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FINALLY, I have found myself a job. Most likely. Hopefully. UAT shouldn't have a problem giving it to me, in any case, and Hirano-sensei asked for me specifically, so it oughta work. But yeah; Sensei asked if I could be a tutor/TA for her starting in the fall semester. :3 She's totally confident in my ability, which is such a confidence boost you have no idea. She said I should also invest in a kanji dictionary -- NOTE TO SELF: NELSON'S -- just for my own sake, even if it's not entirely for classes. (I mentioned that I have fun practicing reading by translating manga/games/websites in spare time, but that kanji always trips me up.)

Sensei also said I should start up a Japanese culture club, which I may or may not have mentioned before, and I'm trying to rally support first before I see how I go about making a club anyway.

It's funny how much Hirano-sensei can rope me into without me feeling like it's a chore. I just love being able to help her. lol, favorite teachers and moms away from home.

It's also odd how I'm so excited to have so much workload incoming from both those things. If it were anything else, I'd be headdesking myself into oblivion by now... if I would've even agreed in the first place.

On a completely random other note, LAN party tonight was lame. Came back home after a couple hours with Will and have every intention of stealing his copy of Ehrgeiz to play while he plays the housewife and bustles around making miso soup. :3
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Quote of the Day: "I always mix up children and fruit." - My partner in crime, Dylan

So I didn't win anything at the speech contest, but I did get to see just what will win for me when I enter the next one, I did a damn good job, I got a free tshirt, got a travel pamphlet about Nara, and I also got to listen to a really good Jrock band from ASU (they played Asian Kung-fu Generation's "Haruka Kanata" fucking brilliantly). Note to self: Worship them, for they will be great.

I'm exhausted, freezing (been cold since I woke up, goddamn), and braindead, but all in all, this has been a really rewarding day. :3

Even if I have nothing to show for it other than that shirt.

Time for a bath to warm up, and then mass amounts of Okami. ♥
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So apparently, Miyavi's gonna be in LA next month. Also DespairsRay and Kaggra, both of which I loff on, so this concert is going to kick ass. Tickets go on sale, of course, while I need to be at the thing for the speech contest, unless they're talking EST, in which case I can swing it. Otherwise, I'm making Pan get me a ticket. 'Cause omfg, Miyavi. Also a lovely excuse to go back to LA and bug Motoki for a couple days. XD;;


Today, I woke up all cheerful, walked to school laughing and happy, had a great first class, went down to Cuban Pete's to sit with Pan until Japanese, and about twenty minutes before Japanese, all of a sudden, I was incredibly sick. Like, chills and fever and epic stomachache that limited movement and everything. omg, felt so bad. I managed to drag myself to Japanese, ask Sensei if I could take the kanji quiz right then and there and go home, took said kanji quiz, and staggered my way back up Baseline so I could collapse in bed.

After just lying here with the laptop and some tea for about eight hours, I'm feeling a bit better. The chills and fever are gone, at least, which is quite the improvement. (Went through fever hell around 6 and couldn't pile enough blankets on, but that's past. XD;;)

Despite it all, I'm still super happy that I'll be going to LA again next month and having fun having the apartment to myself tonight. lol, blaring Ouran and watching corny-as-hell dub!Sailor Moon.

Think I might write for a bit before bed, even though I'm reeeallyyy tiiireeed.
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Quote of the Day:
I'll do the rest of my homework tomorrow.
Motoki: alright alright
Me: Mom. :P
Motoki: DAD
Motoki: DAD with BOOBIES
- I lawled.

Speech practice went great. Hirano-sensei is really impressed with how well I've memorized the speech and my pronunciation is apparently perfection (except I slurred "kawaikute" and she lawled and said it sounded kinda like "kowaikute", so that I need to work on). She was all excited that I've been working so hard on it and gave me a heads-up on what all I'll need to do once I'm actually at the contest.

Practice #2 is Thursday, and I need to make sure to enunciate my 'ka' in "kawaikute" this time. Beyond that, I already had it perfect... just need to work on my voice acting to sound super cheerful while reciting the speech and I should be good. ^^

Watched Shinobi this afternoon and thought it was meh. It was kinda good, but there were some things that just made me go "buh?" I was terribly amused, though, that the village I mentally dubbed Kumo had a falcon flying around all the time and the village I mentally dubbed Konoha had some guy that looked just like how I picture Hiroki from [profile] shadesrp. Much gigglesnorting abound. Might watch the movie again if anybody ever wants to watch it with me, but otherwise, I don't think I'll be going back to it. It was decent, but not great.

