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So that drive was a little nuts. XD;;

Cut for long. )

The cat's doing well with the other cats -- far better than expected, even.

Texas is awesome so far. Job hunting for now, so I'm gonna be a while before I'm back to the interbutt quite the same as before, but things aren't so bad so far. :D
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Packing is complete. Cleaning is done. Come 8:00 tomorrow morning, we're on the road.

Stopping in Tennessee for the night tomorrow night. Room's got high-speed interbutt access, so I can at least let people know I'm alive. ♥ Hopefully we'll be there by 7 PM. I'm really hoping for 6, but I dunno if Will will be a pain in my ass about how long our stretch breaks are.

Anyway, three-day drive starts tomorrow. Friday, I should be in Texas, energy level and weather permitting.

Wish me luck!
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Things are really coming together now. ♥ Cleaned the kitchen -- countertops, sink, dishwasher, cabinets, walls -- and vacuumed, so this place is looking much more like we're about to leave it than it did before. Stuff is almost entirely packed. Most of the stuff coming in the car with us is already in it, except for the litterbox, suitcases, and frozen food. And, y'know, us and the cat.

Not cleaned are the walls, which are going to be repainted with part of our safety deposit whether they're spotless or not. So fuck that, they can paint over the places where dyes leaked out of furniture, scratches, and whatnot. XD I'm not taking the time if it's going to waste anyhow.

Laundry is done, I did some studying for my final tomorrow, I went up to the school and bitched at them to what seems like it might turn out right, we got Pat promising dinner tomorrow (chicken and potatoes and stuffing oh gooooddddd yessssss), got spaghetti from said friend tonight for dinner, and I printed out all my directions, contact numbers, hotel locations, and all that jazz.

Just need to get gas tomorrow, vacuum seal the shrink-bags for the suitcases, pack up the Wii and PS2, return Pat's vacuum to her, eat dinner, and, of course, fail take my final.

I think I can do this, I think I can do this...

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Packing sucks. :\ We have way more breakable stuff than we should. Although HOORAY for plastic stuff in the kitchen, I can just throw that shit in any old box and it's A-OKAY

I really need to begin my car tetris to figure out how we're fitting stuff in there.

The college fucked up AGAIN and applied my money to the wrong semester AGAIN despite there being notes EVERYWHERE that the money's for fall and not spring. They did it, of course, so late yesterday that we didn't see it 'til the office was closed and now I have to wait until Monday to storm the office armed with a rocket launcher and get this shit straightened out... AGAIN

And people ask why I was sad when I found out the fire on campus last weekend didn't do more damage than it did. :\ Place SUCKS.

Nobody ever go to The College of New Jersey. Never. Unless you really want ulcers or something.

On a lighter note, I finally raised the Heracross I caught on HG to the same level as the rest of my party. Sans the Eevee, who I don't want to evolve too late, but y'know.
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fff nothing like losing productivity due to stomach/head/body aches, deep-set chills, and general sleepiness. The packing cubes got here today and poor Will had to haul the furniture (with the help of a furniture dolly thank god) out himself. I had just... no strength in my limbs. I don't even know wtf. Was super sick last night... hoping a good night's sleep will fix me.

Played some Left 4 Dead 2 with Will after we ate some dinner. I suck so bad lol. Can't aim to save my life. Unless I'm running around like a dumbass with a katana or guitar, then I'm good. (Killed a Tank with a guitar. Is this awesome? y/y)

Also played HeartGold for about... ten minutes. I'm raising an Eevee in an attempt to get an Umbreon. Only I've been so bleeeh that I can't even focus on that.

We have too much stuff. :\ Really need to start feeling better so I can help get this shit outta here and into the cubes.
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Welcome to the people from Discedo's Friending Meme~ :D Hopefully I won't chase everyone off in five seconds with vidya babbling.

I, uh, really don't have much else to report on, other than: My notifs are not working for some reason (dunno if this is LJ-wide), so if I take forever to answer a comment, I apologize ahead of time. ;;

I should probably stop being glued to the internet at this point so I can get some packing done... D: What the hell, self, four boxes of books? Not including the ones from Mom?
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Ganked from [personal profile] rikasaurus~

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands [fannish etc.] that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favourite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strike through the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.

