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Car inspection: done. Car insurance: obtained. Registration papers: on the way in the mail. TX Driver's License: also in the mail. Just need to actually register the car and straighten out the stupid citation for not having the TX license and everything is SET.

Got a great deal on the car insurance. Everything I wanted coverage-wise, plus accident and ticket forgiveness, for $2 less than my second lowest quote. For the record, Nationwide's commercials about finding you a lower cost every time you call? Absolutely true. I thought I'd be an asshole and prove them wrong, but... they proved ME wrong. XD

Training for work is going great! It's nice to get off of my shift at the end of the night and feel happy instead of grumpy as hell. ♥ Still tired, but not hating the world. Very nice change.

Been replaying Platinum lately just for shits and giggles. My Pokemon team is just... I don't even know. I've got a Sealeo, a Crobat, a Gligar, a Houndoom, a Lopunny, and a Bibarel right now. This team is rather wtf. It's still been fun, though, and I even got a nod from the footprint guru for raising the Crobat because I stuck with a Pokemon that most people hate. (For the record, Rachel the Crobat was caught at level 7... as a Golbat. The mighty "WAT" I let out over her appearing is pretty much the entire reason I caught and raised her. XD)

So weird to think that it's October already. Time flies~

Also, Austin, stop being so cold already. It's only October 5. You are not New Jersey. :C
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Feeling accomplished for a change! This is nice. ;;

Went and transferred funds for rent this morning from Will's account to mine, called up the tax administrator's office to get the total fees for registration, got three insurance quotes (and will do another three tomorrow), and I'm gonna call and schedule to have the car inspected next week so that I can get this ball rolling on getting Avvy entirely in my name. Which we probably should have done in the first place, but alas.

So far I'm leaning towards either Progressive or Nationwide, so if anyone has any good or bad experiences with either one of them, let me know. ♥ All input to help the decision process is appreciated.

I've got training in a couple hours with a group of people I really enjoy. Work with the new job seems like it will be great so far. :3

Just need to email my old supervisor and see if he can call/email/whatever the dude in charge of the bonus checks, because said dude is avoiding me like crazy. I think he's trying to weasel out of giving me my bonus check that I earned because I left, although I EARNED the thing a month before doing so and it was just that they hadn't paid it to me yet. So I'm pretty sure they still owe it to me, and trying to get a hold of the dude to ask him when I can expect the check has been a pain. Maybe Matt will have better luck, being a supervisor and all.

Oh, life. Why you explode on me? At least the explosions seem like they'll be dying down soon. :c KNOCK ON WOOD, QUICK
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RP motivation is remarkably low right now, so sorry to Luceti and BFL dudes if I'm dragging ass. Just... can't summon up the energy.

Work's been pure shit all week and I expect it to get worse. I'm fully anticipating the system crashing and dying on us and us being sent home without pay either today or tomorrow. They need to put more damn memory in the server, but it's been five months and they're still dragging their feet, so I doubt it's gonna happen. It's already gotten to the point that the system randomly crashes and sites "Low memory" as the cause. Just... ffffffff. Go buy some goddamn memory at Fry's for a couple hundred bucks and j-j-j-jam it in, it ain't that hard.

Surviving almost solely on Daria and mass amounts of coffee. My sarcasm levels have skyrocketed.

I really need a new job lol.

Also, playing P3P. I still don't like P3 all that much, but at least with FeMC I managed to stick with it. Damn you, Koromaru and Junpei, making me stubborn this out...!

Almost lobbed the PSP out a window last night after I had a miniboss down to one last hit, it dodged all four of my party members' attacks with lowered evade and my guys with heightened accuracy, proceeded to get a crit hit in on the dog, and then fucking Megido'd the entire party dead. THANKS, ATLUS.

Continuum Shift in five days... :c Want.
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So I was feeling horrifically sick to my stomach at work and was pretty thoroughly tired of going out to the bathroom (ID card swiping at a couple doors on each trip) every time I felt close to puking, so I ducked out at lunch time to come home so I could at least throw up in the comfort of my own apartment. The clouds were looking pretty ominous towards the north when I left, but I figured it might just be drizzling by the time I'd be getting to 183.

I was so wrong.

