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We gots a kitty! :D Pan and I made our journey out to Petco yesterday to meet the shelter guy, do our interview, and confirm that yes, we really did want to adopt the cat. He seemed really sad to let him go, but I know I'd be the same way if I ran a cat shelter, so it's all good. Cat's name, given not by us, is Middy, which we're sticking to for everyone who can't pronounce the name we gave him, which is Mutsuto. Named after my Ragnarok Stalker, because he really reminds us of him for some reason. And he answers to Mutsuto like you would never believe, so... that's his name now.

Brains explode left and right when we try to explain that, though, so we're having Mitsu and Middy as backups. XD;

Mutsuto = greatest people cat ever. He's super cuddly and loveable, adjusted to the apartment extra quick, slept with me half the night, went in to wake up Pan this morning. He answers to his name really well, follows us around like a puppy, scratches only on his scratching post, and eats like a pig, which is good, 'cause we are trying to fatten him up. He's skinny now, but that won't last much longer if he keeps inhaling food like he is.

We loff our kitty. X3

Got a book of $70 worth of coupons for the adoption, too. And free cat food, which was good, 'cause we sure as hell couldn't afford the fancy-pants vet-recommended indoor cat formula any other way. (We had a bag of Meow Mix obtained from Walmart at home already, the Hairball Control kind, but we weren't about to turn down free cat food.) We also get $10 off a scratching post, and the Petco ones are niiiice, but Mutsuto seems highly amused with his $5 scratching box we got from Walmart, so I guess I don't really need to worry about that. I might get him a scratching hut thing so he can curl up in it, but that's for later. It's a looong drive to Petco.

It feels great to have a cat again. Especially one that's just as loveable and cuddly as my Goldie was.

Since Mutsuto's adjusted wonderfully to the apartment and seems to be content just to chillax in the bathroom (his new domain) while Pan and I are elsewhere, we're gonna go laser tag at some point today. UAT-sponsored kinda thing. It'll be cool.

Monday, we're givin' this cat a bath. His fur's all funky from being in that shelter for a month. He's so laid back that we don't think he'll be too upset for too long. Which is good... 'cause he really needs a bath.

Also, I really need to do XHTML, but I can't motivate myself to do it. D:
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Wow. Even though I actually got most of my homework done this past weekend (with the exception of XHTML... but I did do more math than I had to, so I guess it balances out), I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Ragnarok. >>;; Pan and I have had many an insanely amusing adventure with our assassin and stalker respectively, including some kid asking us to adopt/level him up, some n00b we dubbed Mr. Anderson, the quest to get a bondage lady for a pet, a ghost horse that just followed us around, me screaming "I HATE YOU" at some random killstealer, and us hitting on some guy in Prontera who had a "NEED HOT GF NOW PLZ" chatroom up. (Being that we're playing as guys... it was pretty funny.)

Also got a chance to talk/sing to Motoki over the weekend, since he was demanding I sing something on the mic. Pan happily informed him that she's getting me lingerie for his birthday... he seemed to be having fun egging her on about it, too, 'cause she was lawling it up at how red I was turning and then would be typing furiously to him. My ears burned.

Got a little more of my stuff from Estancia and moved it over here. The Wii is here now, and imma set it up in a few minutes. I'd say I'm officially halfway moved into Pan's now. It's all good.

Except for the water pressure, yanno, not working. I guess we need to get on that.
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I swear. It would make my year if the neighbor kids fell down the stairs and cracked their skulls open. All of them. I swear there's at least six. Just.... be running up and down the stairs and screaming like they always do and just trip and bust open their heads. And then one trips over the first one and another trips over that one and it all snowballs.

It's all I ask.
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Today is a pretty fucking awesome day.

Last night was No Pants Night, in which both Pan and I wandered around the apartment pants-free, which was nice 'cause I haven't been able to do that since I moved out here. My mom and I are both pants-haters. If I can, I won't wear 'em. So sue me. Pan turned the webcam on me at one point and happily told Motoki that I was pants-less under the blanket I was covering up with. Thankfully he signed off before I needed to get up for anything. XD;;

One day, I will get even with Pan. One day.

Today, my truck is completely fixed to the tune of $55. I'm goin' to pick him up after I have a meeting with Hirano-sensei about the speech contest, which I'm going to in about 20 minutes. I'm skipping XHTML for this and really don't care. lawl.

