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Quote of the Day: "FRUIT PUNCH! FRUIT PUNCH! FRUIT PUNCH!!!" - Some guy next to us at the Sonic yesterday, screaming his order into the box because the girl, for some reason, didn't understand... and then got pissed at him for yelling.

^^ Highly entertaining ^^

So yesterday, we returned our little car and went to some Paint Your Own Pottery place, which was pretty fun and the lady running the place was very nice. I made a little Starrlite foal statue, Will made a turtle box, and Mom made a teapot/teacup combo thing.

Hungry afterwards, we piled into the car to go to Sonic for lunch, and I was feeling very wonky. Very drained and tired, my skin felt too hot, and I felt a little carsick.

Turns out I've probably got some mild form of sunstroke. (I say probably because we're still not sure... it keeps coming back and won't go the hell away, so we're suspecting perhaps food poisoning.)

Despite this, I wouldn't let Ma or Will derail from the plan to get Mom some shirts at Purple Pony and get my hoodie. Got home, collapsed for a nap, woke up with a 100.2o fever. Managed to get the fever down, hung out downstairs for a while, went upstairs to go to bed... woke up at 3 in the morning, shivering something awful and with a sky-high fever again. I managed to weasel Will over to keep me warm, but it didn't help much... had to take a lukewarm bath again to get the fever down.

Was wide awake after that, played vidja games downstairs 'til 7 in the morning, then went back to bed.

Woke up in the same state again.

I am most displeased with this fever.
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We rented this awesome three-wheeled mini-car today, me and Will. It's $18 for 24 hours, and the only extra cost is I need to fill'er up with gas before I turn it back in tomorrow afternoon. It's obnoxious green and loud as a motorbike, but is amazingly comfy and a damn pretty way to see the island. I've been having a grand old time parking it in regular-style parking spaces. The only annoying thing is, there's no reverse... so to get out of parking spaces, me and Will have to drag it out and turn it in the direction we want. XD;;

But, with this wonderful device, we invaded half the stores on the island, I got a couple t-shirts, Will found the "Ahh! Real Monsters" game for SNES for $1, and we had fun watching the drawbridge while we were stuck in traffic on the way back to the house.

My only real complaint is how messed up my hair is now from driving around in that thing.

Dunno what the plan is for tonight, but I need to mooch money from my mom to get that zip-up hoodie... I am out of cash now. That can wait 'til the end of the week, though.

Best vacation ever, mang. I definitely need to get one of these little three-wheeler suckers to drive around Tempe.
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Since the weather was great today, Will and I hit up the nature trails while Ma went and sat on the beach. We started out trekking on the Wildlife Loop, which is a 3 mile long circle through the marsh, but got sidetracked when we found the Black Duck Trail branching off from the loop. We stopped to stare at a whitetail buck that was standing in the trees just off the trail before he took off, then we wandered off down the Black Duck Trail. After getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, we cut across the street and went down the Woodland Trail.

Got attacked by more mosquitoes, but took the branch-off to the Wild Pony Overlook to see what we could see. There was one herd pretty far off when we finally reached the overlook, and one young stallion lurking about a half mile away from them, just waiting for his chance to steal a mare. (He did, but it took him a while to get to it.) A tiny band of two mares, one yearling filly, and a stallion wandered past really close to the overlook, though, so we got to see some of the ponies real close-up. (I got to explain the ponies to a bunch of people from Jersey who were at the overlook the same time as us, too; being a veteran Chincoteague visitor makes me a substitute tour guide, I suppose. XD)

On the way back up the trail, we stumbled across a little shika doe hiding in the bushes right next to the trail. She was staring at us, kind of skittish but still curious. We got down low so we were on her level and got some pictures, tried not to make any sudden movements to scare her off, and Will got pretty close to her for some better pictures before we backed away and left her to herself. Didn't spook and run off at all; I guess that's a good testament to how shika are in Japan right there. She was more curious than frightened like the whitetails always are.

Found a wood frog just past the shika, too. Cute little guy.

I dunno how far we walked total, but my dollar store sneakers I picked up yesterday for the trail definitely did their job without eating my feet off. It was nice.

Tomorrow, raiding Main Street and checking out the shops and restaurants. :D
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Not LJ-cut because I don't care. :3

LOOK. FINALLY, my idiot boss from EB got his stupid ass fired! (He probably finally groped the wrong person... asking Matt what happened now.)

SERIOUSLY SO HAPPY. I am a terrible person, and yet I don't quite care.

In Chincoteague right now. Having a great time despite food poisoning from the shrimp I ate tonight. We saw a shika doe earlier, running along the side of the road... she had on some kind of tracking collar, but it just looked like she was wearing a big red dog collar with a bell on it. XD It was so damn cute. There've been a few whitetail bucks running around, too; I think we've seen four so far, plus a whitetail doe and her fawn lurking around in the marsh. Only seen one herd of ponies yet, and they were pretty far out into the marsh, but hopefully when Will and I go on the nature trail tomorrow/Tuesday, we'll see plenty closer up. Also, hopefully we'll see some more shika. They're definitely doing their usual begging thing this time around.

Went to the new Chincoteague Build-a-Bear workshop thing tonight. Will got a calico cat, I got a dog. Dorky as it was, it was pretty fun. (We did this after spending all afternoon getting seashells at the beach and giving the vast majority to some lady who looked like my 11th grade English teacher.)

Tomorrow is trail-walking day, unless it rains, then it's Invading Main Street Stores Day. It'll be fun either way. Tuesday, the Purple Pony clothing store is supposed to be getting more shirts in, and I'm hoping to snag a zip-up hoodie from them to replace my beat-to-hell Trigun one. :3


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