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So at Walmart the other day, I spotted a cherry and blueberry pie from the same people who make those cheapass potpies that are basically crap but are still tasty for some reason. You know the ones. Anyway, the cherry/blueberry thing was 88 cents and I figured "why the hell not" and decided to give it a try because goddammit I love me some cherries. Even though I don't like blueberry much.

Nuked the damn thing up today and it's just... bitter as all hell. Way too many blueberries, not enough cherry. Like, I wouldn't even know the cherry was in it if the box hadn't said so. And it's got an odd soapy flavor to it.

This shit is nasty and I'm not gonna finish it, lol.

Making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight at Will's request. I think this will be the first time I'll be making it since we moved in. Both of us have been stressed to high heaven lately and some nice hot chicken and dumplings always makes everything better. ♥

I have to stop at HEB and get cat food later... maybe I'll pick up a real goddamn cherry pie for dessert. A couple extra bucks for miles more of comfort food is completely worth it. Shut the fuck up, waistline, you love it.

I've been in one of those Feeling Remarkably Useless and Hopeless slumps for a couple weeks now, but I think it's about damn time to buck up and ganbare again. I'll make the most of this weekend, dammit.
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Cut because I'm long-winded. )

TLDR; Semester seems to be off to a good start so far. Stupid fucks at the college need to build a new garage that's STUDENTS ONLY, we already have four reserved for faculty/staff, they don't need another one, we only have one and it's jam-packed. Burgers are delicious.
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So today, we went to Lehigh Valley Mall and Ichiban Steakhouse. It was all cold and rainy, so it was a perfect mall-type day, so naturally, a shitload of people were wandering around LV Mall and being generally in the way. But I got some new underwear (lol all I've got back in AZ is old and holey), snooped in Hot Topic and found shirts I want for my birthday, bought Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins for the Gameboy (classic! epic!), talked to Matt in the downstairs EB for a good long time and got up to speed on everybody, snooped in KB Toys and scared the shit out of Will by attacking him with a foam sword -- he thought it was an umbrella -- and also played with Pokeymans toys, tried and failed to find bar soap in Bath & Body Works, and found that Suncoast still smells funny, as it always has. On the way out, we got chocolate at that expensive chocolates place upstairs. Holy shit is it delicious and the ultimate PMS cure.

Nothing and everything has changed. Seriously. It's insane. I leave for 8 months and this place warps.

Ate delicious noodles and veggies at Ichiban, bickered with Will over which is superior, Kobe or Ichiban, and got some green tea ice cream. Came home, played Metal Saga, turned the controller over to Will after a while and played some Mario instead, and now I'm kind of falling asleep.

Tomorrow, we venture to Nuts About Ice Cream, which is my favorite ice cream shop in the entire country, and then I'm goin' across the street to duke it out with Liberty and see if they'll cough up my yearbook. Bitches.

And then I need to fill out scholarship applications. Joy and joyness. -_- Just what I wanted to do with my vacation.
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lol chicken and dumplings. Best part of being home again, seriously.

Went out to Newark to pick up Will last night. Had fun going to four different places before anything was open so Ma could get coffee. Ended up watching Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth when we got home, then passed out around 4:30 in the morning. (In my defense... in Arizona time, it was 1:30.)

Woke up around noon. Went to go see Anko and wish her luck on her journey to Japan for college, swung by my sister's place to see her and Brian and the kids. Adrian quite happily led me around the living room, happily pointing out everything. ("Aun' Lauren, this is my Shrek. And this is my mommy. And this is my Cameron.") When I went upstairs later to try to find a bathroom, he was already up there, waiting to show me his room and introduce me to his teddy bear and his Elmo. Hyperactive little sucker, but he's funny. He's pretty articulate for a two-year-old.

Now we're back here and Will is failing hardcore at Shadow of the Colossus. :D It's fun to watch.

I'm gonna go get some strawberry rhubarb pie in a minute, and then veg. Tomorrow, it is the journey to the mini-mall to get Will a haircut, and then who knows what next. Ahh, laidback vacation time.
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So I randomly decided to make a cake. It didn't cook in the amount of time the box said I should cook it for, so I had to wing it and I really hope I didn't fuck it up. D: Because I hate wasting money on failed food experiments.