Finished my math midterm and I'm actually feeling pretty good about it... except for the part where I was being a fucktard and kept trying to divide shit into prime numbers when we had to find every prime up 'til 200. I don't know that shit. I forgot to divide a bunch of those numbers by 11 and so will probably bomb that question big time. Ooohhh well. I tried my best on the rest, though, and I think I did pretty good.

Classes are going good, personal life is going good, home life is improving drastically since my semi-move-in with Pan, and although my health has been kinda shabby over the past few days, I can deal with that. Me and Pan are going shopping tonight, and I am amazed that we're going to get clothes and I'm actually kinda excited to go; I've never really liked shopping before, so this is odd. We're gettin' stuff for the Cali trip, which is in 7 days, and we are both bouncing off walls already.

And I actually got through a phone call to my mom today without her ranting about my nephews, which hasn't happened in... God, I don't even know how long. It was nice. X3;;

You go, 2007. You're awesome.
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Super sleepy omg. x_x My energy for the past couple days has been nil.

It'd better be back for tomorrow or I will drink a mass amount of Monster before going to NYC. Need energy. >( You will be conquered, tiredness.

About halfway through the holiday drabbles, which will now be New Years' drabbles. ♥ I fail utterly, yes. And then I'll wrap up Friend of the Day.

Final Fantasy V is fucking hard when you're a retard. D: I keep dying and see no way around it other than massive levelling up.

Yay for disjointed entries.
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First semester at UAT = pwned. GPA is standing at a solid 3.77 and I couldn't be happier. I'm gonna rub it in the family's faces tomorrow at the Christmas thing 'cause they all thought I wouldn't make it. They were all "Oh, she'll be lonely, she'll be sad, it'll distract her, she'll want to come back."

Did I prove you wrong or what, Walls/MacFarlane family? >D

And my scholarship is in no danger whatsoever. Mmm, delicious safety.

My only complaint about today is I flailed around earlier in my usual overdramatic hand gestures used while talking and thwacked my finger into a chair and now it's all swollen and purple and hurts like a bitch. XD; ENTIRELY WORTH IT. Flailing injuries are common for me, not like it's anything new.

Ah, holiday break. How I love thee.
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I am home, I am on my couch -- MY couch -- and I've been running around Ma's new apartment like a lunatic for a while now.

Kinda crashing from adrenaline, caffeine, and lack of sleep highs starting to run out.

mwaaah, feels good to be here. I love being on my own, but it's nice being spoiled for a change. I got Denny's! Just by whining that I was starving! Lookit the POWER!
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Wow. This is the second day in a row that I've actually gotten things accomplished before my usual waking hour. Yesterday, I got up all early and got shit done, today, I couldn't get comfortable and got up and ended up finally cleaning our nastyass kitchen, finding Haru's lost Legend of Dragoon game, fixing internets, and getting my ride to the airport tomorrow all straightened up.

And here I was leaving time tomorrow morning to clean and take out trash and all that and I don't think I'm even gonna need it. >D Go me.

I should really pack, but Okami Round Two is calling my name. >> I guess I can only be productive for so long.
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Yanno... for as ugly as this Starbucks!sammich was, it really is quite delicious.

Yesterday, I went on a quest to find the Bank of America on Baseline. I was in a walking kind of mood, so I walked the 3.5 mile round trip with some Dir en grey blasting and a bottle of water in my hoodie pocket and it felt great. I really like walking, I'm usually just too lazy to motivate myself to do it. X3; Made the trip in under an hour and a half, surprised my roommates when I came back a lot faster than they were expecting, and overall enjoyed the fall-like weather out here. I had one hell of a runny nose when I came back, though. Geez.

Today, I went on a quest to UAT to a) return Haru's library books, b) buy a Christmas present for my nephew and a Flying Geek luggage tag for myself, c) buy a Ctrl Freak hoodie for [profile] darthsuna (all they had was black, Mari; I looked for pink but it was gone D:), and d) try to get my bus pass refund. Option D never happened, as the front desk was closed AGAIN, but I got the rest done and spent a lot less on the stuff at the school store than I was expecting.

Took a sidequest to Starbucks and got gingerbread coffee and also the ugly!sammich, which, as I mentioned earlier, may be ugly as sin, but is quite tasty.

Also finished my laundry, straightened my hair, did my dishes, and got our locks changed because random guys from other apartments could get into ours with their keys somehow. NO MORE. >D Take that, cheap La Estancia locks. Our new one is shiny and somewhat stiff from being so new, but it works and it also does not accept others' keys. :D

Going home on Thursday, noon my time, will be back on the east coast around 7 EST, will be getting home probably around 9.

