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Quote of the Day: "Hey, Bob, would you happen to know any wines that go well with Cap'n Crunch?" - On the radio

Today I learned the valuable lesson that splitting images at work to the guitar riffs in Thunderhorse is ridiculously hard. I messed up so many times because I was being an asshole and trying to hit a key for every note. Derp derp.

However, splitting to the drumbeat is a-okay. Works wonderfully well with Dir en grey shit as well. And Guilty Gear. Oh god, Momentary Life is fun as hell when you're hitting a key for every note. ♥

...Don't judge me, this is how I make a very boring job entertaining.

In other news, Will and I had the bright idea the other night of putting on the humidifier because my allergies were acting up. We didn't take into effect that it was damp and cold outside, and cold inside. Add in the damp from the humidifier and now both of us feel like we're coming down with nasty colds. ~*GENIUSES*~

Apparently it's supposed to snow next week. Here in Texas. In February. Something is very wrong with this.
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Quote of the Day: "What was he doing in the closet?! ...He already came out, he shouldn't be back in!" - Will, on his Shuuichi plushie, which Pan hid in the closet.

Been an awesome past couple of days despite homework building up to the point that I feel like my brain is gonna break. Feeling a lot better, my computer's on the way here, getting my safety deposit check back soon, and even though my shoes tried to gnaw off my feet last night, I still have found a kickass nice shoes + skirt combo that makes Will go ♥. I swear sometimes that he's the Laguna to my Raine.

Discovered that Robeks' smoothie cups explode at the bottom if they're flimsy and you accidentally bump them ever-so-slightly into something. Also discovered that EB Games stores are the same everywhere, because the manager just stood there staring at my exploded smoothie on the tiles in front of his store and when I called in, "Have you guys got paper towels? I'll clean this up, it's my fault," the manager continued to be useless. The other guy working was a little dumbfounded, but got the paper towels and helped me and Will clean it up... although I had to practically come around behind the counter to get the damn towels in the first place.

I guess my Leader-sama kicked in, 'cause I was most definitely using the Obey Me Now tone on the EB guys 'til I got those towels. >>

In other news, it is hotter than Hell out here. We all went swimming yesterday -- I remain stunned I didn't burn -- had some fun, came back here, watched some moooovies, and then Will and I were the perfect UAT couple, just curled up next to each other, both on our laptops. XD I'm sure our school was smiling right then. Perfect image of geekery. We both lawled it up good when we noticed, yet still kept gaming/watching Salad Fingers/AIMing it up anyway. Slept really well for once in my life, despite being on the living room floor.

LAN party on Saturday, but homework until then. D: I'll keep up with the RPGs, but I'll be slow. Sorry.
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Quote of the Day:
So, Walls-san, what's the answer to number 5?
Me: ::running on autopilot and not really paying attention to what I'm saying; answers::
Sensei: drank the taxi?
- Imma jeeny-yus.

So for creative writing class, I have to do two writing journals a week. I could, theoretically, use this very Livejournal and print it out and turn it in, but seeing as half my shit is ranting about video games and the other half is memes, I don't think it'd fly too well as proof that I'm writing.

Although I guess it counts.


Each of the three I've done so far have been me drabbling whatever pops into my head first. I've written two Star Ocean 2 drabbles and one Ouran one so far, and I think I've got 7 to go before I have all the ones I need to turn in.

Now here's what I ask of you, friends-list: Give me a character, pairing, prompt, scene, whatever, and I will type it up and post it once I'm done writing it for my bi-weekly journal. I'll write Ouran, Shades, Naruko, Star Oceans 2 and 3, Sailor Moon, Monster Rancher, Stephanie Plum, or Discworld. I figure this is the best way to keep my interest in the journals going, as well as give me some motivation to do them other than It Counts For 25% Of Your Grade.

So fire away, friends! Just keep your challenges PG or PG-13, since I am turning them in to a teacher. My grade is depending on this.

On a completely random note, I finally got around to going out to Game Crazy and getting me a Gameboy SP so I can play all my old Gameboy games, and also caved and got Pokemon Diamond so that I'll have a Not Shit file that I can battle people on. I'll post the friends code once I have an army worthy of Mordor a team I can actually fight with. It will be unbalanced and beautiful, just like I like 'em.

