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Going to the Potter/LAN party at UAT tonight, so I will be gone from about 8 'til midnight to 1 in the morning. Then I'm tanking Harry Potter 7 and doing homework all weekend, so it might be a couple days before I'm fully internet functional again. ♥

See y'all later~
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Spent last night over at Will's place. I originally went over there to drop off paperwork for the apartment -- which I did -- and then I was gonna hang out with Will and Kenney for a bit and head home later. Ended up passing out on Will's bed while he played Metal Saga, slept 'til about 7, and ended up just staying because there was an epic thunderstorm outside that quickly turned the road into a river. lol, desert doesn't know how to handle rain.

Anyway, wound up just chilling over there with the guys all night, watching Kenney play Chrono Cross for a bit, laughed my ass off at Will getting owned in Metal Saga, ate some awesome dinrar, and passed out again when I just curled up to try and get warm again. Nice and relaxing. Woke up to Will and Kenney's alarms going off in unison and tried not to laugh my ass off.

Came back here to get my homework done and see my cat. Couldn't find my CDs for Japanese, so I got screwed out of a good chunk of the homework -- hopefully I can get off of that scot-free, 'cause I can't find the listening thing online anywhere.

So it goes.
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4th was pretty awesome yesterday, I must say. Except for, yanno, being woken up way too early by a call from the family and apparently being a whore because I was giving Will a hug at one point. I love how Senpai and Haru can hug each other all they want, but the second I do it, I'm a slut. ♥

Is it next summer yet? 'Cause I seriously need to be on the other side of the country right about now.

One more month. One and a half until I'm back in PA and chillaxing with the band and going to Chincoteague and getting away from nonstop drama and bullshit.

I can do this. I think.

Going to get the truck all tuned up tomorrow, then I'll probably stop off in the Estancia leasing office so I can talk to the office lady about getting an apartment, as a back-up plan in case we a) can't find that house or b) can't afford it. Front office lady is really nice and really awesome, so I can at least get something lined up just in case. Gonna hang out over with Haru and Senpai and Shawna and watch some Pokeymans while they work on my truck. Ought to be nice and relaxing and drama-free. I hope.

Watched Akira last night after coming home from Haru and Senpai's. Hella long movie, man. And fucked up. But pretty cool nonetheless. Those old geezer/kid things really creeped me out.
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The stomachache/migraine continues! Joy of joys.

Went to the mall despite it all after my Japanese test, got some Pokemans stuff and a huge stuffed Bambi, which was on clearance and over 50% off. I was filled with glee.

Now considering wtf to do with myself other than lie in bed like a lump.
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You know... it's totally ridiculous, but talking to [profile] hikari_cyhan has reminded me just how much I love UAT. It's corny as hell, but I really do. It's the first time I've been genuinely proud of where I go to school since elementary, and I'm actually happy about the vast majority of things about it.

I mean, yeah, the smelly kids are irritating, and the Smash fags in Cuban Pete's are enough to make anyone want to kick the Gamecube out a window and into a burning cesspool, and the creeps get really old really fast, but the friends I've made here make me realize that, even with all the cons, I could never have picked a better school to come out to.

Yeah, I'd like to get away from the desert summer, and I would love to see my mom and band again, but whenever I get to feeling down about that, all I have to do is go spend time with the gang and play some Mario Party, or go to Sonic and talk about video games, or walk around the mall with nee-chan and I forget why I was upset in the first place.

It's depressing to think that I'll be done here by the time two years have gone by, but I have no doubt in my mind that I'll still have the gang around then. And I'll be damn proud to tell people where I came from. And I'm sure I'll come back to this godforsaken little desert town as often as I can just to peek in on how good ol' UAT is doing.

I'm sure I'll be picked on mercilessly for this entry later, but fuck it, I love this place and I'm proud of it.
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So I randomly decided to make a cake. It didn't cook in the amount of time the box said I should cook it for, so I had to wing it and I really hope I didn't fuck it up. D: Because I hate wasting money on failed food experiments.


Went over to Estancia for a sleepover last night, had a lovely night's sleep on the uber-comfy couch that I miss oh-so-much, ate some Haru-made pancakes for breakfast, and was dying of a migraine so I had to come home fairly early after a couple hours' worth of Saturday Morning Pokemon Marathon.

Been playing Pokemon mbr XD for the Gamecube for a couple days; rented it out of the UAT library. It's actually pretty damn awesome. I might just keep renewing it for a while. :3 It's fun, the minigames are amusing, and my team is really very awesome. (I've got a Spheal named Tubby that I love so much it's ridiculous.)

I really, really need to do homework tomorrow and Monday, but tomorrow is also Haru's birthday, so I gotta go over and hang out with him, too. It's so good to have him back from Texas again; Arizona just wasn't the same without everybody's big brother.

Also, on a completely random note, drunk idiot men in the grocery store, running around and spraying AXE everywhere are the absolute scum of the universe. >(
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DUDE. Halloween this year, Pan and I are gonna be Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, respectively. :D Our friend Shawna's gonna be Calypso, too. Senpai might be Elizabeth and she's gonna see if she can get Haru to be Will. It's gonna be badass.

