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New Years' Drunken Party Meme! )

I seriously love the part with the otter. XD

TIME FOR FRIEND OF THE DAY AGAIN! Today's friend is [profile] crimsonriver!

I've known Jlee for a good long time via Shades, but I really didn't get to know her too well until she had Shuuichi pop in for Suna. I still remember the PM about him being Chiyo's teammate and my massive amusement to find their birthdays were only a day apart. Destiny. >)

Anyway, Shuuichi got tortured in mass amounts and it was highly amusing (we even pulled in [profile] lady_spaz for a really good one), but I still think the most powerful thread I've ever been part of was with just me and Jlee. The Old Comforts thread, right after the first Kazekage died and all the shit was hitting the fan, was absolutely freaking amazing and I am not going to deny it. Seriously one of the best things I've ever been part of. ♥ If it hadn't been for Jlee, it wouldn't have ever happened.

Since then, I've gotten into a lot more threads with her and talked a lot more. She found me [profile] aoyama_koukou so I could mess around in an Ouran RPG and then joined [profile] ouran_roses when I got impatient on hearing back and went and made a genderbender. XD She is the most awesome Tamaki/ko on the face of the planet. :D Not to mention an awesome friend, always helpful, always fun to talk to, always capable of making me laugh even on my worst days. ♥ Jlee is made of win.

::snugs on Jlee and gives good!TamaHaru fics::
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I wasted an entire weekend on an interesting combination of procrastinating schoolwork, 4chan, Monster Rancher, Okami, playing with puppies, and sleep.

It was pretty fucking awesome.

Today, I pwned a Japanese test. I remembered my kanji and forgot how to write 'ke' in hiragana for about fifteen minutes but managed to remember, tore apart three more pages of reading and grammar and answering questions, and promptly forgot how to ask how old a person is. I would like to add that, ten minutes after I got out of the test and got food, I remembered. DAMN YOU OTOSHI WA OIKUTSU DESU KA. ::shakes fist::

Aaand... drumroll plz... Friend of the day is [profile] asuka_chan!

Goddamn, I don't even know how long ago it was that I met Asuka. It was through Hikari, I remember that much, 'cause Hikari's a stalker and passed along my screenname. And then I had Asuka stalking me too. I passed through the initial "WTF THIS GIRL IS WEIRD AS HELL" phase pretty quick and went into the "THIS GIRL IS MADE OF WIN" phase, helped along quite a bit by random Inuyasha roleplays that started up and her amazing skillz at playing Miroku. (MiroSan for the fin.)

And that was just the beginning. It was.... a while ago. >> I don't even remember what all went in between, but I remember her joining Shades and me thinking "Fuck YES."

Asuka is one of the most awesome cosplay people I know (though I admittedly don't know many, but those I do are made of awesome). She's a damn good artist, she's funny as hell, she writes a mean character/fanfic/LJ entry, and I blame her for my weekend dabbling in 4chan. Entirely. POOL IS FUCKING CLOSED, ASUKA. >O

I guess I can sum this short but sweet luffing up with: NEL'S HOT, TAKE IT OFF! ♥
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FRIEND OF THE DAY TIME AGAIN! Today's spotlight is on [profile] phoenix_melody!

I will be perfectly honest and say that Fi scared me at first. XD; I had just gotten into Shades and she was mod alongside Ki, who I knew from Imamade Nandomo at GJ and I was so damn scared that Fi was gonna yell at me for something because... I don't know, I was just intimidated. XD;; I had Chiharu first, so I stayed intimidated for a little while until I created Suisen, and thus got more of a reason to play around with Fi more. (KajiSuisen interaction for the fin.)

The more Kaji tortured Suisen, the more I knew that Fi was just damn awesome. Scary if you make her mad, yes, and absolutely evil with her characters, but damn awesome nonetheless. I have no idea how many times I ended up LOLing all over the place from Kaji's torture. I ended up joking around with Fi a lot and getting to know her a lot better (stalking her LJ also helped).

And then came [profile] narukorp.

Fi took up Kabumi, the girl rendition of Yakushi Kabuto, and after a mission in which Hinaji (guy!Hinata) and Shikako (girl!Shikamaru -- why am I even putting this in here, most of my journal knows Naruko) got captured by Otogakure, the real fun began. Kabumi got in some awesome torture sessions with Hinaji -- which I would make myself late for school in the morning just to read -- and Shikako both, although Shikako got off lightly compared to him. It was still awesome mindfuck, though, and I had so much fun torturing my own character with her.

