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I have finished HP7. I would like to sum it all up with a resounding "Fuck you, Rowling." :) Worst book yet, worse even than CoS. Jolly good, good game, thank you for playing and wasting ten years of your life on this series.

LETDOWN WTF. ::kicks some things.::

On that note, I need Marauders RP more than air. I need to play James again. Any openings I should know about or should I start up something awesome?
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Fuck you, Square-Enix. I am done with you. No more are the days when I fan-worshipped you.

By the time I get out of school and into the game industry, no company will be left that I can respect and will want to get into. Square, EA, and Clover are all gone. (Clover's the only one that shut down, other than Working Designs, that I would've gone for.)

Pleeeease, Tecmo, Nintendo... don't make me hate you in the next two years.

My inner UAT kid is crying and slashing his wrists right now. D:
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So there were drunken mariachis at the pool last night at Haru's party. Not that we asked them to come, they were just kind of there, singing loudly in Spanish and drinking two huge cubes of Bud Light in the pool. It was more amusing than annoying, especially since we brought out Gomez (our pet inflatable T-rex) and tossed him in the pool -- they seemed to think he was real the first time he was floating over towards them. I stand by the opinion that Gomez just wanted a beer.

But seriously, though, what the hell with all the drunk people this past weekend? And all of them were driving around, too. I didn't even realize when two of the guys disappeared from the pool to go get more booze, but Pan and I both damn well saw them coming back with keys in one guy's hand and another huge cube of booze in the other's arms.

Was there some vague Mexican holiday this past weekend that I didn't know about? o_o
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Wow. Even though I actually got most of my homework done this past weekend (with the exception of XHTML... but I did do more math than I had to, so I guess it balances out), I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Ragnarok. >>;; Pan and I have had many an insanely amusing adventure with our assassin and stalker respectively, including some kid asking us to adopt/level him up, some n00b we dubbed Mr. Anderson, the quest to get a bondage lady for a pet, a ghost horse that just followed us around, me screaming "I HATE YOU" at some random killstealer, and us hitting on some guy in Prontera who had a "NEED HOT GF NOW PLZ" chatroom up. (Being that we're playing as guys... it was pretty funny.)

Also got a chance to talk/sing to Motoki over the weekend, since he was demanding I sing something on the mic. Pan happily informed him that she's getting me lingerie for his birthday... he seemed to be having fun egging her on about it, too, 'cause she was lawling it up at how red I was turning and then would be typing furiously to him. My ears burned.

Got a little more of my stuff from Estancia and moved it over here. The Wii is here now, and imma set it up in a few minutes. I'd say I'm officially halfway moved into Pan's now. It's all good.

Except for the water pressure, yanno, not working. I guess we need to get on that.
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Is it bad that the only reason I'm downloading the Shippuuden is so I can see Chiyo in all her psychotic Suna lady glory? (Although, the more I think about it, the more I remember how much I loved the time jump stuff at first. It was damn good up until the Kumo lady came in... much to my dismay.)

And so, I download. C'moooon, Chiyo. >D

Yesterday, I got me some turtle earrings. They've got opals for the shells -- my birthstone. It was yet another weirdass stroke of fate, along the same lines as about six or seven others that are all starting to weird me out a little bit... probably will end up snapping and LJing the full details eventually, but for now, suffice to say, somebody Up There is having fun throwing signs at me.

Pan and Rae were muchly amused, at any rate. I believe I looked like this: o_o;;;

Stupid spooty XHTML class today, as well as stupider and spootier math. I will be drowning in homework all weekend and I have spooty voice acting thing to do on Saturday -- not even for Senpai anymore, argh -- and I do not feel like doing any of it. Lethargy + 10 whut.


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