Hurricane torrential downpours. Horizontal rain in sheets. It was flooding pretty bad already and I spent most of the drive home just trying not to float off in the puddles. Turned a 20 minute drive into a 45 minute drive, but at least the other Austinites had the sense to drive slow too. I was expecting insane tailgaters as per usual, but nobody cut me off or tailgated -- thank God for small miracles.

Now I am home and dry and still feeling pretty shitty, but at least I didn't have to try getting home at 11 with even more flooding.

Careful, fellow central Texans. It's getting nasty out there. :\
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So I've spent the last few days unwinding a bit. It's really been nice. I read the new Stephanie Plum book and laughed my ass off over stink bombs, watched some Daria with Will, played enough Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for my eyeballs to fall out, made a cake, made stuffed peppers, helped Will make a BBQ chicken pizza, helped Will make some fajitas, and we're thinking of baking some more stuff later.

Also played a bit of Digital Devil Saga and I've been thoroughly enjoying that. The commentary between me and Will has been making it infinitely funnier. "BAT IS A STUPID NAME. BAT IS A STUPID NAME. Oh, he actually IS a bat, that'd be it. ...Still stupid name." I've been feeding my party nothing but holy cows Apis with the Devour skill since... I mean, c'mon, it's just burgers. Delicious burgers.

I also chained up a shiny Bagon earlier, and it was a royal pain in the ass to catch. But I caught him, and his name is Sparklefag. :D

In short, this weekend has been made of video games, pink lemonade, and delicious food. I'm so glad I got to have my dumbass fiance home with me for once. ♥
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So, uh. [community profile] luceti and [profile] brofist_tv buddies, just a heads up that I'm callin' me an official slowatus on the RP front for a few days. I don't feel like cluttering up ooc communities with stupid posts, so here it is. Life is just solidly kicking my ass right now and it's a little hard to stay in character when all I want to do is go crawl into bed and stay there until this has all blown over.

This has been a bitchass punk of a week, but thank God there's only two more work days until I'm free for the weekend.

Everything should be fine by Monday. No worries. Car should be fixed, at the very least, and maybe I'll get to drive around a pimpin' rental car while mine's in the shop. Let's see if I can get another Batmoboat, that thing was badass.

Gonna treat myself with some Digital Devil Saga and Stephanie Plum and Daria therapy until then. I'll answer tags, just... it'll be really slow.
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Happy birthday, [profile] beloved_baka!

Also, it seems my userpics have finally been added after a month of waiting. Right after I submitted a report. But the expiration date is still six months from when I paid, meaning I'm currently gypped one month of icon time, which means the fight is still on with LJ. Let's see if I can get this resolved. >:|

Today, Will and I had an adventure to a) pay off P3P reserve halfway, b) invade Barnes & Noble, c) obtain delicious tacos, d) get some stuff for the cat. Exciting.

Also finally got one of the rival marriages on Animal Parade, which took forever and I'm not terribly looking forward to bullying the others into marriage. Especially since the other girls aren't as easy to make friends with, ie: I need something better than just Decent Milk heated up in a pot. :c Also I can't figure out how to make my damn silkworms give anything better than Decent Cocoons, and that was irritating me, so I let Will have the TV for some Xboxing.

I am so sleepy from waking up waaaaaaaaaaay too early, but I have coffee and thank god for it. ♥
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So I'm feeling much, much better at this point, but I sound like I've been chainsmoking for the past 40 years. Y'know, that raspy cracky voice and wheezing hacking cough. Everyone's had that neighbor/aunt/grocery store cashier that sounds like that, right? That's me right now.

But I feel pretty awesome. Aside from sore abdominal muscles from all the coughing and my throat still hurting a bit, at least.

Celebrating feeling human by doing laundry and listening to the Beatles. Blaring Rubber Soul throughout the apartment so I can hear it in the laundry closet. Amazing how soundproofed our place is. I mean, seriously, the laundry closet's not far from the living room and you can't hear a damn thing back there unless it's really loud.

I should really clean the apartment, but I think I should put off heavy-duty cleaning until I'm sure I can handle cleaner fumes without dying.

My mom got the flowers I sent her for Mother's Day. :3 She took pics with her cell phone and sent said pics along to me all happily. Thanks for help making up my mind which ones to send, [personal profile] coyul. :D We picked the right ones. ♥

There's something about Beatles music and coffee in the morning that just makes me feel like the day will go well. I should seriously start off every weekend morning like this. Not like I don't have enough Beatles music.
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On my way home from work tonight, I was flipped off by a hobo for not giving him money.