Went over to Estancia for a sleepover last night, had a lovely night's sleep on the uber-comfy couch that I miss oh-so-much, ate some Haru-made pancakes for breakfast, and was dying of a migraine so I had to come home fairly early after a couple hours' worth of Saturday Morning Pokemon Marathon.

Been playing Pokemon mbr XD for the Gamecube for a couple days; rented it out of the UAT library. It's actually pretty damn awesome. I might just keep renewing it for a while. :3 It's fun, the minigames are amusing, and my team is really very awesome. (I've got a Spheal named Tubby that I love so much it's ridiculous.)

I really, really need to do homework tomorrow and Monday, but tomorrow is also Haru's birthday, so I gotta go over and hang out with him, too. It's so good to have him back from Texas again; Arizona just wasn't the same without everybody's big brother.

Also, on a completely random note, drunk idiot men in the grocery store, running around and spraying AXE everywhere are the absolute scum of the universe. >(
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So I wrote that Ode to Fruit Salad for creative writing's sonnet.

Cut for ridiculous, even if I love it anyway. XD )

Slept for 12 hours last night, made some fruit salad when I got up (inspiration for the sonnet!), ate some of that and some cereal, finished homework, and checked the mail for my Tech & Society book, which still hasn't come in, so my homework in there is put off again. Spent the afternoon reading Janet Evanovich's One for the Money again, since I love it. M'roughly a third of the way through. I missed this series.

Need to re-read The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan, too. And a few other things. Not like I won't have the time to read, being stuck at UAT for crazy long stretches between my classes.

Also need to call the doctor tomorrow/Monday/soon, since my ear is still being wonky. I was gonna do it today, but for a good three hours after I woke up, it wasn't making those damn bubbly noises at all, so I thought it'd gotten better. And then it started up again, and I'm willing to bet the doctor's office is gonna close in a half hour. -_-; Joy of joys. Maybe I should just get some of those over-the-counter ear drops we got for my ear infection one time. They worked then, and since it's not too bad this time, oughta work now.

Still mad at Star Ocean. I won't be going back to it for a few days yet. :\
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lol, f-list, I'm addicted. )

Today, I actually didn't burn something on the George Forman grill. I actually made steak without either undercooking or turning it into charcoal. I am damn proud of myself. (All while resetting over and over again to get a girl Eevee. XD)

Got an email from Sensei saying she's got a letter for me from the provost of UAT. I have no idea what it's gonna be, but I'm hoping it's good. Have to wait 'til May 7th to find out, though. D:

Tomorrow, I will get a green tea smoothie from the Robek's in the mall. Because I could really use some delicious green tea smoothie right about now. Hella hot out there. lol, summer in the desert.
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Pokebitching )

In other news, today, I did laundry, cleaned a little bit, leveled up massively on RO, burned my dinner of salmon steak (soooo boney, see if I ever get one of those from Albertson's again D:), cuddled with the cat for a while and napped, and then somehow managed to get through Victory Road on Pearl without committing seppukku. That was a miracle in itself.

I drew a lot last night, mostly Pikachu and Raichu 'cause of this Poke-kick I'm on, but I drew my whole team as I'd have it in Pearl if I didn't have to balance out types as much as I do. Turned out really good, so I'll scan it all later once I'm not feeling lazy.
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You know, it's really weird, but there are few foods I enjoy more than daikon. Seriously, self, wtf. Daikon would make the weirdest favorite food ever, second perhaps only to lima beans.

Hello, Livejournal, this is me putting off writing my math paper. I know what I'm writing and how I'm writing it, I'm just... not writing it. I woke up, decided I would write the paper as I drank coffee, got distracted by the thought of Zelda, beat the Temple of Time, decided I would motivate myself with a hot bath to get my brain working, ended up hungry and made some breakfast/lunch, and am now LJing instead of writing.

I swear on my honor as a geek that I will do it once I've finished my food.

Tonight is mini-shopping night -- this is a note to myself so that I don't forget -- because we are in dire need of parmesan cheese, cat food, and spaghetti sauce. Maybe daikon. Now there's a combo the cashier will never see again.

Also, self, do your XHTML homework. It's not that hard this week.


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