I still need to do my papers. Fuck.
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Quote of the Day: "Usagi's dress makes me want to puke rainbows." - [profile] nekopanchan

So last night, Pan randomly decided that it was time for me to come over and go to Denny's with her. As my MSN messenger had fucking died, I gave up, hiked out to the bus stop with stuff for a sleepover, and went on over.

The internets didn't want to work once I got there, even after we got foods, so we just gave up and played Katamari. And then didn't sleep. And went to Starbucks at 8 in the morning, walked out to UAT bright and early, and just sat around and tried to wake up.

Sensei called me out on drinking too much caffeine. XD I laughed so hard. She knows me so well already.

Somehow got home despite extreme tiredness. Owe one to Pan for giving my screenname to Motoki!guy. I should get a shower and then possibly do homework, but I'm so comfy on this couch.

And my scarf from Mom came in today. It smells like home and Mom and is sooooo comforting.

Despite extreme exhaustion and a semi-cruddy day, I really feel so good right now. X3
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Quotes of the Day: (both from Dustine)
- "And you would ask to touch my buns. And I would say maybe."
- "I am not a bubble."

Dustine has been a constant source of amusement today. XD Pan and I yelled "REQUESTING BLACKUP!" at one point, just 'cause I was dying so hard on Star Ocean, and he came barreling in here and almost slid right through the sliding glass doors. Which were closed. It's a damn good thing he didn't, 'cause I don't think I could make the maitenence report for that. "Yeah, so we requested blackup... and we got it. But it went through the window."

Got fewds at the grocery store earlier, made cookies, and was awesome with the gang. Our cookies are amazing. We made Sailor Moon themed ones, Silent Hill theme (Pyramid Head and one of those armless zombies), and kanji cookies. The kanji cookies were an unholy bitch to put together -- which I did with proper stroke order without even realizing until I was on the second or third cookie -- but they look awesome and I have to say, they were good practice. And we're bringing them in for snack during Japanese history on Monday. >D

Yes, we're dweebs.

We were cracking very lewd jokes earlier because we are /b/tards. Poor Senpai walked into the living room, heard us cracking penis jokes, and went right back into her room.

Playing Star Ocean now and listening to jrock and being very awake despite it being 3:30 in the morning. I blame doubleshot expresso drink. And Pan is leaning way over onto my bed and singing the current music. XD And pushing my mattress, like, across the room. And she's about to fall on the floor.

I'll laugh when she does.
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My god, I love Mall Days.

Today, [profile] nekopanchan decided, while I was sitting around after my last class, that we had to do Something Epic tonight. So I got to sit around on her laptop and play Typer Shark and some Sailor Moon bubble pop game while she was in class, I summoned Rae to our sides, and off we went to Arizona Mills once Pan was free from the grasps of class.

Before we went, we made a pit stop in the girls' bathroom at UAT to try an experiment with the Soul Detector paper towel dispensers. We made Rae sell her soul to Pan for a quarter, then went into the bathrooms to see if Rae could still trigger the paper towels... which she couldn't. Pan then tried and it immediately spit out towels. Pan then sold Rae her soul back and we tried it again -- voila! Paper towels.

We have it all figured out, clearly.

We laughed so hard for about three minutes and then walked out and some random guy was just staring at the bathroom door with the physical equivalent of O___o;;; on his face.

Anyway. Mall.

So we have started a tradition of going to Arizona Mills and going to the juice place, getting smoothies, drinking them while cracking jokes about stupid shit, and then going to play with a puppy at the pet store. We got our smoothies, headed off to Animal Kingdom or whatever it's called, and picked our Puppy of the Week, which was a shiba inu this time.

We got the most hyper dog of all time. He was literally bouncing off everything. Walls, chairs, the door, us. He was climbing up the door until the pet store guy brought us three toys to play with the pup with, and the pup was bouncing between all three and pouncing on us and was the embodiment of canine ADHD. (I affectionately nicknamed him Takumi, because if Takumi was a dog, he fucking would've been that one. My god, hyper. XD)

After a while of us throwing the squeaky ball back and forth over Takumi!pup's head and making him run in circles and climb on and vault over us, he finally seemed to be burned out. We gave him the ball and just petted on him while he gnawed it... and when we thought it'd be funny to snatch it and see what he did, he was back up and bouncing again.

We were like "WE WORE HIM DOWN! >D ....oh, nevermind."

Went back to Pan's after that and pondered calling somebody for a ride, chickened out of asking a random UAT guy, called Rae's boyfriend, got the answering machine, Rae's phone died, and then Rae and I walked across the street to the Wendy's to get drinks to wait for the bus with. XD

Mall Days are, by default, amazing. It doesn't matter how bad the day was before you went; as soon as you've been to the mall and had your juice and played with a puppy, your day is great.

I like this system. $5 a week for infinite happiness. (Those smoothies are damn expensive. But delicious. And healthy.)

Also, aced kanji quiz last week, feelin' good about the one today. Skipping math tomorrow in favor of finishing Japanese homework that I didn't do today because I was playing with a hyperactive shiba inu and drinking chai smoothie. Going to Denny's with the gang because we are hoping our Nice Guy Waiter friend is in. I kinda miss that guy. He's really nice. X3;; Always talks to us when we're there and is always very helpful. And he was fine despite our weirdness on Halloween. Major awesome points.

I think this is the most social I've been in.... uh.... a very long time.


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