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Quote of the Day: "Hey, Bob, would you happen to know any wines that go well with Cap'n Crunch?" - On the radio

Today I learned the valuable lesson that splitting images at work to the guitar riffs in Thunderhorse is ridiculously hard. I messed up so many times because I was being an asshole and trying to hit a key for every note. Derp derp.

However, splitting to the drumbeat is a-okay. Works wonderfully well with Dir en grey shit as well. And Guilty Gear. Oh god, Momentary Life is fun as hell when you're hitting a key for every note. ♥

...Don't judge me, this is how I make a very boring job entertaining.

In other news, Will and I had the bright idea the other night of putting on the humidifier because my allergies were acting up. We didn't take into effect that it was damp and cold outside, and cold inside. Add in the damp from the humidifier and now both of us feel like we're coming down with nasty colds. ~*GENIUSES*~

Apparently it's supposed to snow next week. Here in Texas. In February. Something is very wrong with this.
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Okay, so internet should be hooked up on February 1. Time Warner apparently can't find our address even though they have a deal with the apartment complex that we can only have them for internet. I haven't gotten an update email from them yet saying "LOL SORRY WE'RE STUPID, WE FOUND YOU", but then again, I also haven't gotten an email saying that they still can't find it. I dunno what's going on there.

Got a hair cut yesterday, for free because I donated the hair they hacked off. :D I had nearly a foot of curly frizzy mess that I wanted to get rid of in light of the humidity and heat here. Now my hair's all short and tame and it feels so good~

And for free~ ♥ I wasn't expecting that at all.

Got groceries on Saturday with Will. Our apartment is now stocked. We also obtained Girl Scout cookies with Will's tip money. Fucking awesome. :D

Cat hasn't let me sleep much these past few days, so I'm hoping I don't fall asleep at work. Shit's boring, but dammit if it's not worth it. Double my rent money every month? Benefits within a month? Awesome coworkers? Totally worth it.

Besides, I get to read the weird ways people have kicked the bucket on all the death certificates. Suffice to say, fireball helicopter so far takes the cake for most badass death.

Started up a new file on Megaten Nocturne last night due to boredom and having a shitty team on my other file. I have a kickass Nozuchi and decided to try and not be an asshole and get rid of High Pixie. She's kind of outshone by my other demons at the moment, but if I can evolve her one more time....

I should probably go answer the tags I've gotten so that I can slooowly stay active at RPs. Just... fffff Time Warner. Gimme my own damn Roadrunner.
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It is raining like a BITCH outside. >:|

I hit a puddle coming off the highway that was so deep it came up over my hood and splashed all over my fucking windshield. >:|

I might need to call out of work tomorrow since half the roads leading up to the office were already flooded. >:| Screw 'call out', it's a state office, they'll probably close themselves.

Normally, I love rain and storms and all of it, but driving home was so harrying in this shit. It's horrible. You can't see worth a damn.


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Got the job with Records & Registration~ I start tomorrow. Get to go in early to get my ID badge and a basic tour of the building, then I go in for my shift at 3:15. Whoo-hoo, second shift!

Apparently I can wear jeans and t-shirts and still be well within dress code, but just to be safe, I'm going with business casual for my first day to see what the environment is in there.

Now all I need is to get somebody (anyone, really) to be a guarantor on the apartment we found and then I won't be homeless and I'll have a job and I can start the process of getting back on my feet again. Hoping, hoping. Pray for luck for me on that, you gaiz. D:

In waiting for my first day of work, I've been: doing laundry, making bank trips, running to Sonic for gigantic sweet tea, calling TCNJ every 15 minutes (literally) asking if they're giving me my money tomorrow, and, most important of all, reading an asston of ghost stories on the interwebs.

Because scaring the shit out of yourself is clearly what you do when you need sleep for the next day.

Good idea, self. Keep drinking that sweet tea, you'll need the sugar rush when you're not sleeping.


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