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Effin' weird dreams again. )

Totally off-topic, but I'm getting me some new tires for my car this weekend. My current ones are nearly bald after the drive from Jersey -- just enough tread that I'm not terribly worried about them, but low enough that I slip on wet surfaces easily and that I'm concerned about blowing out should conditions be right. They... really need replacing, especially with how much rain we've been getting. I've fishtailed twice in the past 24 hours.

But Pep Boys has this deal going where you buy three tires, you get the fourth free, so I can get four really good quality tires installed for the same price as the economy tire (due to this deal). I'm gonna take in Avvy probably tomorrow morning and get the new tires installed so I can dodge Saturday crowding. Sunday, I have no idea what it's gonna be like at the Pep Boys due to Super Bowl, but I'm not sure I want to play with that.

Yay new tires, though! I'm probably a little too excited.
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Oh my god weird dreams again last night. Two of them here. )

I totally blame the amount of stress from dealing with this fucking college for these stupidass dreams. I've consistently felt like puking for a couple days now and can't even focus on Pokemon.
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And now a break in the IRL dramaz for a weirdass dream I had.

I don't even know, dude. )
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I had this dream last night... )
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Posting this here rather than the Inksome simply because there are more vidya gamers here to appreciate this. XD

I had an awesome dream last night... )
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Home again, home again. :3

Ate so much Italian food last night that I'm still full. Slept like a log (had weird dreams involving friends going psycho and me knowing Hogwarts spells to defend myself). Woke up to coffee, got me a cup, am enjoying it thoroughly.

Got to meet my new nephew today, too. :3 He's a friendly little guy. He was crying up a storm 'cause he's teething when I came out of my room, but he stopped as soon as I went over to say hi to him. Now he's over there with Mom, just smiling at me. He's a cute little bugger.

Going to pick up Will at the airport tonight, and then probably just chillax for a couple days.
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So I had this epic (re: weird) dream last night.... )


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