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So I got it into my head to do a Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon White. Mainly, I've been playing between calls and while waiting for my damned work server to stop lagging. >>

I'm still trying to decide if I want to be one of the dorks with a Nuzlocke comic on deviantart, but so far, my laziness is winning out. We'll see.

The game cartridge is Japanese (Kanji practice! SHIT IS HARD SOMETIMES), so all the names are weeaboo-tastic. But two of the three reference songs that I had on my playlist at the time, so... hopefully not too dorky.

Team so far:
- Hoshi, male Oshawott. Relaxed. Level 11. Tackle/Tail Whip/Water Gun
- Ohtani, male Patrat. Hardy. Level 10. Tackle/Leer/Bite/Bide
- Ruby, female Purrloin. Modest. (DDD:) Level 7. Scratch/Growl/Nekonote (I THINK this is Assurance but I really can't be sure)

Hoshi is so named because Star Memory was on my playlist and he danced to it nicely. Ohtani is because I was peeved I got a Patrat as the first thing I ran into, called it a little bastard, and it crit-hit Hoshi so hard he almost died. Plus "minezumi" related to "Koizumi" in my mind, but it was male, so it was Ohtani instead. Ruby is a cat and I stumbled into her when the Lunar 2 theme was on my playlist, so... Ruby. >>

Ruby really really sucks so far. Modest nature. Just... c'mon, man.
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Aside from work training and vidya, not much has been going on lately. Been playing a lot of Pokemon -- I'm planning some new, fun teams to try out for a new runthrough in the near future. New challenges! Exciting!

...Something tells me attempting a runthrough with a Spinda is going to be a royal pain in the ass!

Also been playing some delightful Star Ocean 4, which has been nerve-grating in several places but the graphics are downright beautiful and I adore the green-haired "fabulous elf dude" and the catgirl so far. The catgirl... looks like she could be the daughter of Vahn and Noa from Legaia. ;_; It's so adorable. It makes me love her even more.

I just wish the gameplay wasn't so aggravating sometimes. That spiky lizardman dungeon/planet/thing kept getting my camera stuck in the spikes and fucking up my view, for example. And you couldn't go more than three steps in the Area 51 knockoff without running into another monster. Just... ffffffffff.

Also the Rocks of Linear. That bodily block your path from areas of the map that WILL unlock later, just not until you have a certain item, so keep on this specific path for now you puny gamer. NO SIDEQUEST FOR YOU.

...I really don't know how I feel about this game.

Pondering starting a Borderlands file soon, and also Dead Rising 2. And Castle Crashers. It's been too long since I had a working Xbox. ;_;
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Car inspection: done. Car insurance: obtained. Registration papers: on the way in the mail. TX Driver's License: also in the mail. Just need to actually register the car and straighten out the stupid citation for not having the TX license and everything is SET.

Got a great deal on the car insurance. Everything I wanted coverage-wise, plus accident and ticket forgiveness, for $2 less than my second lowest quote. For the record, Nationwide's commercials about finding you a lower cost every time you call? Absolutely true. I thought I'd be an asshole and prove them wrong, but... they proved ME wrong. XD

Training for work is going great! It's nice to get off of my shift at the end of the night and feel happy instead of grumpy as hell. ♥ Still tired, but not hating the world. Very nice change.

Been replaying Platinum lately just for shits and giggles. My Pokemon team is just... I don't even know. I've got a Sealeo, a Crobat, a Gligar, a Houndoom, a Lopunny, and a Bibarel right now. This team is rather wtf. It's still been fun, though, and I even got a nod from the footprint guru for raising the Crobat because I stuck with a Pokemon that most people hate. (For the record, Rachel the Crobat was caught at level 7... as a Golbat. The mighty "WAT" I let out over her appearing is pretty much the entire reason I caught and raised her. XD)

So weird to think that it's October already. Time flies~

Also, Austin, stop being so cold already. It's only October 5. You are not New Jersey. :C
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Catching up on IRL shit. So, naturally, this is what I do. CUB'S FAULT

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The deer Pokemon in Black and White.

And the afro buffalo.

I will have them in my party with the doofy-lookin' dog and chinchilla.

That's four normal types, plus the eagle which is half normal.

Game's not even out yet and I already have an almost all-normal team planned.


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So Serebii says the new legendary thing for Black and White has a Pokedex number of 000.

>Pokedex #000

MISSINGNO.'s number was 000.

Ladies and gentlemen...


is the face of Missingno.

And for some reason, that being the face of my childhood nightmares... all makes sense.
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So I've spent the last few days unwinding a bit. It's really been nice. I read the new Stephanie Plum book and laughed my ass off over stink bombs, watched some Daria with Will, played enough Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for my eyeballs to fall out, made a cake, made stuffed peppers, helped Will make a BBQ chicken pizza, helped Will make some fajitas, and we're thinking of baking some more stuff later.

