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[profile] amber_san and I are awesome. >D

A conversation composed entirely of Dir en grey song titles. I'm impressed with us. )

Also, the begging for Arashi music still stands. My offer to trade also still stands. ♥
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Hey, Livejournal!

I know a bunch of you guys are just as into jrock/pop as I am, so I know at least one of you is bound to have a plethora of mp3s from this band...

I NEED SOME ARASHI. LIKE, NOW. Whatever you have to send is awesome, but the self-titled song is what I'm looking for specifically.

I can trade Miyavi, Dir en grey, Porno Graffitti, Okami OST, Ouran OST/image songs, and Silent Hill music, if you would like it in exchange for said Arashi songs. X3 I also have a limited amount of Gackt songs on hand, but I've got stuff from Diablos, Mars, and Moon.

Please help me out, I can't find any mp3s or torrents.
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Hey, flist. I know many of you out there are Inuyashatards and I need your help.

OST #2, Dearest instrumental mp3. See, I have the CD back in Pennsylvania, but that's just the thing. It's in PA.

So if anybody has that track or CD, could y'all send it on over to me? Yousendit's fine, email's good too, whatever. Just instrumental Dearest from OST 2. No Ayumi Hamasaki required, just the violin. XD;

Thanks ahead of time.
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Ne, Sensei, Ki. Think we can do a Team 6 training thread or just random Team 6 love sometime soon? I could use some of their dorkyness right about now. ♥


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