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> Have class you may very well fail because the teacher has it out for everyone in the class*
> Work is insane and there is backlog from last week that we are still catching up with
> Insomnia
> Family issues that strongly resemble a Lifetime movie
> Trying to put some sort of plan together for wedding


> Marathon X-Men Evolution
> Advance from the above into reading as many Uncanny X-Men comics as possible between calls at work

Clearly, X-Men is the answer to stressful life stuff. The correct answer. If it weren't for the finals in this damned class, I'd be reading even more.

This is why I should never be allowed to watch anything Marvel, let alone three movies and an entire animated series in a span of a couple weeks. I always end up defaulting back to how much I love the X-Men.

If I end up apping Gambit at Luceti in September, I blame the rest of the cast there. >>

* This is proven fact. I can damn well tell the rest of the class feels this way.
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So class registration opened up yesterday and I pounced to try and get my sorry ass into classes so I can fucking graduate already.

Mind, I haven't gotten put into the English major yet, so it won't let me take the core classes for the English major until that's straightened out -- which is the main bulk of what I need. But I tried to get into one anyway and that didn't work lol.

But so far, I have:
- Mythology (Same prof I have for Romanticism -- she says she doesn't spend much time at all on Greek/Roman mythology and will instead be focusing on Norse, Shinto, and Chinese mythologies. I AM SO PSYCHED HOLY SHIT.)
- Modern American Lit
- Intro to Anthropology (needed for liberal arts requirements.)
- PENDING ON "Issues in Multicultural Lit", I don't even know.

I am fucking stoked to have Hustis again next semester because she is ~*awesome*~ and her subject matter for that class is amazing.

If I can't get aligned right for the stupid Multicultural Lit thing in time, I'm gonna snatch up the other class she's teaching next semester to round out my English electives requirements. Just to have AN AWESOME PROFESSOR for TWO CLASSES HELL YES

I'm so lame.

Still fighting the goddamn school to TAKE MY MONEY FROM THE BANK. It's been three months now. What the fuck. I'm gonna call in fifteen minutes if they haven't fucking emailed me yet.
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Ugh, finally this week is over. It should not have been so hard to motivate myself to get up every morning and go in to class. wtf.

But tomorrow and Sunday will be fantastic. Tomorrow we're heading out early so I can hit up a party supply store and grab some pink face makeup to do the scars and tattoo for Baiken costume -- which I will be wearing while handing out candy at Pat's, because I'm cool like that. Sunday is the birthday celebration with the fam, full of food and win.

Yesterday didn't really feel birthday-ish. It was the tests and politics forum and other shit. But tomorrow! Tomorrow will be candy and fun and nerdery, and that will be fantastic.

Tonight... tonight, I am tired and slightly grumpy, so I think I'm gonna bust out the booze. I'll be happy as hell for a couple hours and then I'll pass out dead asleep. Which sounds... so good you have no idea holy shit.
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Word of the day from crapulous. (Shut up, Firefox, it just told me that was a word.) It means "sick from excessive drinking."

I think "crapulous" is a fantastic word for that.

...It's a fantastic word in general. Crapulous. I like it.

/language nerd
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There is something terribly amusing about opening up the properties of the files on the Star Ocean 2 disc and seeing exactly when the game was finished.

Goddamn am I a geek.

Finals = COMPLETE. I am liberated.


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