I swear Letters From Iwo Jima has raised my movie bar to insane new heights. :\

Still feeling hideously sick, but hey, the day wrapped up pretty well, I gotta say.
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Another day, another kanji test that I forgot to study for. Oops. Seasons and cardinal directions today, which I have one bitchin' time remembering how to write, but I can read them just fine.

And some guy was just screaming at another here in Cuban Pete's, yelling, "YOU ARE USELESS." and various other loving phrases, and I seem to be the only one who looked up. I guess it's true, then, 'cause the other guy wasn't arguing back. Hm.

Speech practice after class today. Ho hum. Hope I don't choke.

Also, I am very tired of this headache. Please to be going away, migraine.

If I snap at anybody this week, I'm sorry. -_- My fuse is exceptionally short. End of term plus nasty headache plus lack of sleep is equalling bitchy!Lauren.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you... Kaoru mood theme!

Clearly, I spend my time wisely.

Also, japanese history is over as of this week. Sensei had another movie planned, but it never came in, so... no more class. o_o I now have Mondays off.

ETERNAL (until the new semester) THREE DAY WEEKENDS! ♥

Also, kanji test tomorrow, omfg ph33r.

...yeah, I really had nothing to say other than all that.
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This is just one of those days/nights that I feel like I should be doing something epic, but I can't gather up the energy to do it. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and yet there's still some voice in the back of my head insisting that I write something that's not an LJ entry, but plot is being elusive.

Should probably dig out all those Star Ocean notes I had for a BigFic and, yanno, actually make something of it, since rereading all I'd scribbled was like "OH MY GOD, I AM BRILLIANT." And then I feel like less of a genius when nothing ever comes of all those drabbles. :\ So is life, I suppose.

Damn you, motivation, for not budging my writer's block.

Tomorrow is finally Speech Practice Day, so Imma call my mom and practice the speech at her before heading out to UAT. Oh joy.
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Ahaha.... I totally choked on the call to Sensei for the test. XD;; I knew there was something I was forgetting, but I was still like ":D;;.... Ja mata!" about halfway through the questions. I could just see the look on Sensei's face. She was like "Ja ma...? Walls-san!"

Oops. XD;

Despite it all, today, I've actually been getting shit done. It's a strange thing, but it's good. I got all homework done except for my XHTML project from last week, which I'll get on once I'm good and dead from cleaning the apartment. The kitchen is about halfway powered through, I took out the trash in the bathroom, and I've cleaned up my corner of the living room. I've done some ungodly number of dishes. Tossed all my laundry, which I'd just been chucking in the general direction of my laundry bag, actually into the bag. Should probably do all that laundry while I'm at it. Picked up all the plastic bags we had sitting around and shoved 'em in an empty Mountain Dew box as a dispenser for litter-cleaning convenience. I think I did something else, too, but it's not coming to me.

It's a damn good thing when I wake up motivated. Doesn't happen as often as it should, man, but I make good use of it when it is here.
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I don't know why I was so fucking amused this morning when I signed in to check my grade in Japanese History and saw that I have a 102.5%. Perhaps because I was wondering where the hell I got the extra 2.5%, I guess, since I knew I was doing good in there, but this was ridiculous.

So I combed through the grades I've gotten and there's double credit on the participation grade for Letters From Iwo Jima.

I guess Hirano-sensei figured giving me double credit for going to see it twice and mentally scarring myself forever was appropriate reward. XD;; I really wasn't expecting this, but I gotta say, it's sweet of her.

The test yesterday felt like a semi-bomb, and I'm pretty sure I managed an 80 on it. I had some major, major brainfarts here and there and kept forgetting how to ask things exactly how she wanted, but could remember other ways to get the same point across, so I reckon I'll have half points all over the place. No biggie, I guess, but I still feel stupid for not remembering.

Today, Pan and I are going to the animal shelter out by ASU to check out our Luna!kitty. Pan = still asleep, but I'm excited. XD Once she's up, I'll give the shelter a call and let them know we're coming.

Kitty! X3

And on a completely random note, Motoki is gonna come visit in either June or July and he's gonna stay a whole month. X3 I might just end up killing him, since extreme exposure to anybody tends to build up on me quick, but I figure this is the best test to see... well, really, what living with him is like, since he'll just be chillaxin' in our apartment for a month. Some part of my brain is worried I'll snap on him, but I'm still excited anyway. XD;; It'll be interesting, in any case. Pretty sure it'll be awesome.

