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Pokemon Black and White.

Start placing your bets now, guys. What do you think they'll change the names to in America? I can't see them letting this one slide, after the shitfit thrown over Jynx. I am awaiting the shitstorm and trolling and countertrolling with bated breath.

I'm calling Pokemon Strawberry and Pokemon Banana.
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Well, mixed news on the family front. Cut for people who don't care. XD; )

In the seven hours we were at the hospital yesterday, I got a massive amount of HeartGold playing in. :D;; I beat Claire's gym, beat a surprise challenge that I won't spoil here, got my Master Ball, and went to go and try to catch Ho-oh.

That asshole bird... I reset so many times because he kept Struggling himself to death. Apparently no ball is good enough even when you only have 3 HP and are paralyzed/put to sleep. Jerk. I finally got the fucker in an Ultra Ball when I guess he decided he didn't feel like having my Growlithe absorb any more Sacred Fire attacks. It must be insulting, to be the sun god pokemon and have a tiny -- grumpy, I might add -- dog just soaking up all your flames like it's nothing. I didn't even want the stupid bird for myself, I just want it for trading. XD;

And yeah, my Growlithe is a grumpy fucker. Any time I talk to him, he's either going "..." or it's telling me that he's ignoring me. I know he likes me, because the little shit will, very rarely, do the happy dance that my other Pokemon do... I guess when he thinks I'm not looking. I dunno. Moody little shit. I named him Ragna. ♥

Already pondering a reset on this thing, though, since this was mainly a test run to see what I had to tackle in this game. I think I'll go and conquer the Elite Four and Kanto with my team of misfits, trade over my legendaries (LUGIAAAAAA and SUICUNE and RAIKOU~) and any items I feel like salvaging, and then reset and make an actual functioning team. The one I've got now is shit.

Although Anji the Butterfree is kickass, bro. Dude took out three gyms all by himself. He even took out Claire's Kingdra. Don't fuck with the butterfly.

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Pictures from my Easter egg-making bonanza with my dear friend Pat today~

Most are Pokemon, but the Okami-egg, my masterpiece, has its own cut, so it's easy to separate from my Pokeman fantardation.

God help you if you have dial-up. )

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Pokemon again. )

Waiting on ONE MORE GRADE 'til I know my new GPA for this semester. It's lookin' like it's gonna be higher than last time, prolly around 3.8, so it'll pull my cumulative up higher and that's just a little more scholarship money secured. :3 GAM210's the only one left.

I somehow passed the math final with an A. I am baffled. I guess I got a point on the question I knew I got wrong simply because I showed my (faulty) work. Gotta say, boring as he was, that teacher was really a very nice guy.

Aced Japanese History and Japanese 2, pwned XHTML despite my doubts, and I'm very sure GAM210's gonna be fine too.

Go go second semester. :3

Also, HELLO FRIENDS LISTERS IN DRIVING DISTANCE OF LOS ANGELES. How would you like to buy a ticket to the Jrock Revolution concert on May 25th at the Wiltern Theater? :D Pan couldn't get a ticket and I don't want to go see Miyavi without her, so it's up for sale. Kagrra, Alice Nine, Miyavi, Duel Jewel, and Vidoll are playing on Friday at 7. My ticket's for the middle loge, not the mosh pit, but still pretty close to the stage.

I'll sell it to anybody on this list for $35; just comment or email me and I can IM/email/whatever's best for you to see what your address is and I'll give you my Paypal if that's easiest, if not, I'll give you my address so you can send payment here.

You know you wanna buy the ticket~~ ♥
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Pokebitching )

In other news, today, I did laundry, cleaned a little bit, leveled up massively on RO, burned my dinner of salmon steak (soooo boney, see if I ever get one of those from Albertson's again D:), cuddled with the cat for a while and napped, and then somehow managed to get through Victory Road on Pearl without committing seppukku. That was a miracle in itself.

I drew a lot last night, mostly Pikachu and Raichu 'cause of this Poke-kick I'm on, but I drew my whole team as I'd have it in Pearl if I didn't have to balance out types as much as I do. Turned out really good, so I'll scan it all later once I'm not feeling lazy.


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