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Okay, so yesterday was a Very Bad Day straight up until about 7:30 PM. I woke up later than intended, started on my XHTML homework and totally miffed the one part of the code (which drives me crazy more than miffing the entire thing -- at least then I can feel like a proper dumbass), got literally clawed to shreds when we gave the cat a bath, finally fixed the XHTML code and then found that the UAT servers are down anyway, so I couldn't even turn the goddamned thing in anyway. Also was feeling bummed for no reason other than missing California, so it all piled up on me really fast.

Gave up hope on finishing the second half of the XHTML, gave up hope on memorizing my speech for Japanese, went and got a bubble bath, read for a little while, napped, and then did my Tea and Friends therapy treatment once I woke up. Also made some dinrar and spoiled myself rotten with pasta and garlic bread. Curled up with the cat, who was feeling much more affectionate towards me once he was dry. Was highly entertained by Motoki once he signed online and was being a dork with his webcam. XD

Feeling much better this morning. I woke up with the cat sleeping against my knees and tried not to laugh too hard when he saw I was awake, popped off the bed, and went to headbutt Pan in hopes of getting her up too. (No such luck, Mutsuto.)

I think Imma get a shower and then work on that speech before class today. :3 Pan and I are going in to school dressed as guys and we're gonna mock on UAT guys everywhere by acting just like them. We're gonna hit on every girl we see, we're gonna be obnoxious, and we're gonna do it all right in the heart of UAT -- Cuban Pete's.

This is going to be a glorious post-April Fool's joke. >D
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I don't know why I was so fucking amused this morning when I signed in to check my grade in Japanese History and saw that I have a 102.5%. Perhaps because I was wondering where the hell I got the extra 2.5%, I guess, since I knew I was doing good in there, but this was ridiculous.

So I combed through the grades I've gotten and there's double credit on the participation grade for Letters From Iwo Jima.

I guess Hirano-sensei figured giving me double credit for going to see it twice and mentally scarring myself forever was appropriate reward. XD;; I really wasn't expecting this, but I gotta say, it's sweet of her.

The test yesterday felt like a semi-bomb, and I'm pretty sure I managed an 80 on it. I had some major, major brainfarts here and there and kept forgetting how to ask things exactly how she wanted, but could remember other ways to get the same point across, so I reckon I'll have half points all over the place. No biggie, I guess, but I still feel stupid for not remembering.

Today, Pan and I are going to the animal shelter out by ASU to check out our Luna!kitty. Pan = still asleep, but I'm excited. XD Once she's up, I'll give the shelter a call and let them know we're coming.

Kitty! X3

And on a completely random note, Motoki is gonna come visit in either June or July and he's gonna stay a whole month. X3 I might just end up killing him, since extreme exposure to anybody tends to build up on me quick, but I figure this is the best test to see... well, really, what living with him is like, since he'll just be chillaxin' in our apartment for a month. Some part of my brain is worried I'll snap on him, but I'm still excited anyway. XD;; It'll be interesting, in any case. Pretty sure it'll be awesome.

Life is unfolding in new and strange ways this year, but at least it's all been fun.
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Wow. Even though I actually got most of my homework done this past weekend (with the exception of XHTML... but I did do more math than I had to, so I guess it balances out), I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Ragnarok. >>;; Pan and I have had many an insanely amusing adventure with our assassin and stalker respectively, including some kid asking us to adopt/level him up, some n00b we dubbed Mr. Anderson, the quest to get a bondage lady for a pet, a ghost horse that just followed us around, me screaming "I HATE YOU" at some random killstealer, and us hitting on some guy in Prontera who had a "NEED HOT GF NOW PLZ" chatroom up. (Being that we're playing as guys... it was pretty funny.)

Also got a chance to talk/sing to Motoki over the weekend, since he was demanding I sing something on the mic. Pan happily informed him that she's getting me lingerie for his birthday... he seemed to be having fun egging her on about it, too, 'cause she was lawling it up at how red I was turning and then would be typing furiously to him. My ears burned.