Also played a bit of Digital Devil Saga and I've been thoroughly enjoying that. The commentary between me and Will has been making it infinitely funnier. "BAT IS A STUPID NAME. BAT IS A STUPID NAME. Oh, he actually IS a bat, that'd be it. ...Still stupid name." I've been feeding my party nothing but holy cows Apis with the Devour skill since... I mean, c'mon, it's just burgers. Delicious burgers.

I also chained up a shiny Bagon earlier, and it was a royal pain in the ass to catch. But I caught him, and his name is Sparklefag. :D

In short, this weekend has been made of video games, pink lemonade, and delicious food. I'm so glad I got to have my dumbass fiance home with me for once. ♥
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So I've been feeling crotchety lately and, reading up on the new legendary Pokeymans on Serebii, I just... I don't give a damn. What the fuck is going on with the designs there. And MORE legendary dragons? WHOO BOY WE'VE NEVER HAD A LEGENDARY DRAGON BEFORE



I hope to God they color them in with something other than pure black and white by the time the games are released, because as they are, they just look... horrible. As a silhouette, yes, it's fine. As an actual Pokemon in its finalized form? Yeah, fuck no. Slap some greens and blues and yellows in there.


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Obligatory beginning team post! )

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But I'm still saying Dark/Fighting on that sucker. >D

Also, my throat hurts like a bitch from all this coughing. They better not be getting me sick at work. >:|
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So yesterday, we got a lot done. :D

- Went for my interview at 11. Kicked butt; the lady said she wanted to hire me on (especially since I wanted the shift that apparently people keep quitting), but she'd have to talk to her supervisor first. She said she'd try to coerce him into it, though. :D I'll hear from them on Monday if I got it or not.

The job's for the Texas Department of Records & Registration -- I'd be scanning in old birth and death certificates and entering the info into a database. It's 8 to 12 months, but I'm gonna try to kick enough butt that they keep me permanently.

- On the way back home from that, got a call from Target for Will; they wanted to move up his second interview from Monday to that afternoon. So we went home, got all ready for that, and went off. Will impressed the store manager, who wants to hire him, as do the other two supervisors he interviewed with before -- they just need to ask the deli manager for the final Yes or No. We should hear back on that by Monday. Hoping that'll stick.

- While sitting in the car waiting for Will during his interview, I got called by two more places about interviews -- Bed, Bath & Beyond wanted a Monday interview (I asked for another day due to not knowing what's gonna go down Monday, they said they'd call back later with a better day), and a local pet hospital that I apped for receptionist at. Got that interview set up for Friday, just in case the Records & Registration falls through.

- Also while sitting in the car, I finished a Pokeradar chain and got two shiny Pinsirs, one for me and one for Will. They are named MrBluberry and MsBluberry. :D

- Started a Pidgey chain right after that, but didn't finish it 'til we got home again -- got one Shiny Pidgey, his name is GLORIOUS. ♥

- Called my grandma for her birthday :D

- Sent my dad the forms to be our guarantor on the apartment. Hoping he follows through on that so we can get this place, because it is nice as hell and cheeeeap. And close to work for Will. DO WANT.

...It's been an eventful week. And Will's birthday is tomorrow. I told him I'd give him MrBluberry since we have no money to spare right now lol.
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HeartGold Team Update! )

I love how I have tons of homework that I really should do and yet I've been doing only a few hours a day before returning to Pokemon. >>
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Will and I decided yesterday that we would go and 1) grab the fucking Mexican pizza I've been wanting for weeks from Taco Bell and 2) pick up my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game that I had on reserve. PMD counts as my birthday present from him, since I couldn't think of anything I wanted and he was the one to think of the fact that I had it on reserve and had no money to pay for it. XD;

We got in there and Will decided he'd grab Tekken 6 while he was there, because he had that on reserve without knowing it.

Came home, fired up PMD, and so far am a little meh on it because it seems like it's pretty much exactly the same as Darkness/Time. I mean, this is fine, because the characters/story/whatnot were fucking amazing and I loved them, but I keep playing hoping something will be different. The most I've gotten so far is an extra episode starring Bidoof that I can watch from the main menu.

...Is this what they meant by "extending the story from the previous games"? Because that's pretty fucking lame. Although I don't know why I would think a third Pokemon game in a specific story arc would be anything more than the Plus Edition; that's how it always goes. Maybe I read the website reviews wrong... Or maybe it WILL change around later.

In any case, my hero Pokemon was Charmander this time around (always either that or Pikachu), and I picked Mudkip as my partner again. My rescue team is Team Rocket, as always. ♥

Gonna play it a little more today and see if anything new comes up... if not, I'll just hop back on HeartGold for a while until I get bored with leveling again. XD;
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Uuuuuugh. Three days of only three hours of sleep at night. I am so exhausted wtfffff.