Life is good, overall. ^^
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I really should've studied the damn politer versions of everything for Japanese, though. Damn. Arimasen form was used for every answer and I only bothered myself with nai. :\ Knew I shouldn't've done that.

Yay for Trigun drama tracks helping me through the grammar section, though. XD;;

Got bonus points on that art final just for being a good student and not giving the teacher a hard time like everyone else. GAM101 and PRO102 aren't graded yet, but oh well. English I'll be fine on, if Ellen remembers to change the grade that got put in as a zero when it should be at least 90.

I kicked your ass, first semester. Yes, I did. >)

Home again home again in one week. It'll be so weird, going from 75 degree heat to... like.... 30 degrees.
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omggg, internets, sweet internets.

Power cord is AWOL for Kaoru the laptop 'til... well, it could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be Wednesday, but Mom's got some eBay seller racing Dell to see who gets the cord here first.

In any case, I have a severe case of internets withdrawal and I actually woke up early so I could come in and check my mail and LJ before class. It's seriously like taking a breath after drowning for a while. Bad, bad addiction.

It doesn't help that I've been wondering what I've been getting on all those finals I spent all weekend on; got a D on the Art final, which was actually better than I was expecting, and my final grade in there is a nice, steady 88%. I'll take it. Other classes aren't graded yet, but fuck those. :D I'm safe in either case, 'cause I kicked so much ass on those finals it wasn't even funny.

.....ohman, internets. X3

I'll be on AIM later, like, around 12:30 my time. I'll hang around for a while and check email and LJ again before heading home, but I won't be on long; I haet AIM Express.

I promise I'll be back for good to be a good mod on the Narukos again. ;;~;; Mari, don't touch the code for the userinfo, I'll just handle the flood once I'm back. ♥
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-_-; Just a heads up, f-list... my laptop is refusing to charge, so my glorious(?) return may be later than expected unless I can get that sucker to work. I already sent in to Dell for a new AC cord, but they haven't even sent a confirmation email yet, so God only knows how long it'll be before it gets here.

Being that the school computers have no AIM, I'll be able to check in for very short amounts of time at best even after the finals are done. Finals, by the way, done entirely on school computers is going to be such a pain in the ass. No privacy here to blare jrock and sing along as I type.

So yeah. Could be a bit before I'm back for good. I hope it isn't, but I can't rely on Dell for much of anything.

Wish me luck in not giving myself an ulcer between not working!laptop, finals, inspections, life in general, and going home for the holidays.

Also, request your ass a drabble if you haven't already. It's the entry below this one.
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Day one of four of the long run complete. x_x; I still have Japanese homework tomorrow and two more English posts to do and then there's nothing left in any of my classes save the finals themselves... which I'm going to polish off over the weekend. The few of you on the f-list that aren't in any of my RPGs: I won't be around clear 'til Monday, as I will be working my sorry ass off the entire time.

And cleaning the apartment on Sunday for the inspections, which start on Monday. Joy and joyness.

Got food to last 'til Christmas today and also cleaning supplies so the apartment will actually be clean. It remains to be seen if our kitchen will be cleaned or not, or if poor Dustine will have to do it again. We shall see.

Already, I've got a nice muscle knot forming right above my right shoulderblade, which is the usual place my OMFG STRESS muscle knots pop up. I'll try to hot bath it out of there, and hopefully that'll swing, 'cause I really hate that knot.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: My Dir en grey tickets got here today! I squeed the Squee of Dewm and flailed around and Rae had a good hard laugh at me. Dustine heard us coming from a mile away and opened the door and quirked an eyebrow at me 'cause I was still all "Diru~ ♥♥♥". It was good fun. X3

So happy those bastards're here.

Also, you see Haruhi's face in the current mood? That's me right about now. XD
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I HAVE BEEN TRICKED. D: I picked up what looked like cheesecake from the catering table outside (groundbreaking ceremonies for the FIN -- the mayor of Tempe is funny as hell and AWESOME). You know what I got? A lemon bar. D: Cleverly disguised lemon bar.

Despite that, it's free, it's food, I skipped breakfast, and it is delicious. ♥

It's funny, the groundbreaking thing made me love UAT even more than I already did. I'm so damn proud to be here. Best college ever. X3 Only we would have the mayor cracking Microsoft jokes at the groundbreaking of our new dorms, only we would throw dirt at the photographers just to be smartasses, only we would have the most lighthearted ceremony I have ever seen in my life.

