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Best. Spring break. Ever.

More on this tonight, when my ass is back in Tempe.
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Quote of the Day:
Why don't you do it, then?
Endy: ...I'm afraid you're gonna hit me.
- On Endy's desire to keep spraying gasoline on the fire from the grill

Cookout night plus Onmyouji equals awesome. X3 I also got more delicious Cowboy Bebop tea and apple cider, which have been the main staples of my diet the whole time I've been here. (Healthy, wot wot. XD)

Since we finished the movie, I've been attempting to memorize my goddamned speech. Got two of three paragraphs down for the most part, although I constantly forget my "Ki ga takusan arimasu" that's smack-dab in the middle of the second paragraph. I always forget it. It puts a major crimp in my groove. I would rule it out if I hadn't already sent in the written version of the damn speech, but noooo.

I really hope Hirano-sensei's not gonna make us recite the stupid things the Tuesday we get back, 'cause I sure as hell don't have the whole thing committed to memory yet. I still need to study the kanji for the test, too. (Effing 'mei' kanji... always, always, always forget wtf that one means.)

Never again am I taking two of Hirano-sensei's classes at once. I am dying of workload. What sucks is that I'm loving it, too. wtf, self, stop being such a nerd.

Tomorrow's events remain up in the air. Could be a trip to the water park, could be a shopping trip with Motoki's family, could be sitting on my ass all day like every other day, could be getting kidnapped by Pan to do something random.

Guess I'll find out.
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...why is it so amusing that, on the cans for these self-heating teas, it says that the secret to how it heats is quicklime, which heats when combined with water, and then it says, "If heating components get onto skin, flush with generous amounts of water"?

Wouldn't that burn the hell out of your skin? XD

Despite their questionable logic, the self-heating teas are damn good and also wicked awesome. Cowboy Bebop, eat your heart out.

In other news, my XHTML homework from two weeks ago is finally done. I've learned the kanji for the quiz upon my return to Arizona. I still have to do the reading for history, but I'm gonna get on that in a minute.

Throat doesn't hurt so bad anymore, and my lips, while still quite chapped, aren't bleeding anymore. A step up. :D
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Quote of the Day: "I dunno. I heard Motoki say 'I ate', 'fruit', and 'a lot'." - [profile] nekopanchan, after I said I was going to go get some fruit salad this morning.

Yeah. Like, first thing I did this morning was make Fruit Salad Round Two, since the huge bowl I made last night was gone this morning due to Hungry Motoki Attack. The bowl's still almost full of Round Two, but I doubt that'll last too much longer. XD;

I somehow inspired Motoki to break his original plan of staying at his house while we were here and me going over to visit him on Thursday; now he's staying here with me and Pan and Endy for the week. (I'm still not sure how he ended up at that idea... all I was doing was trying to guilt trip him into coming over yesterday for food.)

We made dinner last night, me and Pan. I made my fruit salad of destiny and Pan made epic spaghetti. We got the guys to make garlic bread, although this involved much standing around in the kitchen, blankly staring at the loaf of french bread before Motoki said, "I think we need knives."

They ended up with butcher knives (no lie) and were happily slice-n-dicing the bread while Pan and I both stood there with a o_o; look on our faces.

Ate dinner, watched School of Rock. I got tackled and luffed on randomly at one point. Finished the movie, attempted homework, gave up and ended up watching a couple episodes of PGSM with Motoki before bed.

Woke up at 5 feeling hideously sick. Pan couldn't sleep either, so we toddled off downstairs and watched Little Nicky for a while before heading back to bed.

Plans for today remain unseen, but Pan is possibly cooking again tonight. XD Endy's mom is totally fascinated by American cooking and keeps apologizing to us, saying she only knows how to cook Chinese. She was so baffled by the spaghetti and fruit salad last night, but she's all excited to learn. It's funny. X3;

Guess I'll find out the plans later.
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Tonight, I dined in Hell.


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