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Happy birthday, [profile] beloved_baka!

Also, it seems my userpics have finally been added after a month of waiting. Right after I submitted a report. But the expiration date is still six months from when I paid, meaning I'm currently gypped one month of icon time, which means the fight is still on with LJ. Let's see if I can get this resolved. >:|

Today, Will and I had an adventure to a) pay off P3P reserve halfway, b) invade Barnes & Noble, c) obtain delicious tacos, d) get some stuff for the cat. Exciting.

Also finally got one of the rival marriages on Animal Parade, which took forever and I'm not terribly looking forward to bullying the others into marriage. Especially since the other girls aren't as easy to make friends with, ie: I need something better than just Decent Milk heated up in a pot. :c Also I can't figure out how to make my damn silkworms give anything better than Decent Cocoons, and that was irritating me, so I let Will have the TV for some Xboxing.

I am so sleepy from waking up waaaaaaaaaaay too early, but I have coffee and thank god for it. ♥
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Happy birthday, Spaz! :D

Hope it's been a good one. ♥
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Ugh, finally this week is over. It should not have been so hard to motivate myself to get up every morning and go in to class. wtf.

But tomorrow and Sunday will be fantastic. Tomorrow we're heading out early so I can hit up a party supply store and grab some pink face makeup to do the scars and tattoo for Baiken costume -- which I will be wearing while handing out candy at Pat's, because I'm cool like that. Sunday is the birthday celebration with the fam, full of food and win.

Yesterday didn't really feel birthday-ish. It was the tests and politics forum and other shit. But tomorrow! Tomorrow will be candy and fun and nerdery, and that will be fantastic.

Tonight... tonight, I am tired and slightly grumpy, so I think I'm gonna bust out the booze. I'll be happy as hell for a couple hours and then I'll pass out dead asleep. Which sounds... so good you have no idea holy shit.
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Sensei's birthday drabble! Asuma and Shikamaru! )

twerksie's birthday drabble! Tamaki/Haruhi! )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [profile] iamzuul! :D

Want a drabble or something? ♥
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Happy birthday, [ profile] sunsitenthai!

In other, completely random news, Pan and I were hideously bored last night and ended up going and installing Ragnarok Online just for shits and giggles. We decided to play as guys so that we wouldn't have the common problem of female RO-ers of stalkers following and demanding to cyber. We then bombproofed our plan against fangirls by deciding that we were going to be gay and possibly marry off our characters, because how funny would that be. Anyway.

We had our "Fag Train Whoo Whoo" party formed last night and went off to level up in one of the dungeons and this random girl was lurking around by where we were training. She asks if she can join the party. I said "Sorry, no girls allowed", and Pan and I wandered off elsewhere.

She followed.

After a few more "party?"s, she got really distressed that we weren't letting her join and started copypasting "SALI PO PARTY" over and over and over again at us. XD It was funny enough, but Pan left to go change her class and this girl chased after her through the dungeon. I lawled it up good and went back to training.

A few minutes later, I had too much crap and was gonna leave the dungeon to go sell it all and this girl finds me again, chasing after me and yelling "SALI PO PARTY" again.

I guess it's kind of pathetic how much it upset this girl we wouldn't let her join the party, but damnit if it wasn't funny as hell.

The server crashed shortly after my escape from the dungeon, and Pan and I thoroughly believe Sali Po Party Girl was the reason.

As I was waiting for the server to come back up, I had some fun talking to Motoki and messing with him a little. :D Always makes me smile. I don't even really remember what he said, but I must've had a huge smile on my face 'cause Pan started picking on me for it.

The two of us wound up staying up until about 2 or 3 in the morning, just talking and being Dysfunctional UAT Family sisters. Slept 'til about ten minutes ago and have no intention of going in today; I am using the day for homework and laundry instead. And finally getting unpacked. lawl, no clothes.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [profile] asuka_chan, [profile] chocochick, and [profile] phoenix_melody! Geez, there's a lot of you born today. @_@

Hope y'all have a great day~
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] dianoetic!

I'm really tryin' to finish your picture, but school and life are kicking my ass majorly this weekend, so it might not be done 'til tomorrow. ;;~;; M'so sorry. Trying my best, though!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] squeakchan! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hope it's a good one~
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Between having dinner with Squall and a drag queen and Gangsta Robin and "Hikaru" last night and having Dustine flailing penis balloons in my face and Senpai giving me a Spanish "Get Well Soon" balloon and Rae getting me awesome FMA figurines and Mom getting me Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, this has been an awesometastic 19th birthday. X3

Thank you to everybody for making this a damn good day~


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