Also, my ear hurts like a bitch. :) I think I need to cave and call the doctor, but I'm being a weenie UAT kid about it. One more day -- if it still hurts like this tomorrow, I'll call. If it's better, then fuck that shit.
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Quote of the Day: "I always mix up children and fruit." - My partner in crime, Dylan

So I didn't win anything at the speech contest, but I did get to see just what will win for me when I enter the next one, I did a damn good job, I got a free tshirt, got a travel pamphlet about Nara, and I also got to listen to a really good Jrock band from ASU (they played Asian Kung-fu Generation's "Haruka Kanata" fucking brilliantly). Note to self: Worship them, for they will be great.

I'm exhausted, freezing (been cold since I woke up, goddamn), and braindead, but all in all, this has been a really rewarding day. :3

Even if I have nothing to show for it other than that shirt.

Time for a bath to warm up, and then mass amounts of Okami. ♥
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Quote of the Day: "IT'S SO RAD IT HURTS! AAAAAUUGH!" - Pan

Today is Moving Day! I gotta get dressed and over to Estancia to move my shit out, but... I'm not motivated to leave right now. Not like moving is a very fun activity anyway, but they're coming through on Monday to make sure my ass is out and take my key, so I gotta do it.

But... having fuuuun. T_T

Almost all my homework for the weekend is done, which is nice. Just got a paper to write for GAM210, then I'm done. And Mom's coming to visit on Thursday, which oughta be awesome (I'm getting a real mattress!). Next week will be damn good, I reckon. 'cept for the kanji test, 'cause those are ew.
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Quote of the Day:
I'll do the rest of my homework tomorrow.
Motoki: alright alright
Me: Mom. :P
Motoki: DAD
Motoki: DAD with BOOBIES
- I lawled.

Speech practice went great. Hirano-sensei is really impressed with how well I've memorized the speech and my pronunciation is apparently perfection (except I slurred "kawaikute" and she lawled and said it sounded kinda like "kowaikute", so that I need to work on). She was all excited that I've been working so hard on it and gave me a heads-up on what all I'll need to do once I'm actually at the contest.

Practice #2 is Thursday, and I need to make sure to enunciate my 'ka' in "kawaikute" this time. Beyond that, I already had it perfect... just need to work on my voice acting to sound super cheerful while reciting the speech and I should be good. ^^

Watched Shinobi this afternoon and thought it was meh. It was kinda good, but there were some things that just made me go "buh?" I was terribly amused, though, that the village I mentally dubbed Kumo had a falcon flying around all the time and the village I mentally dubbed Konoha had some guy that looked just like how I picture Hiroki from [profile] shadesrp. Much gigglesnorting abound. Might watch the movie again if anybody ever wants to watch it with me, but otherwise, I don't think I'll be going back to it. It was decent, but not great.

I swear Letters From Iwo Jima has raised my movie bar to insane new heights. :\

Still feeling hideously sick, but hey, the day wrapped up pretty well, I gotta say.
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Quote of the Day:
So if you didn't want to do something with them, you'd say you have...
Some Kid: Bronchitis?
Hirano-sensei: ...something to do.

Yanno, yesterday, I was perfectly fine and chipper... and today, I think the full volume of not being in Cali anymore has sunk in. Pretty bummed now. Pan does not help too much, as she is bummed also.

We watched some weird 300 spoof thing and it helped a little, but we're still pretty zombie-ish in this corner of Cuban Pete's. It's our Emo Corner of Blackness, I guess.

Think I did okay on the kanji test today, lawled it up at some of the activities we did in class, learned that the spoken part of our chapter test involves us calling Sensei's cell phone and asking if she wants to do something with us. I am slightly aph33red. Not too bad, though. Getting emailed about the speech tonight.

Rented Onmyouji 1 and 2 from the UAT library so we can anti-emo over it tonight.

Bleeeeech. D:
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Quote of the Day: "I dunno. I heard Motoki say 'I ate', 'fruit', and 'a lot'." - [profile] nekopanchan, after I said I was going to go get some fruit salad this morning.