1. Star Ocean: 'Til the End of Time
2. Persona 4
3. Guilty Gear: Anji Mito - guessed by [personal profile] rikasaurus
4. Blazblue: BANG SHISHIGAMI - guessed by [personal profile] rikasaurus
5. Star Ocean 2
6. Final Fantasy 7
7. Final Fantasy 8: Laguna Loire - guessed by [profile] chocochick
8. The Count of Monte Cristo
9. Discworld Series
10. Stephanie Plum series
11. Ouran High School Host Club: Tamaki Suoh - guessed by [personal profile] rikasaurus
12. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 1 & 2
13. Harry Potter series
14. Harvest Moon series
15. Okage: Shadow King
16. Lord of the Rings: Eowyn - guessed by [profile] chocochick
17. X-men
18. Dragonriders of Pern
19. Pokemon Special (manga)
20. Pokemon (anime)

In other news, I have packed a lot today. Fuck yes for having my closet cleared out!
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Today was one of those days in which I did a lot but feel like I did nothing at all. I was woken up by Idiot in Financial Aid calling to tell me the second check came in (before the first one... FFFF) and that I could come in and pick it up. She decided to be a smug and bitchy thing and so I started off very much on the wrong foot, wanting nothing more than to set fire to anyone and anything even remotely related to TCNJ.

So we went to pick up the check. I got some coffee from McDonald's on the way. Got the check from the lovely folks in Student Accounts -- people who actually do their jobs and are pleasant -- and went on an epic journey to try and find some place in Ewing that sells fucking packing tape.

What used to be a UPS store, like, a week ago is now an organic laundromat. Organic shit is a pet peeve of mine anyhow, for reasons I won't get into because I'd rant for a while, but there it is, where we were going to get tape and now can't. So we tried the grocery store nextdoor to it, which also had nothing. So we drove all around Trenton looking for some damn tape and finally got some at the post office, by which time I was rabid and just sat in the car inhaling my coffee to keep from twitching. PMS + Wake-up Call from Idiots + Wild Goose Hunt = Rabid Lauren.

Got home, packed up some shit (towels, DVDs, knick-knacks, posters, desktop comp, some kitchen appliances), made my mint brownie torte for Thanksgiving tomorrow with the fam (not exactly something I'm looking forward to), and then sat on my fat ass to play some Harvest Moon Animal Parade.

Married Luke on there, and he is so fucking doofy and fun that Will and I both were loling over half the shit he was saying. ("Wow, if that shooting star came our way, we'd be in TROUBLE.") Will and I had some fun in the beginning of the game placing bets on whether or not Chase would be tsundere or just a regular ass, whether or not the Wizard would rape you if you walked into his house at night, and other stupid shit that only we would think would be funny in Harvest Moon. ("The wizard looks like..." "Venom? Yeah, I know.")

Also, Animal Parade wins for a line about the wheel of fate turning and also Gollum jokes. I love you, Natsume.
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Livejournal paid time is running out on this sucker, but I'm just going to let it all die. Only keeping this LJ for talking to friends and reading communities.

Moving to my Inksome for updating/writing/etc. It's been real, LJ, but I can get the same stuff I pay for here for free there.
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Almost entirely moved in to the new apartment! (Mooching internets -- pretty crappy ones -- from some faceless neighbor at the moment.) Will's still got a lot of stuff to move, and Kenney's still got his stereo and something else to get. Once we've got it all, it's a second trip to Albertson's (holy shit sales this weekend) and a run to Walmart for a garbage can. And garbage bags.

Today was insanely hectic, but we seriously got so much done. We signed the lease, got our keys, did a very thorough walkthrough to find damages and write them down, moved all my stuff and half of Will's and almost all of Kenney's, went to Albertson's and got 10 things of Mountain Dew on a 10 for $10 sale (amongst other things, including cat food and clearance cereal), celebrated our success of getting this place for ourselves, and went over to bug one of our friends who's now our nextdoor neighbor. We rearranged his apartment a little bit as harassment, pushed buttons on a lot of weird shit, drove said friend nuts for a few minutes. It was pretty awesome.

