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Because for some reason, I didn't have one already? wtf, self.


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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Journal: [personal profile] kineticcajun
RPG: [community profile] luceti

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.

I haven't done one of these in ages, but. lol it seemed fun for today.

Awww yeah mismatched Gambit icons. Comics and animated combined is totally cool what are you talking about.
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And then Nuke got into My Little Pony.

Nobody was surprised.

Goddammit why am I enjoying this show so much.
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I like to think that, someday, all of the drama at work will die down.

This has been a hope for the past year and three months.

It has not happened yet.

Damn. XD;
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Hello Dreamwidth. I am a Nuke. I am not even sure how much I will be using you, but HELLO ANYWAY.
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ffs, I hate getting carsick watching first-person perspective in games. @_@

So lame.

Not even five minutes into Dead Island and my head's spinning and I've got hiccups.

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Oh god Luceti reserves page.

That Mr. Sinister reserve both intrigues and terrifies me. Also Hazama/Kazuma. SO AWESOME


I seriously hope the Call of Duty map pack flood is ebbing by the start of September.

In other news, Will and I are tanking season four, disc two of FMA Brotherhood tonight. We stayed up until 7 AM the other day watching it.
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Well, it's official. My Kinect is possessed.

No fucking joke here. We had left the 360 on while Will went to go look something up on the internet, and I was just sitting here, out of sight of the Kinect, reading some comics. And the thing turned itself to the Netflix selection screen.

After a pause, the hand icon came up. I started looking around the living room in the Kinect's view range to see what would be triggering it, figuring it was probably one of the cats or the curtain or something. The cats were both in the bedroom. Nothing was moving at all.

The hand icon waved, then slid over, hovered over Fullmetal Alchemist, then a horror movie, and then settled on the early 90's X-men. None of these are in our queue, just Recommended.

As X-men came up, the hand icon kept waving around the screen and then disappeared when the intro was done.

All the hair on my head is standing on end, dude.

This fucking Kinect.


For the record, I turned off the cartoon because it was just really freaking me out. Will was laughing his ass off and saying the ghosts knew I wanted to watch it. Just.... FFFF. :c
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> Have class you may very well fail because the teacher has it out for everyone in the class*
> Work is insane and there is backlog from last week that we are still catching up with
> Insomnia
> Family issues that strongly resemble a Lifetime movie
> Trying to put some sort of plan together for wedding


> Marathon X-Men Evolution
> Advance from the above into reading as many Uncanny X-Men comics as possible between calls at work

Clearly, X-Men is the answer to stressful life stuff. The correct answer. If it weren't for the finals in this damned class, I'd be reading even more.

This is why I should never be allowed to watch anything Marvel, let alone three movies and an entire animated series in a span of a couple weeks. I always end up defaulting back to how much I love the X-Men.

If I end up apping Gambit at Luceti in September, I blame the rest of the cast there. >>

* This is proven fact. I can damn well tell the rest of the class feels this way.
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So I got it into my head to do a Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon White. Mainly, I've been playing between calls and while waiting for my damned work server to stop lagging. >>

I'm still trying to decide if I want to be one of the dorks with a Nuzlocke comic on deviantart, but so far, my laziness is winning out. We'll see.

The game cartridge is Japanese (Kanji practice! SHIT IS HARD SOMETIMES), so all the names are weeaboo-tastic. But two of the three reference songs that I had on my playlist at the time, so... hopefully not too dorky.

Team so far:
- Hoshi, male Oshawott. Relaxed. Level 11. Tackle/Tail Whip/Water Gun
- Ohtani, male Patrat. Hardy. Level 10. Tackle/Leer/Bite/Bide
- Ruby, female Purrloin. Modest. (DDD:) Level 7. Scratch/Growl/Nekonote (I THINK this is Assurance but I really can't be sure)

Hoshi is so named because Star Memory was on my playlist and he danced to it nicely. Ohtani is because I was peeved I got a Patrat as the first thing I ran into, called it a little bastard, and it crit-hit Hoshi so hard he almost died. Plus "minezumi" related to "Koizumi" in my mind, but it was male, so it was Ohtani instead. Ruby is a cat and I stumbled into her when the Lunar 2 theme was on my playlist, so... Ruby. >>

Ruby really really sucks so far. Modest nature. Just... c'mon, man.
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So Will and I have been thinking of adopting a new cat for quite some time so that Moot would have someone to keep him company. He's a grumpy old man and only likes female cats, so it was hard to look around for a female cat that he'd get along with... but who could also hold her own if he decided to be an asshole.