I didn't even look at him, either, since I didn't want to encourage any extra begging. Had my window rolled up, door locked... I mean, how stupid would I have to be to roll down my window at midnight when I'm a lone female in a car? Of course I'm acting like I don't see you, you asshole.

I really fucking hate the drive to and from work.
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Today, a break in all my rp dorkery for some irl crap.

These past couple days, I have gotten a lot done. Work let out early last night due to Easter, so once I got home, Will and I decided to use our opportunity to get some grocery shopping done. It was sorely needed. We got plenty of food, restocked our drink supply which is really what we burn through fastest, and got a few bonus dork items for our Easter.

Since Will's brother works at a local church, he and his wife won't be available for a family get-together on Easter... which is fine, really, 'cause we understand. Our only Eastery plan was that I was gonna make some strawberry crepes. So Will and I decided that, since we'll both have off work, we'll just make it a fun and loser-tastic day for us.

Which means that, while we were at Walmart last night, we decided to grab a six pack of Dos Equis, some chips and dip, some peanuts, and some pretzels, and we decided that we'll play Guilty Gear against each other and be noisy and make fun of each other and just have a generally fun day being drunk and nerds.

Because clearly, that is what Easter is about. >>

Also picked up a new cat litter pan, since the ~*fancy*~ one I had before apparently wasn't sold in Austin, 'cause I can't find the special litter and pads for it at our Walmart. Which was the only place I ever found that sold it anyway. OH WELL~ Grabbed a nice enclosed litterbox for Moot and some fancypants litter (go go multicat formula for our ONE CAT), set that up today. Our computer room suddenly seems less like a cat room, now that the litterbox is enclosed.

Also picked up plenty of food for said cat, and I'm going to try and make that little bastard eat something other than the Friskies pate crap, because it's far more difficult to find that in a big combo box than it should be. I bought him some of his favorite pate cans and then a bunch of the shredded/morsel/whatever they call it in gravy to try and wean him off of his turkey and giblets fanaticism. Let's see if this actually works.

Also kitten chow. A huge bag for ten bucks. I will fatten up this skinny bastard again if it's the last thing I do.

Kicked off today by cleaning up computer room, straightening up kitchen, taking Will off to work, and I mean to clean the bathroom once I've eaten something. Something being apples and yogurt and maybe a granola bar. Nommity nommity nom. ♥ May as well eat healthy today so I can be a junkie tomorrow with my beer and peanuts and chips. :D


Also, a weird story from work, ganked from an IM with Mari because I'm too lazy to retype )
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So Will and I are losers and thought it'd be a fantastic idea to go and buy some booze today because a) he's been wanting some vodka for a while and b) I've been a sad panda the past couple weeks and alcohol makes me a happy, sleepy doofus. We got a bottle of vodka and a bottle of some plum sake.

I don't know what is wrong with the kind of the sake we got, because usually umeshu is delicious, but oh god it's so terrible. We tried adding cherry flavoring even and it still sucked.


Anyway, yeah. I apologize if I have a short fuse with anyone or if I clam up at all. Just dragging myself through an emo patch. Distractions are beautiful.

Speaking of -- Lunar remake on PSP. How in the world were the old VAs so much better? I thought the days of horrific dubbing were over, but ohhhh no. Guess not. It's still Lunar, though, and that game just makes me so retardedly happy that I'll take it. Sweet Jesus, though... Nall. Just... wat. I'm up to the stupid Vane Magic Trial, which I'm hoping to power through because DO NOT LIKE VANE and I want my damn Kyle and Jess already. >:|

Hell Mel makes the game worth it in and of himself.

Also, Bang motherfucking Shishigami makes me feel better about the world. There is nothing quite like driving home from work yelling like an idiot along to some stupid off-key theme song. More majestic than a mountain indeed.
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You know your life is boring when having new tires on your car and getting your new checks in the mail make you feel like you're the most awesome son of a bitch on the planet.

Also managed to play Thunderhorse on Hard mode on Guitar Hero earlier and managed four stars. That also made me feel like some kind of badass, playing my plastic guitar.

Me and my cat are chillaxin'. It's a weekend. That's all I need right now, lol.