The cat's already settled in. We built him a box fort to play in. ADHD as he is right now, he seems like he'll play in it later. He also seems to like the little nook we put his litterbox in, which is very good.

I seriously love this apartment. The color scheme we've got going on is different from all the other Estancia apartments I've been in, and I really like our scheme better. It's very cozy, and we've already invaded with a lot of our stuff, so it's got human touches already. Most of our furniture is either dumpster-dive stolen (somebody around here is moving, so we gacked abandoned computer chairs) or cardboard boxes, but it's still ours. I'm so proud of us. X3

Kenney says he'll probably set up internets soon, too, and just put it in his name so it's up and running since Will and I can't afford installation costs just now. But still. It'll be here sometime soon, which is very awesome.

Just waiting for the rain outside to stop -- it will, soon, this is the desert -- before running and getting more stuff. That'll leave just a little more of Will's stuff tomorrow, but then we're done and I am very pleased. :) This place is ours, man. Entirely. alsdjaiwldaksdawesome.

Sorry for the unavailability on AIM lately, everybody, but you understand. Finals are coming up within the next week, too, so I'll be just as unreliable, if not more so. Many apologies, but it'll be done with soon and I'll be back with more regularity.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Marauders drabbles are posted over at [profile] nuklearwinter! Please to be reading if you are of the MWPP-fag variety.

In the past two days, I have had a migraine, epicly bombed my Japanese test, driven like I'm from Jersey, and hurt my tailbone like you would never imagine (tears were in my eyes omg). It's been a good coupla days regardless. Got a lot of my stuff moved over to Will and Kenney's place for temporary storage 'til the final move to #1100. Just need to bring over my clothes, furniture, cleaning stuff, electronics, and food... and the cat. Not moving the food/cat 'til the last of the month, because neither one needs to take up extra space here until absolutely necessary.

Two more weeks and then it's all done. :D
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Dude, I should apply to work with a moving company or something. It's a pain in the ass, but damn, am I good at it.

2 hours and 30 minutes is all it took for me to drive over to La Estancia, pack up my clothes, kitchen stuff, and cleaning stuff, toss it in the truck, drive it back to Pine Shadows, haul it up the stairs to the new apartment, and put all of it away. I am damn proud of myself. And I didn't break anything today! (I mourn the loss of Ino Pig Bank from its tragic drop in the parking lot yesterday, you have no idea.)

I ache sooo bad across the back of my shoulders and my legs and my forearms from all the lifting and carrying, but apparently I've learned the lesson of lifting with the knees, 'cause my lower back is just fine after all this. Just... arms. Ow.

I will treat myself to trading in a bunch of old games I found in the move that I never play, possibly reserving myself a copy of Pokemon Pearl with the money I get from the trade, and then treating myself to a nice six pack of Yoohoo and whatever the hell I find at Albertson's that looks damn good for dinner. I might get some of their shish-ka-bob again, that was amazing... or I might just be a cheap college student and get some potatoes and see what kind of creative thing I can whip up with them. XD;

What's sad is that I'm really excited about getting that Yoohoo. You know you're a poor college student when...

Feels so good to have the move done and over with, even if I didn't find my case of Gameboy games. ^^ Did it all almost entirely by myself, too. I should get an award for this.
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Quote of the Day: "IT'S SO RAD IT HURTS! AAAAAUUGH!" - Pan

Today is Moving Day! I gotta get dressed and over to Estancia to move my shit out, but... I'm not motivated to leave right now. Not like moving is a very fun activity anyway, but they're coming through on Monday to make sure my ass is out and take my key, so I gotta do it.

But... having fuuuun. T_T

Almost all my homework for the weekend is done, which is nice. Just got a paper to write for GAM210, then I'm done. And Mom's coming to visit on Thursday, which oughta be awesome (I'm getting a real mattress!). Next week will be damn good, I reckon. 'cept for the kanji test, 'cause those are ew.


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