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[profile] amber_san and I are awesome. >D

A conversation composed entirely of Dir en grey song titles. I'm impressed with us. )

Also, the begging for Arashi music still stands. My offer to trade also still stands. ♥
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Inward Scream concert review and recount! )

To sum it all up: I GOT TO SEE KAORU. And I swear he looked right at me at one point... shortly followed by him looking at a lolita cosplayer and rolling his eyes. XD Concert = ultimate fuckwin. Hands down. The end.
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Quote of the Day: "Yeah... and they have a magical oven in a tree." - Derric Clark, on elves.

Sensei said something that made me laugh for about ten minutes, too, but I totally forgot what it was.

Today is Diru concert! I am muy excited.

Despite my truck not getting here 'til Friday or Saturday, I still am feeling that life is pretty goddamn good. I'm going to California in a little over two weeks to go see Motoki. My truck is getting here soon. I get to see my favorite band play tonight. My sister is gonna have her baby any day now -- I have a bet running with my mom that it'll be today -- so I will have another nephew sometime very soon. I'm doing good in my classes, I have a chance to win a speech contest and go to Japan, I have great friends that make my life awesome, and I'm movin' in with Pan in a couple months.

Happy times. X3;
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Quote of the Day: "I couldn't remember how to spell alchemist... I thought I'd look at a wallscroll, but I looked over and it's in.... can't read it." - Senpai, on kanji.

Okay, seriously, Marrow of a Bone is the best Dir en grey album they've done in a while. It's a really awesome balance of screamy angry stuff and slow, sad songs. I am so severely addicted. I tried to get off of the CD tracks on my iTunes playlist of dewm, but every time it randoms itself onto a MoaB song, I just turn off random and let it go from the top again. D:

So good. This concert is going to be so amazing.

Also, apparently, I woke up [profile] nekopanchan by giggling in my sleep around 7 AM. I don't remember the dream at all. I apologized, but she seems to be getting joy out of teasing me with it. Along with a few million other things, 'cause I guess making me blush is fun. >(

On a completely random note, raspberry tea is delicious.
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ASDJLASDIWAEJKASDJLASD NEW DIR EN GREY CD. TT_TT I love it. So much. I'm not the whole way through it yet, but hey. It is amazing. I am so excited for the concert, even more than before. 20 daaaaays!

This calls for an epic squee.

Also, Mall Day today. It can't get much better.


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