.

Been spending my sick time on homework so I don't fall behind and lots of Star Ocean 1 on PSP. I had to reset my file because 1)I had no idea what dungeon I was running around in and wtf was with the puzzle I abandoned halfway through and 2) my party irritated the hell out of me and I wanted different characters. So I restarted.

SO1 is way, way, way harder in the remake than SO2. I mean, shit.

Also been reading HGSS spoilers all week and I am psyched~ So excited to play those. Is it 2010 yet?

...I should make art out of all these cough drop wrappers I've got here.
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There is something terribly amusing about opening up the properties of the files on the Star Ocean 2 disc and seeing exactly when the game was finished.

Goddamn am I a geek.

Finals = COMPLETE. I am liberated.
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T_T I just lost an hour of my life to a gang of seven Funny Thieves.

Fuck you, Cave of Trials. I'm goin' back to Pokemon now.

Note to self: Check on the monies and make sure they're set to go tomorrow morning. If they are, lolol grocery time after Japanese. Don't forget your list or you'll forget everything in your OMFG I CAN AFFORD FOOD frenzy, and you'll end up with Lucky Charms or something instead of the stuff to make fruit salad.

Also, kick Star Ocean across the room at some point. Try not to break the disc or you'll cry yourself to sleep for weeks.

omgggg, ten levels, tons of maxed out skills, so many items... and five feet away from the boss for level seven. TT_TT I was just about to back out and save, but I got raeped so fast I couldn't even run away from the fight...


Video games are serious business. D: At least to a UAT kid.

Also, my ear is being weird. I hope it's just that I've got water stuck in it (although I have no clue how it could've gotten there). D:
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lol, Star Ocean. )

Japanese today was good and fun, but the downside was getting the song to memorize conjugations of verbs stuck in my head. My brain just keeps going "mu bu nu ~nda, u tsu ru ~tta" and it's driving me berserk.

I tried to do the second half of the reading for Character Development earlier and good lord, I couldn't do it. So boring. @_@; Just character archetypes... over and over... same as the first half of the reading. omg.

And I've got the class tomorrow... dear lawd, please be more interesting than the reading. ;_;

On a completely random note... it is really, really hot out there now. And it's not even full-blown summer in the desert yet. I am going to roast just walking to my truck one of these mornings and be red as a lobster. lol, Irish complexion.
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You know, I am amazed I ever beat Star Ocean 2 the first time. Bastard game is so hard once you get to Fienal. I'm 10 levels higher than every strat guide suggests and I still get my ass handed to me by Vesper and Decus. How the hell did I survive the first time. o_o And I can't easily train, I need the Cave of Trials... which doesn't open up until I beat these two asshats. Seriously, how did I ever make it before?


I'd blacksmith up some awesome fire-resistant armor, but I'm missing one of the skills needed for smithery, and I can only buy the skillset on Expel. Once again, need to beat Vesper and Decus first. I really screwed myself over.

And so, I'm playing Pokemon until I'm not mad at Star Ocean anymore. XD

New semester starts today. First class is Japanese 3, then I've got some ungodly 4 hour break between classes, then Creative Writing. I'll be going to Sonic in that ungodly break for lunch, since a Sonic Sunrise would rock my socks off right about now. (Orange juice + wtf else is in there = delicious.) I will also be rebreeding Eevees, attempting to get a Tauros out of a Miltank, and otherwise training my Original Kanto!Pokemon Team up to insane levels so I can take on the Elite Four with them. :3

I only feel bad for the cat having to be alone all day. He's gonna bitch and whine when Pan and I get home tonight. D:
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This Not Sleeping thing is getting really old really fast.

I guess the perk is that I've gotten through an entire disc of Star Ocean, though. Actually got Opera and Ernest this time; Opera makes me lawl, but she is not allowed in my party because her voice makes my soul weep.

I am hungry. Perhaps because I've been up since 5 am after a half hour of sleep and haven't eaten anything.

I am a bitter bitch today, and I doubt it's going to be getting any better until I've slept for about a week straight, so I apologize ahead of time for the inevitable snapping I'm bound to do to anybody.

May has really sucked so far. :\
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Sirius Shirt Random Love Club has expanded to include both girls that work at Cuban Pete's and, of all people, Hirano-sensei. XD There is nothing quite like writing on the board in katakana and hearing your teacher behind you saying, "Az...ka...ban? OH, ahaha, Harry Potter!" I swear this shirt is capable of conquering the geek nation.

In other news, UAT webcam? The one in Cuban Pete's? Kinda creepy. It was just sitting there and watching me and [profile] nekopanchan while we were sitting on the couch and watching Family Guy. Somebody was probably looking at the webcam and going, "HOLY SHIT, GIRLS AT UAT?"

And then their head went 'splodey.

True story.

Katakana quiz was a breeze. Verbal activity in class was ridiculously fun. (Especially when I called one of the guys "aho" very loudly and the teacher didn't do a thing. XD)

On a completely random note, I'm almost at level 100 on Star Ocean 2. That's only 20 away from my goal of Kicking Indalecio's Ass level. Let's see if I can actually kick his ass when I get right down to it.


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