Yesterday, while I was filing away 1928 birth certificates, I came across a true gem: A set of triplets, named Ed, Edd, and Eddie. I shit you not. I thought they were all the same person flied three times until I paid attention and realized that there was a difference in the names and that they were marked 1, 2, and 3.

Everyone at work was laughing their asses off.
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Okay, so internet should be hooked up on February 1. Time Warner apparently can't find our address even though they have a deal with the apartment complex that we can only have them for internet. I haven't gotten an update email from them yet saying "LOL SORRY WE'RE STUPID, WE FOUND YOU", but then again, I also haven't gotten an email saying that they still can't find it. I dunno what's going on there.

Got a hair cut yesterday, for free because I donated the hair they hacked off. :D I had nearly a foot of curly frizzy mess that I wanted to get rid of in light of the humidity and heat here. Now my hair's all short and tame and it feels so good~

And for free~ ♥ I wasn't expecting that at all.

Got groceries on Saturday with Will. Our apartment is now stocked. We also obtained Girl Scout cookies with Will's tip money. Fucking awesome. :D

Cat hasn't let me sleep much these past few days, so I'm hoping I don't fall asleep at work. Shit's boring, but dammit if it's not worth it. Double my rent money every month? Benefits within a month? Awesome coworkers? Totally worth it.

Besides, I get to read the weird ways people have kicked the bucket on all the death certificates. Suffice to say, fireball helicopter so far takes the cake for most badass death.

Started up a new file on Megaten Nocturne last night due to boredom and having a shitty team on my other file. I have a kickass Nozuchi and decided to try and not be an asshole and get rid of High Pixie. She's kind of outshone by my other demons at the moment, but if I can evolve her one more time....

I should probably go answer the tags I've gotten so that I can slooowly stay active at RPs. Just... fffff Time Warner. Gimme my own damn Roadrunner.
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Move-in is tomorrow~ Which basically means I'll be ganking free wi-fi from the leasing office until we get ourselves some internet set up in the apartment. Let's, uh, see how this goes.

Pick one of my characters and I'll tell you their:

01. Full name
02. Best friend
03. Sexuality
04. Favorite color
05. Relationship status
06. Ideal mate
07. Turn-ons
08. Last sexual experience
09. Favorite food
10. Crushes
11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
14. Quirks in bed
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

Take your pick of Litchi, Baiken, Tito, Shades gang, James Potter, Albel Nox, Shikamaru/ko, and, uh, any others that I'm forgetting.
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Got the job with Records & Registration~ I start tomorrow. Get to go in early to get my ID badge and a basic tour of the building, then I go in for my shift at 3:15. Whoo-hoo, second shift!

Apparently I can wear jeans and t-shirts and still be well within dress code, but just to be safe, I'm going with business casual for my first day to see what the environment is in there.

Now all I need is to get somebody (anyone, really) to be a guarantor on the apartment we found and then I won't be homeless and I'll have a job and I can start the process of getting back on my feet again. Hoping, hoping. Pray for luck for me on that, you gaiz. D:

In waiting for my first day of work, I've been: doing laundry, making bank trips, running to Sonic for gigantic sweet tea, calling TCNJ every 15 minutes (literally) asking if they're giving me my money tomorrow, and, most important of all, reading an asston of ghost stories on the interwebs.

Because scaring the shit out of yourself is clearly what you do when you need sleep for the next day.

Good idea, self. Keep drinking that sweet tea, you'll need the sugar rush when you're not sleeping.
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So yesterday, we got a lot done. :D

- Went for my interview at 11. Kicked butt; the lady said she wanted to hire me on (especially since I wanted the shift that apparently people keep quitting), but she'd have to talk to her supervisor first. She said she'd try to coerce him into it, though. :D I'll hear from them on Monday if I got it or not.

The job's for the Texas Department of Records & Registration -- I'd be scanning in old birth and death certificates and entering the info into a database. It's 8 to 12 months, but I'm gonna try to kick enough butt that they keep me permanently.

- On the way back home from that, got a call from Target for Will; they wanted to move up his second interview from Monday to that afternoon. So we went home, got all ready for that, and went off. Will impressed the store manager, who wants to hire him, as do the other two supervisors he interviewed with before -- they just need to ask the deli manager for the final Yes or No. We should hear back on that by Monday. Hoping that'll stick.

