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So I'm feeling much, much better at this point, but I sound like I've been chainsmoking for the past 40 years. Y'know, that raspy cracky voice and wheezing hacking cough. Everyone's had that neighbor/aunt/grocery store cashier that sounds like that, right? That's me right now.

But I feel pretty awesome. Aside from sore abdominal muscles from all the coughing and my throat still hurting a bit, at least.

Celebrating feeling human by doing laundry and listening to the Beatles. Blaring Rubber Soul throughout the apartment so I can hear it in the laundry closet. Amazing how soundproofed our place is. I mean, seriously, the laundry closet's not far from the living room and you can't hear a damn thing back there unless it's really loud.

I should really clean the apartment, but I think I should put off heavy-duty cleaning until I'm sure I can handle cleaner fumes without dying.

My mom got the flowers I sent her for Mother's Day. :3 She took pics with her cell phone and sent said pics along to me all happily. Thanks for help making up my mind which ones to send, [personal profile] coyul. :D We picked the right ones. ♥

There's something about Beatles music and coffee in the morning that just makes me feel like the day will go well. I should seriously start off every weekend morning like this. Not like I don't have enough Beatles music.
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My New Years Eve was pretty boring. Watched South Park for forever. :D Iunno, I had fun.

I then proceeded to kick off the new year with insomnia~ FFF.

Give me a character and I will give you my:

• OTP for them.
• Runner-up pairing.
• Honorable mention(s).
• Crack pairing(s).
• Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
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Pictures from my Easter egg-making bonanza with my dear friend Pat today~

Most are Pokemon, but the Okami-egg, my masterpiece, has its own cut, so it's easy to separate from my Pokeman fantardation.

God help you if you have dial-up. )

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By george, I do believe this is the first Valentine's ever that I've actually been super bouncy happy all day. o_o It's kind of weird, but I like it.

Went out first thing this morning to mail Motoki!guy his chocolates -- was surprised as the lady at the shipping place immediately went on a rant about said chocolates (I LOL'd) -- and got some fewds. Finished my homework, played some Okami, got a warm fuzzy email from Motoki that made me smile, and now I'm reading sappy fanfiction and watching the awesomeness that is my sparkle motion lamp.

I gotta say, I like being dorkily happy much better than being anti-Valentine's. XD; So I will join the legion of my friends list in telling everyone to suck it up and realize that you can love anyone on V-day, just give them a call and tell them you care, maybe go somewhere with them... appreciate what you do have and don't think about what you don't. You'll feel a hell of a lot better. ♥

On that note, f-list, Happy Valentine's Day! ^_^ I love all you guys.


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