Life is unfolding in new and strange ways this year, but at least it's all been fun.
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Quote of the Day:
So if you didn't want to do something with them, you'd say you have...
Some Kid: Bronchitis?
Hirano-sensei: ...something to do.

Yanno, yesterday, I was perfectly fine and chipper... and today, I think the full volume of not being in Cali anymore has sunk in. Pretty bummed now. Pan does not help too much, as she is bummed also.

We watched some weird 300 spoof thing and it helped a little, but we're still pretty zombie-ish in this corner of Cuban Pete's. It's our Emo Corner of Blackness, I guess.

Think I did okay on the kanji test today, lawled it up at some of the activities we did in class, learned that the spoken part of our chapter test involves us calling Sensei's cell phone and asking if she wants to do something with us. I am slightly aph33red. Not too bad, though. Getting emailed about the speech tonight.

Rented Onmyouji 1 and 2 from the UAT library so we can anti-emo over it tonight.

Bleeeeech. D:
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Quote of the Day:
Why don't you do it, then?
Endy: ...I'm afraid you're gonna hit me.
- On Endy's desire to keep spraying gasoline on the fire from the grill

Cookout night plus Onmyouji equals awesome. X3 I also got more delicious Cowboy Bebop tea and apple cider, which have been the main staples of my diet the whole time I've been here. (Healthy, wot wot. XD)

Since we finished the movie, I've been attempting to memorize my goddamned speech. Got two of three paragraphs down for the most part, although I constantly forget my "Ki ga takusan arimasu" that's smack-dab in the middle of the second paragraph. I always forget it. It puts a major crimp in my groove. I would rule it out if I hadn't already sent in the written version of the damn speech, but noooo.

I really hope Hirano-sensei's not gonna make us recite the stupid things the Tuesday we get back, 'cause I sure as hell don't have the whole thing committed to memory yet. I still need to study the kanji for the test, too. (Effing 'mei' kanji... always, always, always forget wtf that one means.)

Never again am I taking two of Hirano-sensei's classes at once. I am dying of workload. What sucks is that I'm loving it, too. wtf, self, stop being such a nerd.

Tomorrow's events remain up in the air. Could be a trip to the water park, could be a shopping trip with Motoki's family, could be sitting on my ass all day like every other day, could be getting kidnapped by Pan to do something random.

Guess I'll find out.
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Today is a pretty fucking awesome day.

Last night was No Pants Night, in which both Pan and I wandered around the apartment pants-free, which was nice 'cause I haven't been able to do that since I moved out here. My mom and I are both pants-haters. If I can, I won't wear 'em. So sue me. Pan turned the webcam on me at one point and happily told Motoki that I was pants-less under the blanket I was covering up with. Thankfully he signed off before I needed to get up for anything. XD;;

One day, I will get even with Pan. One day.

Today, my truck is completely fixed to the tune of $55. I'm goin' to pick him up after I have a meeting with Hirano-sensei about the speech contest, which I'm going to in about 20 minutes. I'm skipping XHTML for this and really don't care. lawl.

Finished my math midterm and I'm actually feeling pretty good about it... except for the part where I was being a fucktard and kept trying to divide shit into prime numbers when we had to find every prime up 'til 200. I don't know that shit. I forgot to divide a bunch of those numbers by 11 and so will probably bomb that question big time. Ooohhh well. I tried my best on the rest, though, and I think I did pretty good.

Classes are going good, personal life is going good, home life is improving drastically since my semi-move-in with Pan, and although my health has been kinda shabby over the past few days, I can deal with that. Me and Pan are going shopping tonight, and I am amazed that we're going to get clothes and I'm actually kinda excited to go; I've never really liked shopping before, so this is odd. We're gettin' stuff for the Cali trip, which is in 7 days, and we are both bouncing off walls already.

And I actually got through a phone call to my mom today without her ranting about my nephews, which hasn't happened in... God, I don't even know how long. It was nice. X3;;

You go, 2007. You're awesome.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm goin' to the speech contest. My Japanese skillz are amazing, I guess. And I was totally shaking the whole time I was doing the speech. Need to practice, ohdearlawd.

::takes a bow.::

In totally random news, my hair is going purple again tonight, once Pan's awake from her nap. I've missed my Kaoru!hair.


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