Yeah. Like, first thing I did this morning was make Fruit Salad Round Two, since the huge bowl I made last night was gone this morning due to Hungry Motoki Attack. The bowl's still almost full of Round Two, but I doubt that'll last too much longer. XD;

I somehow inspired Motoki to break his original plan of staying at his house while we were here and me going over to visit him on Thursday; now he's staying here with me and Pan and Endy for the week. (I'm still not sure how he ended up at that idea... all I was doing was trying to guilt trip him into coming over yesterday for food.)

We made dinner last night, me and Pan. I made my fruit salad of destiny and Pan made epic spaghetti. We got the guys to make garlic bread, although this involved much standing around in the kitchen, blankly staring at the loaf of french bread before Motoki said, "I think we need knives."

They ended up with butcher knives (no lie) and were happily slice-n-dicing the bread while Pan and I both stood there with a o_o; look on our faces.

Ate dinner, watched School of Rock. I got tackled and luffed on randomly at one point. Finished the movie, attempted homework, gave up and ended up watching a couple episodes of PGSM with Motoki before bed.

Woke up at 5 feeling hideously sick. Pan couldn't sleep either, so we toddled off downstairs and watched Little Nicky for a while before heading back to bed.

Plans for today remain unseen, but Pan is possibly cooking again tonight. XD Endy's mom is totally fascinated by American cooking and keeps apologizing to us, saying she only knows how to cook Chinese. She was so baffled by the spaghetti and fruit salad last night, but she's all excited to learn. It's funny. X3;

Guess I'll find out the plans later.
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Quote of the Day: "I warned you how many times not to go near the leader-samas." - [profile] whorelady, as Saki from our manga. :D

I am at Pan's, rather randomly, even though I should be back at my apartment and waiting for my truck. But oh well.

I'll go back in the morning.

We played at the mall today, and were stalked by a small child that was ridiculously creepy. Fucking kid.

I have her addicted to Okami. I win. >D
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Quote of the Day: "Yeah... and they have a magical oven in a tree." - Derric Clark, on elves.

Sensei said something that made me laugh for about ten minutes, too, but I totally forgot what it was.

Today is Diru concert! I am muy excited.

Despite my truck not getting here 'til Friday or Saturday, I still am feeling that life is pretty goddamn good. I'm going to California in a little over two weeks to go see Motoki. My truck is getting here soon. I get to see my favorite band play tonight. My sister is gonna have her baby any day now -- I have a bet running with my mom that it'll be today -- so I will have another nephew sometime very soon. I'm doing good in my classes, I have a chance to win a speech contest and go to Japan, I have great friends that make my life awesome, and I'm movin' in with Pan in a couple months.

Happy times. X3;
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Quote of the Day: "That's the sound of my toilet failing at life." - Pan

I have been camping out on Pan's floor for three days and two nights now. XD And there's still another two nights to go before I can go back to my place 'cause of Heroes night and the mass amount of people that I will be wanting to dodge.

On the bright side, I've gotten some homework done. And life is good over here. ♥

My truck is FINALLY on the way, too. FINALLY. Jesus. Took long enough.
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Quote of the Day:
David05994: r u chinese
Nuklear Firefly: No, but my boyfriend is.
David05994: oh
David05994: ha new it bye
- 12 year old randomly IMing me

The above was not made up, is totally true. XD Best part.

I LOL'd.

So terribly amused.
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Quote of the Day: "Why, oh why is my remote always on the other side of the room?!" - [profile] nekopanchan

Yeah, I'm over here again. XD This is not good for... well... anybody. But oh well.

We're already in the Constant Lulz stage and are very sure we will be forgetting what we're laughing about tomorrow.

In other news, I went grocery shopping. It was epic and awesome and I now have food. And I did almost all my homework. Except for one part of math. >>

Ohlawd, random. XD
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Quote of the Day: "I couldn't remember how to spell alchemist... I thought I'd look at a wallscroll, but I looked over and it's in.... can't read it." - Senpai, on kanji.