And for some inexplicable reason, my head itches like hell. It's like my dandruff decided to go aggro all of a sudden.

In all this time I've not been sleeping, I've been leveling Pokemon. I don't know why I put these progress things in here, except perhaps that it's kinda fun to look back on them? :shrug: )

So, so tired.
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So I have the attention span of a gnat and I'm hopped up on cold meds, so it's even worse, so I decided I'd restart my HeartGold file. Already.

Before I reset it, I went and caught Lugia, Ho-oh, and the dogs, loaded all my valuable items and TMs onto them and what pokemon I wanted to salvage (shiny!Gyarados and Anji the Killer Butterfree, namely), and traded 'em all off onto my Platinum version. Also bred up a team that I'll use on the new one just to be able to say I did breed already on HG. There's no convenient hatching path to follow, but Ojii-san at the Daycare calls you to let you know when there's eggs, so you can basically putter off wherever the hell you feel like it and you're fine.

Reset the file, grabbed a Cyndaquil (because I feel naked without one) and I'll trade over the team I bred later once I've caught shit. It'll be a team of Lanturn, Scizor, Typhlosion, Ursaring, Skarmory, and Tyranitar. I obviously went for large and intimidating this time. I've never raised most of these guys before, so it'll be fun. ♥

This cold/flu/whatever I caught is seriously annoying and needs to go the fuck away already. I can't breathe, my throat hurts, my ears are almost as stuffed as my nose, my nose hurts due to tissue abuse. >( I know it's bad when Will's cooking dinner filled with cajun spice and peppers and I can't smell it at all.

Homework blows, and it's really hard to do when you're drugged up on Nyquil. If I fall asleep on Pokemon, I will most certainly fall asleep reading about why third world countries are poor and need help. I thought that was a given, that they needed help.

I have classes and major assignments due on the days of the viewing and funeral this week, and I'm honestly not sure which side is going to win out. My mom and family are yelling at me to go to class, but I really feel bad about it. :\ I've been wanting to call and apologize that I probably won't be able to make it, but my voice has been out and aaaaargggh.

Also need to call Mom and ask about coming down to visit at the end of the month so I can get my car inspected and maybe get a filling that fell out replaced. Got a gaping hole in one tooth right now that I should probably patch up before it goes and gets a cavity in it. :\ Yay obsessive brushing in the meantime?
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Things just steadily keep marching on into the crapper around here. XD; My mom called last night with news that my grandfather (on her side) had a massive heart attack yesterday afternoon. This was compounded when he had another one this morning right before my second class period -- he's holding stable, thankfully, but they've got him sedated into a stupor and secluded so that he can get rest and hopefully recover just fine. We should know by Sunday how he's doing.

In an amazing stroke of luck, the thing that probably saved him was that he had gone to get a benign skin growth on his neck removed that morning and was given painkillers that had thinned his blood out quite a bit.

I'm just... getting a little tired of bad news every time my phone rings.

Anyway, in happier news, I ordered HeartGold version both out of impatience and a desire to test my Japanese. Thank god for having a little extra money from finally getting my damn refund check from State Farm for the car accident ages ago. It showed up on Tuesday and I've been melting my brain out with it whenever I've gotten a chance these past few days. Talk about nostalgia bomb.

Some changes are damn stupid, though. Gym leaders don't stay in their gyms so much anymore, which is irritating as hell. Whitney left, Morty left. Uuuuuurrrgh.

My team is currently very flying-type heavy: Check 'em out! )
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So I caught some sort of flu. Started to come down with it on Saturday, felt like shit Saturday night, felt slightly better Sunday, went to class on Monday despite feeling poopy, felt MUCH WORSE yesterday and stayed home from class, and it seems to be clearing again today. I should just stay down and let it get better today.

But I need to do laundry baaaw. Maybe I'll just let that go until the weekend.

Been spending my sick time on homework so I don't fall behind and lots of Star Ocean 1 on PSP. I had to reset my file because 1)I had no idea what dungeon I was running around in and wtf was with the puzzle I abandoned halfway through and 2) my party irritated the hell out of me and I wanted different characters. So I restarted.

SO1 is way, way, way harder in the remake than SO2. I mean, shit.

Also been reading HGSS spoilers all week and I am psyched~ So excited to play those. Is it 2010 yet?

...I should make art out of all these cough drop wrappers I've got here.
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I'm going to app at [profile] pokeology_rp, which is a multifandom AU set in the Pokemon world. This screams "fucking awesome" to me, so I want in and am applying.

I will be apping Albel Nox from SO3. (He'll be 19 years old, though, since Pokemon trainers are typically just preteens.) I would love some canonmates if anybody wants to join hint hint NEL hint. :DDD

You know you want to see Albel fucking Nox with a Magikarp. Fuck yes you do.



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