We found a great match just over the weekend, and went on Friday to adopt her. We named her Meryl, because she is tiny but very opinionated and has white boots. (What, don't judge us, we had plans of naming a big female cat Milly. /Trigun dork)

Moot loves her so far, but Meryl is Meryl and tells him off any time he tries to come over and say hi. He's hellbent on going over to curl up with her, but she's still at the Get The Fuck Away stage and hisses. But she's getting better and letting him closer now. Hopefully they'll get along well once Meryl is done being a tsundere.(We figure this will eventually happen because she greeted me and Will the same way at first and now sleeps between us at night.)

Also, finished the entire new Stephanie Plum book. This one is the first one I saw the ending coming from a mile away. :( Bit of a bummer, but hey, the next one's already announced, so maybe it'll be a grand finale. Which... I love these books to death, but if they're doomed to get weaker and weaker, I'd settle for a solid conclusion.

In other news, monster migraines that cause extreme nausea. At least the light sensitivity finally went away. :\
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It's that time again, kids! Time for Nuke's Blazblue Plot Ponderings! )

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So I finally finished all my training for work. 6 hours outside of shift. All overtime hours. Good, good.

I finished all my homework. I hate poetry, and it was all poetry work, so that made me happy.

I finally had enough free time to start getting back into my rp stuff, which I've sorely missed.

I was just beginning to think, "Hey, I'll actually have some money left over after rent this month! Maybe I can finally go and get a new shower curtain and bath mat and maybe even Okamiden."

And then my internet and phone died sometime in the middle of the night.

And Time Warner can't come to fix it until Monday morning.

Which puts me out of three shifts of work.

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Nuke doesn't post in weeks, and what does she return with? A meme, of course.

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five a few ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.


Tell me a pairing, and I will tell you:

1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
7. My happily ever after for them:

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So I found this Pokemon creepypasta...

And I decided that I'm going to recreate it. >D I'm a fucking boss at chaining for shiny Pokemon, Bronzors are easy to chain, and I will seriously laugh my ass off if someone shits their pants on the GTS over it.

And now to start a new Pearl file...
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RP Meme that everyone is doing. )

Reply with a fandom and I'll tell you the following:

▌ favorite character
▌ least favorite character
▌ prettiest character
▌ character I wanna marry
▌ favorite pairing
▌ favorite episode/scene
▌ unpopular opinion
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Aside from work training and vidya, not much has been going on lately. Been playing a lot of Pokemon -- I'm planning some new, fun teams to try out for a new runthrough in the near future. New challenges! Exciting!

...Something tells me attempting a runthrough with a Spinda is going to be a royal pain in the ass!

Also been playing some delightful Star Ocean 4, which has been nerve-grating in several places but the graphics are downright beautiful and I adore the green-haired "fabulous elf dude" and the catgirl so far. The catgirl... looks like she could be the daughter of Vahn and Noa from Legaia. ;_; It's so adorable. It makes me love her even more.

I just wish the gameplay wasn't so aggravating sometimes. That spiky lizardman dungeon/planet/thing kept getting my camera stuck in the spikes and fucking up my view, for example. And you couldn't go more than three steps in the Area 51 knockoff without running into another monster. Just... ffffffffff.

Also the Rocks of Linear. That bodily block your path from areas of the map that WILL unlock later, just not until you have a certain item, so keep on this specific path for now you puny gamer. NO SIDEQUEST FOR YOU.

...I really don't know how I feel about this game.

Pondering starting a Borderlands file soon, and also Dead Rising 2. And Castle Crashers. It's been too long since I had a working Xbox. ;_;
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Ganked from [personal profile] rikasaurus! I'm too lazy to upload stuff for download, but just lemme know if you want it and I can send it to you. ♥

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

I got "R" :D

1. RED... [em] - Dir en grey
2. Ride on Time - Daisuke Ishiwatari
3. Reset - Ayaka Hirahara
4. The road to hope. - Daisuke Ishiwatari

...I totally realize my weeaboo is showing. >>


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