Got a little more of my stuff from Estancia and moved it over here. The Wii is here now, and imma set it up in a few minutes. I'd say I'm officially halfway moved into Pan's now. It's all good.

Except for the water pressure, yanno, not working. I guess we need to get on that.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] sunsitenthai!

In other, completely random news, Pan and I were hideously bored last night and ended up going and installing Ragnarok Online just for shits and giggles. We decided to play as guys so that we wouldn't have the common problem of female RO-ers of stalkers following and demanding to cyber. We then bombproofed our plan against fangirls by deciding that we were going to be gay and possibly marry off our characters, because how funny would that be. Anyway.

We had our "Fag Train Whoo Whoo" party formed last night and went off to level up in one of the dungeons and this random girl was lurking around by where we were training. She asks if she can join the party. I said "Sorry, no girls allowed", and Pan and I wandered off elsewhere.

She followed.

After a few more "party?"s, she got really distressed that we weren't letting her join and started copypasting "SALI PO PARTY" over and over and over again at us. XD It was funny enough, but Pan left to go change her class and this girl chased after her through the dungeon. I lawled it up good and went back to training.

A few minutes later, I had too much crap and was gonna leave the dungeon to go sell it all and this girl finds me again, chasing after me and yelling "SALI PO PARTY" again.

I guess it's kind of pathetic how much it upset this girl we wouldn't let her join the party, but damnit if it wasn't funny as hell.

The server crashed shortly after my escape from the dungeon, and Pan and I thoroughly believe Sali Po Party Girl was the reason.

As I was waiting for the server to come back up, I had some fun talking to Motoki and messing with him a little. :D Always makes me smile. I don't even really remember what he said, but I must've had a huge smile on my face 'cause Pan started picking on me for it.

The two of us wound up staying up until about 2 or 3 in the morning, just talking and being Dysfunctional UAT Family sisters. Slept 'til about ten minutes ago and have no intention of going in today; I am using the day for homework and laundry instead. And finally getting unpacked. lawl, no clothes.
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Quote of the Day: "I dunno. I heard Motoki say 'I ate', 'fruit', and 'a lot'." - [profile] nekopanchan, after I said I was going to go get some fruit salad this morning.

Yeah. Like, first thing I did this morning was make Fruit Salad Round Two, since the huge bowl I made last night was gone this morning due to Hungry Motoki Attack. The bowl's still almost full of Round Two, but I doubt that'll last too much longer. XD;

I somehow inspired Motoki to break his original plan of staying at his house while we were here and me going over to visit him on Thursday; now he's staying here with me and Pan and Endy for the week. (I'm still not sure how he ended up at that idea... all I was doing was trying to guilt trip him into coming over yesterday for food.)

We made dinner last night, me and Pan. I made my fruit salad of destiny and Pan made epic spaghetti. We got the guys to make garlic bread, although this involved much standing around in the kitchen, blankly staring at the loaf of french bread before Motoki said, "I think we need knives."

They ended up with butcher knives (no lie) and were happily slice-n-dicing the bread while Pan and I both stood there with a o_o; look on our faces.

Ate dinner, watched School of Rock. I got tackled and luffed on randomly at one point. Finished the movie, attempted homework, gave up and ended up watching a couple episodes of PGSM with Motoki before bed.

Woke up at 5 feeling hideously sick. Pan couldn't sleep either, so we toddled off downstairs and watched Little Nicky for a while before heading back to bed.

Plans for today remain unseen, but Pan is possibly cooking again tonight. XD Endy's mom is totally fascinated by American cooking and keeps apologizing to us, saying she only knows how to cook Chinese. She was so baffled by the spaghetti and fruit salad last night, but she's all excited to learn. It's funny. X3;

Guess I'll find out the plans later.
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Today is a pretty fucking awesome day.

