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So Will and I have been thinking of adopting a new cat for quite some time so that Moot would have someone to keep him company. He's a grumpy old man and only likes female cats, so it was hard to look around for a female cat that he'd get along with... but who could also hold her own if he decided to be an asshole.

We found a great match just over the weekend, and went on Friday to adopt her. We named her Meryl, because she is tiny but very opinionated and has white boots. (What, don't judge us, we had plans of naming a big female cat Milly. /Trigun dork)

Moot loves her so far, but Meryl is Meryl and tells him off any time he tries to come over and say hi. He's hellbent on going over to curl up with her, but she's still at the Get The Fuck Away stage and hisses. But she's getting better and letting him closer now. Hopefully they'll get along well once Meryl is done being a tsundere.(We figure this will eventually happen because she greeted me and Will the same way at first and now sleeps between us at night.)

Also, finished the entire new Stephanie Plum book. This one is the first one I saw the ending coming from a mile away. :( Bit of a bummer, but hey, the next one's already announced, so maybe it'll be a grand finale. Which... I love these books to death, but if they're doomed to get weaker and weaker, I'd settle for a solid conclusion.

In other news, monster migraines that cause extreme nausea. At least the light sensitivity finally went away. :\
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Okay, so yesterday was a Very Bad Day straight up until about 7:30 PM. I woke up later than intended, started on my XHTML homework and totally miffed the one part of the code (which drives me crazy more than miffing the entire thing -- at least then I can feel like a proper dumbass), got literally clawed to shreds when we gave the cat a bath, finally fixed the XHTML code and then found that the UAT servers are down anyway, so I couldn't even turn the goddamned thing in anyway. Also was feeling bummed for no reason other than missing California, so it all piled up on me really fast.

Gave up hope on finishing the second half of the XHTML, gave up hope on memorizing my speech for Japanese, went and got a bubble bath, read for a little while, napped, and then did my Tea and Friends therapy treatment once I woke up. Also made some dinrar and spoiled myself rotten with pasta and garlic bread. Curled up with the cat, who was feeling much more affectionate towards me once he was dry. Was highly entertained by Motoki once he signed online and was being a dork with his webcam. XD

Feeling much better this morning. I woke up with the cat sleeping against my knees and tried not to laugh too hard when he saw I was awake, popped off the bed, and went to headbutt Pan in hopes of getting her up too. (No such luck, Mutsuto.)

I think Imma get a shower and then work on that speech before class today. :3 Pan and I are going in to school dressed as guys and we're gonna mock on UAT guys everywhere by acting just like them. We're gonna hit on every girl we see, we're gonna be obnoxious, and we're gonna do it all right in the heart of UAT -- Cuban Pete's.

This is going to be a glorious post-April Fool's joke. >D
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We gots a kitty! :D Pan and I made our journey out to Petco yesterday to meet the shelter guy, do our interview, and confirm that yes, we really did want to adopt the cat. He seemed really sad to let him go, but I know I'd be the same way if I ran a cat shelter, so it's all good. Cat's name, given not by us, is Middy, which we're sticking to for everyone who can't pronounce the name we gave him, which is Mutsuto. Named after my Ragnarok Stalker, because he really reminds us of him for some reason. And he answers to Mutsuto like you would never believe, so... that's his name now.

Brains explode left and right when we try to explain that, though, so we're having Mitsu and Middy as backups. XD;

Mutsuto = greatest people cat ever. He's super cuddly and loveable, adjusted to the apartment extra quick, slept with me half the night, went in to wake up Pan this morning. He answers to his name really well, follows us around like a puppy, scratches only on his scratching post, and eats like a pig, which is good, 'cause we are trying to fatten him up. He's skinny now, but that won't last much longer if he keeps inhaling food like he is.

We loff our kitty. X3

Got a book of $70 worth of coupons for the adoption, too. And free cat food, which was good, 'cause we sure as hell couldn't afford the fancy-pants vet-recommended indoor cat formula any other way. (We had a bag of Meow Mix obtained from Walmart at home already, the Hairball Control kind, but we weren't about to turn down free cat food.) We also get $10 off a scratching post, and the Petco ones are niiiice, but Mutsuto seems highly amused with his $5 scratching box we got from Walmart, so I guess I don't really need to worry about that. I might get him a scratching hut thing so he can curl up in it, but that's for later. It's a looong drive to Petco.

It feels great to have a cat again. Especially one that's just as loveable and cuddly as my Goldie was.

Since Mutsuto's adjusted wonderfully to the apartment and seems to be content just to chillax in the bathroom (his new domain) while Pan and I are elsewhere, we're gonna go laser tag at some point today. UAT-sponsored kinda thing. It'll be cool.

Monday, we're givin' this cat a bath. His fur's all funky from being in that shelter for a month. He's so laid back that we don't think he'll be too upset for too long. Which is good... 'cause he really needs a bath.

Also, I really need to do XHTML, but I can't motivate myself to do it. D:
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I don't know why I was so fucking amused this morning when I signed in to check my grade in Japanese History and saw that I have a 102.5%. Perhaps because I was wondering where the hell I got the extra 2.5%, I guess, since I knew I was doing good in there, but this was ridiculous.

So I combed through the grades I've gotten and there's double credit on the participation grade for Letters From Iwo Jima.

I guess Hirano-sensei figured giving me double credit for going to see it twice and mentally scarring myself forever was appropriate reward. XD;; I really wasn't expecting this, but I gotta say, it's sweet of her.

The test yesterday felt like a semi-bomb, and I'm pretty sure I managed an 80 on it. I had some major, major brainfarts here and there and kept forgetting how to ask things exactly how she wanted, but could remember other ways to get the same point across, so I reckon I'll have half points all over the place. No biggie, I guess, but I still feel stupid for not remembering.

Today, Pan and I are going to the animal shelter out by ASU to check out our Luna!kitty. Pan = still asleep, but I'm excited. XD Once she's up, I'll give the shelter a call and let them know we're coming.

Kitty! X3

And on a completely random note, Motoki is gonna come visit in either June or July and he's gonna stay a whole month. X3 I might just end up killing him, since extreme exposure to anybody tends to build up on me quick, but I figure this is the best test to see... well, really, what living with him is like, since he'll just be chillaxin' in our apartment for a month. Some part of my brain is worried I'll snap on him, but I'm still excited anyway. XD;; It'll be interesting, in any case. Pretty sure it'll be awesome.

Life is unfolding in new and strange ways this year, but at least it's all been fun.


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