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So I finally finished all my training for work. 6 hours outside of shift. All overtime hours. Good, good.

I finished all my homework. I hate poetry, and it was all poetry work, so that made me happy.

I finally had enough free time to start getting back into my rp stuff, which I've sorely missed.

I was just beginning to think, "Hey, I'll actually have some money left over after rent this month! Maybe I can finally go and get a new shower curtain and bath mat and maybe even Okamiden."

And then my internet and phone died sometime in the middle of the night.

And Time Warner can't come to fix it until Monday morning.

Which puts me out of three shifts of work.

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Bank of America, I hope you die in a fire.

Overdrafting me two hundred dollars when I still had plenty of money in the account? TWO HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS? THERE WAS NOTHING TO OVERDRAFT OVER, I HAD $50 SITTING IN THE ACCOUNT AND SPENT $2.50 ON SOME FUCKING GUM


I'm calling them as soon as their call center opens in the morning. I am getting on the phone, and I am confronting them with the wrath of an angry god to put that money back where they found it and then I am taking every last penny and going to Wells Fargo.

And closing out the BoA accounts.

I am not accepting any bullshit. I refuse.

Way to fuck it up for yourselves, Bank of America.

Oh god I'm so pissed FFFFFFFFFF

various rp people, I will return to the interbutts once I'm done ripping throats out.
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On my way home from work tonight, I was flipped off by a hobo for not giving him money.

I didn't even look at him, either, since I didn't want to encourage any extra begging. Had my window rolled up, door locked... I mean, how stupid would I have to be to roll down my window at midnight when I'm a lone female in a car? Of course I'm acting like I don't see you, you asshole.

I really fucking hate the drive to and from work.
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Fuck you, Square-Enix. I am done with you. No more are the days when I fan-worshipped you.

By the time I get out of school and into the game industry, no company will be left that I can respect and will want to get into. Square, EA, and Clover are all gone. (Clover's the only one that shut down, other than Working Designs, that I would've gone for.)

Pleeeease, Tecmo, Nintendo... don't make me hate you in the next two years.

My inner UAT kid is crying and slashing his wrists right now. D:
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Pokebitching. )

In other news, I am way behind on my writing journals for creative writing and I am so irritated by Pokemon that I don't even care. :3

Also, Denny's waiter tonight sucked major ass. Got my drink order wrong, took forever to bring it out once he did get it right, didn't give me silverware for my food when it finally came, and there was something that was really hard in my brownie thing that I swear felt like I was chewing hard plastic, and omg I am bitter. I gave the sucker a 2 cent tip. Dumbass.

Bitter Lauren is bitter. :D


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