Last night was No Pants Night, in which both Pan and I wandered around the apartment pants-free, which was nice 'cause I haven't been able to do that since I moved out here. My mom and I are both pants-haters. If I can, I won't wear 'em. So sue me. Pan turned the webcam on me at one point and happily told Motoki that I was pants-less under the blanket I was covering up with. Thankfully he signed off before I needed to get up for anything. XD;;

One day, I will get even with Pan. One day.

Today, my truck is completely fixed to the tune of $55. I'm goin' to pick him up after I have a meeting with Hirano-sensei about the speech contest, which I'm going to in about 20 minutes. I'm skipping XHTML for this and really don't care. lawl.

Finished my math midterm and I'm actually feeling pretty good about it... except for the part where I was being a fucktard and kept trying to divide shit into prime numbers when we had to find every prime up 'til 200. I don't know that shit. I forgot to divide a bunch of those numbers by 11 and so will probably bomb that question big time. Ooohhh well. I tried my best on the rest, though, and I think I did pretty good.

Classes are going good, personal life is going good, home life is improving drastically since my semi-move-in with Pan, and although my health has been kinda shabby over the past few days, I can deal with that. Me and Pan are going shopping tonight, and I am amazed that we're going to get clothes and I'm actually kinda excited to go; I've never really liked shopping before, so this is odd. We're gettin' stuff for the Cali trip, which is in 7 days, and we are both bouncing off walls already.

And I actually got through a phone call to my mom today without her ranting about my nephews, which hasn't happened in... God, I don't even know how long. It was nice. X3;;

You go, 2007. You're awesome.
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Dear Lauren,

What the shit were you thinking, going to see Letters From Iwo Jima again. You should've learned your lesson the first time. But no, no, you just had to tag along so Pan wouldn't get depressed... and then proceeded to be the thing that broke her down and made her cry anyway.

Good fucking job, self. Never watch that movie again. Never. At least not without somebody to cling to and sob on afterwards.

No love,


It wouldn't be so bad if the main character didn't look/act like Motoki, but nooo. He just has to be just like him.

My beloved friends list, while I do recommend this movie at least once, for God's sake, don't see it twice. Unless you really enjoy being bummed out. ;_;
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By george, I do believe this is the first Valentine's ever that I've actually been super bouncy happy all day. o_o It's kind of weird, but I like it.

Went out first thing this morning to mail Motoki!guy his chocolates -- was surprised as the lady at the shipping place immediately went on a rant about said chocolates (I LOL'd) -- and got some fewds. Finished my homework, played some Okami, got a warm fuzzy email from Motoki that made me smile, and now I'm reading sappy fanfiction and watching the awesomeness that is my sparkle motion lamp.

I gotta say, I like being dorkily happy much better than being anti-Valentine's. XD; So I will join the legion of my friends list in telling everyone to suck it up and realize that you can love anyone on V-day, just give them a call and tell them you care, maybe go somewhere with them... appreciate what you do have and don't think about what you don't. You'll feel a hell of a lot better. ♥

On that note, f-list, Happy Valentine's Day! ^_^ I love all you guys.
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I have been sung to. Much to Pan's glee. >> Although, I gotta say, it was incredibly entertaining. Improv to the tune of my favorite Savage Garden song? Win.

At Pan's for the night, even though I probably should've gone home to get my Japanese book and... yanno... have all my stuff. Like clothes. And shower stuff. But screw that. We have internets here and a TV with a huge screen and incredibly ridiculous voice clips to listen to. ^^

Kanji test tomorrow. I ph33r. And yet am not studying anyway.

In other, completely random news, we totally watched a very gay movie in Japanese history today. It was yaoiful and made us all gigglesnort much. Good times. Poor Sensei gets to deal with me and Pan and Rae in there... and we're complete smartasses. (At one point, I went "WHOOOA" and the entire class LOL'd.) One of these days, she will get mad at us, but for now, she laughs. Much to our luck.

Also, I have bought the Savage Garden CDs all over again on eBay. Pan was playing some of the songs earlier and I was singing along. Warm fuzzies all 'round.


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