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Okay, seriously now, body, it's been a week. You can stop with the migraine attempts already. You are not making my life any easier.

These next two weeks are made of tons of work and fail, dude. Busting my ass left and right to try and meet a bajillion deadlines, so list for self: )


Also, not sure how much longer my grandma-related-by-marriage has left. Cancer's taken a turn for the worse and there's nothing they can do but make her comfortable until the inevitable. Treatments are completely worthless at this point. Going on Saturday with Mom and Lexi to go visit and... I guess say goodbyes, since nobody really knows when it's gonna be. Six weeks max is apparently what the doctors say.

I'm... still not sure how I feel about it all. I guess it still hasn't sunk in? I don't even know. I just want her to be as comfortable as she can be.
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I've had some absolutely amazing teachers over the years, and this is really the main reason this question drew me in. I'm that kid who makes friends with the teacher, so... Honorable mentions go to: Mr. DePietro in 3rd grade, Mrs. Chickey in 9th and 12th, Mr. Schaffer in 10th and 12th, Chanin from the stables, and, of course, Hirano-sensei from UAT. Each of them has made a tremendous impact on my life to the point that I would love to make all of them my Most Inspiring Teacher.

Except for the fact that they've all taken a very slight second to my 2nd grade teacher, Miss Young.

In 2nd grade, I was painfully shy in school. I felt fantastically worthless there, because as the smart kid, I had absolutely no friends. Everybody loved to pick on me, and the only thing I had going for me was the fact that I had a brain. Miss Young seemed to pick up on the Kid Needs Encouragement thing and rose to the occasion beautifully, perking me up and cheering me on about the things I was good at, and always being there to give me a hug at the end of the day before I headed home.

It's due to Miss Young that I learned my right from my left, learned that i comes before e in most words because of her wording of "friends 'til the 'end' - which goes on the end", the reason I adopted calling staple removers "Jaws", a very big reason why I ended up being so close to all my teachers from that point onward (daily hugs helped me open up quite a lot), and, most of all, she's the reason I ever started writing.

Without Miss Young's encouragement and calling in my mom from time to time to show her the little mini-books she assigned us to write, I really doubt I'd be anywhere near as confident or skilled a writer as I am now. She used to really put a lot of pride in those mini-books and would give me all sorts of doofy little gifts for writing more than she asked us to. I used to get little challenges and she'd reward me with little $1 gift certificate thingies for the school store.

She's an amazing woman and a brilliant teacher. It's a little ridiculous just how much of 2nd grade I remember because she was just so awesome.

So here's to you, Miss Young, wherever you are right now -- BEST. TEACHER. EVER.
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Lordy, lordy. Three days back in classes and already I'm coming down with something. WAY TO GO IMMUNE SYSTEM

Apparently bronchitis is going around. Which I am notorious for catching very easily. And it could very well be that, since I'm feverish and coughy and my throat hurts. >\ Way to go, self, get off on the right foot.

Ate lots of soup today. Drank so much tea I don't even know. Got a very nice nap. Still feel shitty. Mom's birthday party is tomorrow. Poooooop

Watching Kill Bill while eating dinner. I'm a little twisted.

Anyway, meme time because I'm a sheep baa

Not another fandom meme! )
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Cut because I'm long-winded. )

TLDR; Semester seems to be off to a good start so far. Stupid fucks at the college need to build a new garage that's STUDENTS ONLY, we already have four reserved for faculty/staff, they don't need another one, we only have one and it's jam-packed. Burgers are delicious.
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So I didn't make it into JPN202, but I did make the cut for JPN201. Now the problem is that they don't offer 201 until the spring semester... which is supposed to be my last semester here. PFFFF. So I decided, fuck it, I'll just drop Japanese entirely and teach myself until I find a decent program at a local community college or something. It's just... not worth the aggravation right now. I wouldn't be getting credit for JPN103 or JPN201 anyway since they transferred in from UAT, so... screw it.

Semester schedule now stands at:
Monday: International Economics, Romantic Literature
Tuesday: Ancient Chinese History, Meteorology
Thursday: Int. Ec., Rom. Lit.
Friday: Chinese History, Meteorology + Lab

I think I can stomach that batch of classes. Chinese history will be very interesting, and I like meteorology and romantic literature, so... it's really only the econ class that might be a ball-buster.

This all, of course, depends on if the school actually lets me IN this semester. Their money is sitting there in the bank, waiting for them to simply tell Wells Fargo if I'm enrolled or not before they'll release my loans to the school. It's been waiting for three weeks, and they haven't done a thing. They have, however, found the time to send me a nasty threatening email saying they'd de-register me from my classes should they not be paid. Just... Ldsalidjl8wadalisd.

If they don't have it straightened out by Friday, I'm going to go talk to the dean. I'm tired of all this. If they really don't want my money that bad, then I can take it elsewhere and just... finish college later or something. I want to finish it so bad, but... sladjiawdaisd. Do they have to fight me every step of the way?

Thank the lord for Discedo. Being able to play a raving bitch woman there has really been helping me stay sane this summer. XD;
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First off, welcome to [personal profile] rikasaurus~ :D

I've been up to a whole lot of nothing lately. Been walking dogs with Pat every day, getting her pets all nice and trained. The little black lab mutt is perfectly behaved now and doesn't even bark at passing dogs... which took a lot of training, trust me. She even sits down and waits for other dogs to pass, since I understand that other people don't always have their pets trained to tolerate others. ;; The husky... the husky will take a while yet. Stubborn bitch.

Been playing a lot of video games. Played Left 4 Dead and Blazblue for a while with Will. I have actually gotten a whole ONE COMBO down with Litchi and feel awesome about it. I also beat the pants off of Will in a whole six matches in Guilty Gear -- out of probably over 30 -- which is more than I could say for myself a while ago. Even beat boss!I-no in under three tries the other day... on normal mode... felt so awesome and badass. Go Go Gadget-Baiken-Counters.

Classes start in a week. I STILL haven't gotten the Japanese teacher to get back to me on whether or not I ranked high enough on her stupid placement exam to get into JPN202. I... I don't even know what her problem is. Maybe she got hit by a bus or something.

Until Dummy gets my placement exam straightened out, I can't fix the last kinks in my schedule... which pisses me off... but the current list of classes are:

- JPN103 (Since I tested into that just fine. Curse having learned a different set of kanji!)
- Meteorology (for science requirement :D)
- Ancient Chinese History (for International Studies requirement)
- Romantic Literature (as in... Romantic Period, not stuff with Fabio on the cover)

IF I get it fixed right, JPN103 and Romantic Literature will be dropped to make room for JPN202 and INT200, which I think is International Economics or something and is also a requirement.

God, I hope I can graduate on time... DDD:


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