Okay, seriously, Marrow of a Bone is the best Dir en grey album they've done in a while. It's a really awesome balance of screamy angry stuff and slow, sad songs. I am so severely addicted. I tried to get off of the CD tracks on my iTunes playlist of dewm, but every time it randoms itself onto a MoaB song, I just turn off random and let it go from the top again. D:

So good. This concert is going to be so amazing.

Also, apparently, I woke up [profile] nekopanchan by giggling in my sleep around 7 AM. I don't remember the dream at all. I apologized, but she seems to be getting joy out of teasing me with it. Along with a few million other things, 'cause I guess making me blush is fun. >(

On a completely random note, raspberry tea is delicious.
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Quote of the Day: "Oh shit, Nixon's not an option! ...THE POPE!" - Rae, trying to guess the answer to something on American History Stripper game thing. XD

So the gang discovered today how damn easy it is to make me blush. Well... Motoki!guy found out by zooming in the UAT webcam on me and when I moved it away, moving it back. I was blushing enough from that, but then when he kept trying to weasel me back into sight of the camera when I moved, my ears turned bright red and then Pan and Rae were cackling with joy. D:

Apparently I'm adorable? I dunno. I wish I didn't blush so easily. Took a damn long time to turn white again, too. XD;;

Feeling v. sick. Like, carsick. And gross. Staying home tomorrow to try to recover, 'cause this has been nonstop all week.
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Quote of the Day: "Usagi's dress makes me want to puke rainbows." - [profile] nekopanchan

So last night, Pan randomly decided that it was time for me to come over and go to Denny's with her. As my MSN messenger had fucking died, I gave up, hiked out to the bus stop with stuff for a sleepover, and went on over.

The internets didn't want to work once I got there, even after we got foods, so we just gave up and played Katamari. And then didn't sleep. And went to Starbucks at 8 in the morning, walked out to UAT bright and early, and just sat around and tried to wake up.

Sensei called me out on drinking too much caffeine. XD I laughed so hard. She knows me so well already.

Somehow got home despite extreme tiredness. Owe one to Pan for giving my screenname to Motoki!guy. I should get a shower and then possibly do homework, but I'm so comfy on this couch.

And my scarf from Mom came in today. It smells like home and Mom and is sooooo comforting.

Despite extreme exhaustion and a semi-cruddy day, I really feel so good right now. X3
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Quotes of the Day: (both from Dustine)
- "And you would ask to touch my buns. And I would say maybe."
- "I am not a bubble."

Dustine has been a constant source of amusement today. XD Pan and I yelled "REQUESTING BLACKUP!" at one point, just 'cause I was dying so hard on Star Ocean, and he came barreling in here and almost slid right through the sliding glass doors. Which were closed. It's a damn good thing he didn't, 'cause I don't think I could make the maitenence report for that. "Yeah, so we requested blackup... and we got it. But it went through the window."

Got fewds at the grocery store earlier, made cookies, and was awesome with the gang. Our cookies are amazing. We made Sailor Moon themed ones, Silent Hill theme (Pyramid Head and one of those armless zombies), and kanji cookies. The kanji cookies were an unholy bitch to put together -- which I did with proper stroke order without even realizing until I was on the second or third cookie -- but they look awesome and I have to say, they were good practice. And we're bringing them in for snack during Japanese history on Monday. >D

Yes, we're dweebs.

We were cracking very lewd jokes earlier because we are /b/tards. Poor Senpai walked into the living room, heard us cracking penis jokes, and went right back into her room.

Playing Star Ocean now and listening to jrock and being very awake despite it being 3:30 in the morning. I blame doubleshot expresso drink. And Pan is leaning way over onto my bed and singing the current music. XD And pushing my mattress, like, across the room. And she's about to fall on the floor.

I'll laugh when she does.
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Quote of the Day:
[profile] miya_kome: What're you on Quizilla for? >\
[profile] _maesterseymour: Wanna take a quiz.

John and Alex both licked my Wii. D: It's been violated.

And I made mbr get me food. Felt good to command somebody around and actually have them do things.

Also, Katamari Damacy is fucking amazing.


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