Now that I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, it's time to get codin' on [profile] narukohs user info table. Let's see how rusty my HTML's gotten. XD
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Yanno, I got thinking today, and I realized just how weird it's going to be going back to Pennsylvania for Christmas. And I mean not just in the obvious stuff like temperature change and seeing actual grass again and how Mom's moving (I don't even know where she's taking me back to from the airport), but in just... lifestyle changes to readapt to.

I've gotten so used to the comfortable organized chaos (I couldn't use "monotony" in good faith) here. I mean, every day, it's get up, go to class, come home, do homework, and juggle whatever else life throws my way. Laundry, cleaning apartment, dodging ten million visitors that the roomies bring over, being social to an extent with said roomies, finding a way to wherever the hell it is we need to go... and the random harebrained schemes we all come up with constantly. Like going to Applebees just because we saw a commercial or making a trip to Walmart for Nerf guns or going to Arizona Mills to play with puppies. I'm so used to being kinda-sorta on my own here that going back and having Mom nag at me about making the bed or doing dishes or straightening shit up is going to be so weird.

And not having Senpai watching Power Rangers and Digimon every night? Foreign idea. I might have to watch them myself out there just so I don't get homesick.

It'll also be so weird having actual food ready at hand to inhale instead of me thinking "No Hot Pockets! Shit, I'm outta food! D:" And having a room to myself again? Damn.

And having my good old truck back? Daaaamn.

I won't know what to do with myself. XD

On one hand, I'll only be back for two, two and a half weeks, but it's still such a weird thought. I've gotten so into the groove of college life and travelling by bus/mooching rides and living with three other girls and one guy that going back to slightly sane life will be weird.

...At least I'm getting real food out of the deal?
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So [profile] nekopanchan brought over Silent Hill 2 and, uh, we've been playing for a while.

Dunno if we're sleeping tonight. XD;; Should've seen us scream when that random monster popped out from under a fucking car. Senpai and I yowled.

Good times, good times. And Pyramid Head. Yes.
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I'm feeling much better today!

...But my voice is out! XD;; Like, really out, only getting to a harsh whisper if I push it.

It's funny 'cause this is how I found out:

Me: ::walks into living room, all happy over feeling so much better::
Dustine: ::looks up from comp:: Hey, how ya feelin'?
Me: :D! Much be-- ::voice squeaks and promptly dies:: --tter.
Dustine: ....::snrk::
Me: T_T 'parently, my voice is gone, though.

Even so, it's standable. Don't need my voice for anything today anyway. Once I'm out of class, it's Twilight Princess time... and possibly time to go to the fucking grocery store finally and get stuff for Thanksgiving. >> We need a ride back, though, and it's probably gonna end up being the bus.

In other, completely random news, I really want to kill the dog our neighbors above us have. Little bastard never stops barking.
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Running over chickens with Epona?


Not just chickens, too. Random villagers, monsters, tufts of grass... it all goes 'splodey so nicely. 'Cept the villagers, they just freak out.

Why yes, I do try to do anything and everything stupid when I first get a new game. This includes running off bridges into abysses just to see if I can, staring blankly at a bomb to see if it'll hurt me, running headlong into fences at top speed, and jumping off roofs, yelling "BONZAI!"

In other news, am feeling much better after sleeping until 2 in the afternoon, drinking about seven mugs of hot tea, eating some miso soup, and staying cooped up in bed all day again. Still stuffy and coughy, but otherwise much better. :D Wii therapy, perhaps not surprisingly, helped just as much as hurt. (My arm is worn out from waving it around for the spin attack on TP... XD;)

Back to school tomorrow for art and (possibly) game design. D: Boo on working.
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.....m'very sick. -_-;; Tired, achey, coughy, stuffy. Just ate some soup, will soon be sleeping, and depending on how I feel tomorrow, may or may not be skipping class. If I do, I'm emailing Hirano-sensei about the katakana quiz; she knows I read and write it just fine, so I might slide without having to take it, but I doubt it. She also knows I'm quick as hell and might let me take it before class Wednesday. Iunno. Hope she does one of those.

Need to do homework, am blowing it off anyway. Teachers will understand; telling them I waited in line for the Wii -- not a black mark on your record at UAT, trust me -- and then got v. sick. They'll understand. Half of 'em aren't even in town this week anyway.

Ah, sad but true... it was all entirely worth it. Even just the controls on Epona on Twilight Princess made it all worth it. X3;;


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