- While sitting in the car waiting for Will during his interview, I got called by two more places about interviews -- Bed, Bath & Beyond wanted a Monday interview (I asked for another day due to not knowing what's gonna go down Monday, they said they'd call back later with a better day), and a local pet hospital that I apped for receptionist at. Got that interview set up for Friday, just in case the Records & Registration falls through.

- Also while sitting in the car, I finished a Pokeradar chain and got two shiny Pinsirs, one for me and one for Will. They are named MrBluberry and MsBluberry. :D

- Started a Pidgey chain right after that, but didn't finish it 'til we got home again -- got one Shiny Pidgey, his name is GLORIOUS. ♥

- Called my grandma for her birthday :D

- Sent my dad the forms to be our guarantor on the apartment. Hoping he follows through on that so we can get this place, because it is nice as hell and cheeeeap. And close to work for Will. DO WANT.

...It's been an eventful week. And Will's birthday is tomorrow. I told him I'd give him MrBluberry since we have no money to spare right now lol.
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Guilty Gear drabble dump over at [profile] nuklearwinter for anyone interested~

My life has basically been Discedo and Brofist these past few days, with some Spike TV sprinkled in between. Pretty boring. Also job spplications. LOL RESUME, I think mine probably sucks D:

I slept a lot. That was really nice. ♥ I do so enjoy my breaks from insomnia. Feels good, man.

It's windy as fuck here in Austin today. How's the weather where you are, friends list?
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Ugh. Super insomnia time go. I haven't slept well in over a week. I even boozed myself last night in an attempt to knock myself into a nice deep sleep (re: one margarita, enough to knock me for a loop, lol no tolerance). STILL took forever to fall asleep, woke up for hour intervals, and woke up an hour and a half before my alarm, unable to fall back asleep.

I hate this. wtf, last week when I was so stressed I eternally felt like puking, I slept like a log, and then it clears up and I can't sleep? What is this?

Gotta reserve hotels for us to stop at on the drive to Texas and pack more shit this weekend. And I have a final in an hour that's online, and then there's homework due, and a lab, and I gotta bring the check to student accounts so they'll gimme my damn money. And all on roughly 3 or 4 hours of sleep... for the seventh night in a row of the same.

Totally awesome.

If I don't finish this homework that's due, then fuck the lab, fuck the homework, I'll just take in the check and then curl into a ball and go back to bed. >(
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Today was one of those days in which I did a lot but feel like I did nothing at all. I was woken up by Idiot in Financial Aid calling to tell me the second check came in (before the first one... FFFF) and that I could come in and pick it up. She decided to be a smug and bitchy thing and so I started off very much on the wrong foot, wanting nothing more than to set fire to anyone and anything even remotely related to TCNJ.

So we went to pick up the check. I got some coffee from McDonald's on the way. Got the check from the lovely folks in Student Accounts -- people who actually do their jobs and are pleasant -- and went on an epic journey to try and find some place in Ewing that sells fucking packing tape.

What used to be a UPS store, like, a week ago is now an organic laundromat. Organic shit is a pet peeve of mine anyhow, for reasons I won't get into because I'd rant for a while, but there it is, where we were going to get tape and now can't. So we tried the grocery store nextdoor to it, which also had nothing. So we drove all around Trenton looking for some damn tape and finally got some at the post office, by which time I was rabid and just sat in the car inhaling my coffee to keep from twitching. PMS + Wake-up Call from Idiots + Wild Goose Hunt = Rabid Lauren.

Got home, packed up some shit (towels, DVDs, knick-knacks, posters, desktop comp, some kitchen appliances), made my mint brownie torte for Thanksgiving tomorrow with the fam (not exactly something I'm looking forward to), and then sat on my fat ass to play some Harvest Moon Animal Parade.

Married Luke on there, and he is so fucking doofy and fun that Will and I both were loling over half the shit he was saying. ("Wow, if that shooting star came our way, we'd be in TROUBLE.") Will and I had some fun in the beginning of the game placing bets on whether or not Chase would be tsundere or just a regular ass, whether or not the Wizard would rape you if you walked into his house at night, and other stupid shit that only we would think would be funny in Harvest Moon. ("The wizard looks like..." "Venom? Yeah, I know.")

Also, Animal Parade wins for a line about the wheel of fate turning and also Gollum jokes. I love you, Natsume.


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