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So I have to read Wuthering Heights by next Monday, half of it due tomorrow. I tanked the half of it this afternoon. It was painful, to put it lightly. What the hell is with there being absolutely no likable characters aside from the maid?

I followed that up by tanking a 36 page monstrosity of a political article that was filled with grammatical and spelling errors out the wazoo and had no argument or even much of a point. That was painful too.

As burned out as I am from all this horrific reading, I'm still excited like a total dumbass over 4th Wall Day at [community profile] discedo. I hope that Robo Ky will come back again. And I totally want to throw Litchi in somewhere. >> Such a loser, if this is the highlight of my day...

Also, Raikou is a bitch on HG. Bastard won't stay in any ball and I refuse to use the Master Ball on him. >( He is paralyzed and with one HP. How the hell is he still busting out and running away?

Also, two days of migraine. How has my brain not melted out my ears yet?
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So we've been doing nothing but reading depressing shit in Romanticism class (which is par for the course and does not surprise me) and the weather is just eighty kinds of dingy today, so I'm feeling a little drained. It's glorious sleeping weather, though, gotta say.

It's been one of those ridiculously long weeks, and with the amount of homework I have this weekend, it seems like there's no end in sight. I'll just keep trucking along and hauling ass and working myself to the bone until Thanksgiving break, which will be oh so welcome and I will probably have more homework during. >\ What is it with teachers thinking that they're the only class you have and loading you down with enough work for an entire semester's worth of classes? Thank god Romanticism, Meteorology, and Chinese History are lightweight classes.

Except that I swear the teacher for Chinese History is trying to leech my soul out or something. No matter how energetic I feel walking into that class, I never come out feeling very alive or awake.

So I'm taking tonight off from the homework bullshit and I'm going to sit and read The Count of Monte Cristo for a bit. It's just that book that restores my faith in the world no matter how emo or angry I feel when I sit down to start reading it. I love the hell out of the characters in it (and always sorely, sorely wish there was more to read about Haydee and the Count). And so much badassery! How the hell was there so much badassery in something written so long ago?

Total nerdgasm over this book, but it just makes me so, so happy.

Everybody should read this book at some point.
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In between bouts of homework yesterday (GO GO TANKING ROUSSEAU IN ONE AFTERNOON), I decided that I would play some Star Ocean Second Departure for a while because I was tired of being stuck on that one boss that's annoying as shit.

Ended up tanking through the four Fields, whupping butts on all the bosses, teaching Chisato and Dias both how to cook, and ending up with at least some progression on the AI. It still pisses me off that they didn't tweak the AI system to grow like it did in SO3, because it's so damn hard to make the characters really watch out for one another in battle this way. But I did have Claude come to the rescue when Rena was getting whupped, which is something.

It's still nothing on Nel getting ganged up on and Albel charging in screaming "GET AWAY" every time, but... well, I can't really expect that level of sophistication in a PSP game, I guess. XD;

Still need to finish Meteorology homework AND FIND A DAMN CALCULATOR TO THROW IN MY BOOKBAG FUCKIN' A. Might start on the next book for Romanticism, but I don't really need to yet. It's just that... GASP... I actually like the books we're reading for that class. Imagine that.

I need to order two more books yet that were surprise add-ons and when I do that, I think I'll also throw in a new copy of The Count of Monte Cristo. The cover fell off mine ages ago and the scotch tape is wearing through that's holding it on. I think I'll get a truly unabridged copy this time, because mine CLAIMS to be unabridged, but it cut out three chapters. My favorite three, no less. This needs to be amended.

...I've really been reading a lot of French literature lately. This calls for a Ky icon. XD
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I have finished HP7. I would like to sum it all up with a resounding "Fuck you, Rowling." :) Worst book yet, worse even than CoS. Jolly good, good game, thank you for playing and wasting ten years of your life on this series.

LETDOWN WTF. ::kicks some things.::

On that note, I need Marauders RP more than air. I need to play James again. Any openings I should know about or should I start up something awesome?
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Halfway through Harry Potter 7. Completely unimpressed so far. Pretty sure I've got the ending figured out, frustrated with that, AGGRAVATED AS ALL HELL OVER CHARACTER PORTRAYALS WTF, and truly getting my main amusement so far from George Weasley and Dumbledore's mother's name.

...seriously, though, this is the first time since the second book that I've been bored nearly to tears by a Harry Potter book. :\

lol, here I am, the only one on your friends list raining all over the glorious Deathly Hallows parade.
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Going to the Potter/LAN party at UAT tonight, so I will be gone from about 8 'til midnight to 1 in the morning. Then I'm tanking Harry Potter 7 and doing homework all weekend, so it might be a couple days before I'm fully internet functional again. ♥

See y'all later~
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Finally got around to getting the ear drops, as well as some baby oil to heat up, put on some wadded up cotton, and stick in my ear. (Age old Walls family cure for earaches... I felt naked without it.) Finally on the road to recovery from... whatever the fuck weirdness my ear is going through.

Tanked through the second half of One for the Money this morning, am onto The Hundred Secret Senses, will move on to Two for the Dough once I'm done with this. Played some Spyro: Ripto's Rage last night, got amazingly motion sick from the camera, felt nostalgic and ill, and went back to Pokemon: Fire Red. I might catch a Pidgey before Mt. Moon, but then again, I might not. I'm used to only having the Pikachu and Charmeleon on my way through there.

Tech & Society book still isn't here. Goddamn. I hope I can get to my homework in time before the discussions close.

Yay for disjointed entries.
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So I wrote that Ode to Fruit Salad for creative writing's sonnet.

Cut for ridiculous, even if I love it anyway. XD )

Slept for 12 hours last night, made some fruit salad when I got up (inspiration for the sonnet!), ate some of that and some cereal, finished homework, and checked the mail for my Tech & Society book, which still hasn't come in, so my homework in there is put off again. Spent the afternoon reading Janet Evanovich's One for the Money again, since I love it. M'roughly a third of the way through. I missed this series.

Need to re-read The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan, too. And a few other things. Not like I won't have the time to read, being stuck at UAT for crazy long stretches between my classes.

Also need to call the doctor tomorrow/Monday/soon, since my ear is still being wonky. I was gonna do it today, but for a good three hours after I woke up, it wasn't making those damn bubbly noises at all, so I thought it'd gotten better. And then it started up again, and I'm willing to bet the doctor's office is gonna close in a half hour. -_-; Joy of joys. Maybe I should just get some of those over-the-counter ear drops we got for my ear infection one time. They worked then, and since it's not too bad this time, oughta work now.

Still mad at Star Ocean. I won't be going back to it for a few days yet. :\


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