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4th was pretty awesome yesterday, I must say. Except for, yanno, being woken up way too early by a call from the family and apparently being a whore because I was giving Will a hug at one point. I love how Senpai and Haru can hug each other all they want, but the second I do it, I'm a slut. ♥

Is it next summer yet? 'Cause I seriously need to be on the other side of the country right about now.

One more month. One and a half until I'm back in PA and chillaxing with the band and going to Chincoteague and getting away from nonstop drama and bullshit.

I can do this. I think.

Going to get the truck all tuned up tomorrow, then I'll probably stop off in the Estancia leasing office so I can talk to the office lady about getting an apartment, as a back-up plan in case we a) can't find that house or b) can't afford it. Front office lady is really nice and really awesome, so I can at least get something lined up just in case. Gonna hang out over with Haru and Senpai and Shawna and watch some Pokeymans while they work on my truck. Ought to be nice and relaxing and drama-free. I hope.

Watched Akira last night after coming home from Haru and Senpai's. Hella long movie, man. And fucked up. But pretty cool nonetheless. Those old geezer/kid things really creeped me out.
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lol element meme )

So [profile] fayriedance got me all interested in some multi-Final Fantasy RPG over on GreatestJournal and I ended up joining as Reeve and Fuujin. >> Part of me is like OMG I NEED NO MORE TO DISTRACT ME FROM SCHOOLWORK, but part of me is just jazzed up on new RP energy.

I never learn, I guess.

Letters From Iwo Jima came in the mail yesterday, so I have my emotional torture salute to an absolutely amazing movie now. I really want to do a music video with either Do As Infinity's "Kagaku no Yoru" or Dir en grey's "Ain't Afraid to Die" or maybe even Gazette's "Saraba", but I'm dragging my feet 'cause that means I have to watch it again and I'm already borderline emo enough without that.

Slept super late today, had many a weirdass dream. Amazing. I feel so very good, even though I'm slowly turning completely nocturnal. This is a big oopsie, considering I have classes at 10:30 in the morning. D:

...but new RP, yay~
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It's been a very long couple of days, and I've determined that I have approximately one string (maybe one and a half at best) holding my sanity together. Long story short, since I know somebody's gonna ask, I feel like everything I knew is collapsing around my ears and I'm just holding on to that final string that's left, hoping the ceiling doesn't cave in. Been trying to cheer my emo ass up through mass amounts of being with friends, which has helped, but fact being that I'm not a social creature by nature, I can only do so much.

I know, I know, blah blah emo emo bitch whine cry, but don't tell me you didn't think Livejournal wasn't made for this shit.


Saw Shrek 3 last night. Gotta say, I really liked it. Better than Shrek 2, which was better than Shrek 1, and now if there is ever a Shrek 4 I will know that it will officially have jumped the shark and will be no good. No way can they pull off another.

Sleeping Beauty = [profile] amber_san. 'Specially when she's running and just falls down asleep and people trip over her.

The drawback of my being social and getting out has been that I've done absolutely no homework and now I'm drowning in it bigtime. Makeup work all weekend, bitches. Also need to rent Jet Li's Hero for character development class and I... really don't feel like it. Gotta check when the discussion's due and see if I can put it off a little longer.

Also need to do a presentation of a Walt Whitman poem and explain why I like it in fancy-pants English major terms like assonance and consonance and internal rhyme. Screw that, I like Whitman 'cause he's not a giant emo kid poet like most of them are, but is a step up in classiness from Shel Silverstein. <-- best poet evar, man.

Maybe I could just say that and still get a good grade.

Hm. :\
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Quote of the Day:
I'll do the rest of my homework tomorrow.
Motoki: alright alright
Me: Mom. :P
Motoki: DAD
Motoki: DAD with BOOBIES
- I lawled.

Speech practice went great. Hirano-sensei is really impressed with how well I've memorized the speech and my pronunciation is apparently perfection (except I slurred "kawaikute" and she lawled and said it sounded kinda like "kowaikute", so that I need to work on). She was all excited that I've been working so hard on it and gave me a heads-up on what all I'll need to do once I'm actually at the contest.

Practice #2 is Thursday, and I need to make sure to enunciate my 'ka' in "kawaikute" this time. Beyond that, I already had it perfect... just need to work on my voice acting to sound super cheerful while reciting the speech and I should be good. ^^

Watched Shinobi this afternoon and thought it was meh. It was kinda good, but there were some things that just made me go "buh?" I was terribly amused, though, that the village I mentally dubbed Kumo had a falcon flying around all the time and the village I mentally dubbed Konoha had some guy that looked just like how I picture Hiroki from [profile] shadesrp. Much gigglesnorting abound. Might watch the movie again if anybody ever wants to watch it with me, but otherwise, I don't think I'll be going back to it. It was decent, but not great.

I swear Letters From Iwo Jima has raised my movie bar to insane new heights. :\

Still feeling hideously sick, but hey, the day wrapped up pretty well, I gotta say.
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Tonight, I dined in Hell.
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Dear Lauren,

What the shit were you thinking, going to see Letters From Iwo Jima again. You should've learned your lesson the first time. But no, no, you just had to tag along so Pan wouldn't get depressed... and then proceeded to be the thing that broke her down and made her cry anyway.

Good fucking job, self. Never watch that movie again. Never. At least not without somebody to cling to and sob on afterwards.

No love,


It wouldn't be so bad if the main character didn't look/act like Motoki, but nooo. He just has to be just like him.

My beloved friends list, while I do recommend this movie at least once, for God's sake, don't see it twice. Unless you really enjoy being bummed out. ;_;
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Post a comment and...

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this in your journal if you haven't done it already.

Also, Letters From Iwo Jima made me cry buckets. And like a moron, I'm going to see it again on Wednesday so Pan can get to see it too, and there's no way I'd subject her to seeing it alone. ;;_;; So sad. Excellent movie. But sad to the nth.

We countered Iwo Jima bummed-ness last night with tacos, ice cream, and mass amounts of live-action Sailor Moon. Nothing makes you feel much better than laughing every time they try to pronounce "Sailor V" or adding such lovely commentary as, "ORGASM FACE!" when Zoisite plays piano.

I feel quite a bit better, but it'd be a 100% better kinda thing if I got a chance to talk to Motoki. He always cheers me up. XD;


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