Outside of RP Land, though, I just love Fi to death. X3 She's funny as hell (torture book at the reception desk!) and just plain old awesome overall, as can be seen by reading her LJ. The Shades!lingo definitions were made of win, for example.

I will come invade Utah one day to bug the hell out of you, Fi. >) One day.
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Friend of the day today is [profile] beloved_baka! :D Bel is the first of many in the Shades Buddies series.

The beauty of [profile] shadesrp is that, back when it first started, we had Shades!chats just about every night. It really brought us all together very fast, I think, because it helped to separate the characters from the muns so that we got to know the real face behind the mask, yanno? Anyway, I knew and loved Bel even before I had any real reason for my characters to mess around with hers because, let's face it, Momoro and Tsuba are made of win and awesome. (And if Takumi ever got it into his hyperactive little brain to drag Chiharu to meet Uncle Momoro, I seriously think that would be funny as hell, but hey.)

I really got to know Bel, however, when we brought Suna into the game and I picked up Chiyo and Kohana was put on her team. There is only one way to really describe Kohana and that is "ultimate sweetness." I totally fell in love with the little Suna!brat and apologized for Chiyo being as hard on her as she was in the beginning, because omg, yelling at Ko is like kicking a weak and sickly puppy. We ended up getting to know each other a bit better, I think, once I had a real reason to bug her about things -- and we all know Ko likes to drop in on Chiyo and randomly spend the night. Lots of random rp stuff sprang up and countless drabbles and lots and lots of sandy Suna luff. :D I gotta say, I would definitely have not taken to playing a jounin sensei half as well if I hadn't had Bel pulling the strings behind one of my genin. (I remember I was like "Eeeeehh, senseiiii. :\" when asked if Chiyo could take on a team, and I'm damn grateful I did.)

And Bel also wins so much for playing along in the old Shades chats when I would type "TEAM 9! LINE UP!" and she'd be the first to put in something to the extent of "Hai, sensei! :D"

And she writes bloody awesome drabbles. I mean, seriously, some of the Team 9 stuff she's spun out has had me in stitches from laughing so hard. XD (And Ko!comments. omg, Ko!comments.)
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Quote of the Day: "OMG CHOLESTEROL?" - Senpai.

You know your Japanese teacher is awesome when you slump down lifelessly on a table in exasperation at your classmates and loudly (if in a muffled way) growl, "Urusai," and said teacher laughs and pats you on the back proudly.

I am still terribly excited about Dir en grey. X3

AND NOW, IT'S TIME FOR... drumroll please... FRIEND OF THE DAY!

Today's friend is [personal profile] dianoetic. :D She is, quite possibly, one of the most awesome people I know and, hands down, the greatest Ino roleplayer on the internets. I met her back in the Noodle Shack/Rokudaime days, when I joined up as Shikamaru. And I mean, c'mon, Team 10 unite, of course she IM'd me, but it was so funny because we got on talking about ShikaIno and ended up hitting it off really fast. OTP, dude. We ended up doing tons of plotting and joking and rping and honestly, I've still got most of that old stuff logged. It was made of infinite win and awesome for the most part.

Like Ino dragging Shikamaru shopping for a new couch because the leg went out on his favorite one. And the one where Ino walked in on Shikamaru in the shower. And... well... practically every other crack we came up with.

Anyway, when Mari and I started up [profile] narukorp, there was no way in hell I was taking any chances on my Ino and immediately pounced Keryn to try to rope her in. We all know how that turned out; Inosuke was born and he, to this day, is one of my favorite Naruko characters. Because Keryn rocks just that hard at playing him. And I love her Shades characters to death, too, and honestly, it was so worth the work trying to drag her in. ♥♥♥ Chiyo/Aki OTP.

Beyond rp stuff, though, she's been one of the few people I've met online that I really can open up to and talk to about crap. She's always there to listen to me bitch and whine about stuff and I'm amazed she hasn't kicked me in the face for it yet. And she sent Twizzlers when I was really depressed earlier this year. She's definitely somebody I feel like I can trust, retarded as that might be over the internet, but screw it. :D Keryn is worth it.

All in all, despite all the badfic stuff she sends me just to make my brain bleed ("What a amazing and untroublesome night!"), I luff Keryn muchly. She's definitely one of my best friends online. (Just you wait 'til I invade New York around Christmas, neesan. You'll never be safe again.)


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