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So the truck is here, my homework is done for the weekend, we're goin' to see Letters from Iwo Jima either today or tomorrow 'cause that's our movie of the week for Japanese History Through Film, maybe we'll make a trip to the Fujiya market (I really don't want to drive with two people in the cab... might be able to coerce Pan or Rae to hop in the back and stay down, but I'm not comfortable with that either), and life is overall very good still.

We went to the UAT LAN party for a little while last night, but it was suuuuper smelly in there so we left pretty quick. Watched some Red vs Blue. Hated on the dog upstairs. I had to practically run from Pan to get to sleep last night.

Nothing out of the ordinary, funnily enough. XD

My mom woke me up with a call at 9 AM this morning to see if I'd gotten the truck and was amazed that I'd been asleep that late. It's a Saturday. I'm in college. It was before noon. 'Course I was asleep.

Gonna go out soon and take some Windex to Kyo 'cause I can barely see through all his windows and sure as fuck can't see right in the mirrors, so he needs some cleaning. Also a bath, but I'd have to go to a carwash and I really prefer washing the truck myself. :\ I'm probaby gonna have to get over that.

2 weeks 'til L.A. X3 M'excited.
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Quote of the Day: "Yeah... and they have a magical oven in a tree." - Derric Clark, on elves.

Sensei said something that made me laugh for about ten minutes, too, but I totally forgot what it was.

Today is Diru concert! I am muy excited.

Despite my truck not getting here 'til Friday or Saturday, I still am feeling that life is pretty goddamn good. I'm going to California in a little over two weeks to go see Motoki. My truck is getting here soon. I get to see my favorite band play tonight. My sister is gonna have her baby any day now -- I have a bet running with my mom that it'll be today -- so I will have another nephew sometime very soon. I'm doing good in my classes, I have a chance to win a speech contest and go to Japan, I have great friends that make my life awesome, and I'm movin' in with Pan in a couple months.

Happy times. X3;


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