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I like to think that, someday, all of the drama at work will die down.

This has been a hope for the past year and three months.

It has not happened yet.

Damn. XD;
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Feeling accomplished for a change! This is nice. ;;

Went and transferred funds for rent this morning from Will's account to mine, called up the tax administrator's office to get the total fees for registration, got three insurance quotes (and will do another three tomorrow), and I'm gonna call and schedule to have the car inspected next week so that I can get this ball rolling on getting Avvy entirely in my name. Which we probably should have done in the first place, but alas.

So far I'm leaning towards either Progressive or Nationwide, so if anyone has any good or bad experiences with either one of them, let me know. ♥ All input to help the decision process is appreciated.

I've got training in a couple hours with a group of people I really enjoy. Work with the new job seems like it will be great so far. :3

Just need to email my old supervisor and see if he can call/email/whatever the dude in charge of the bonus checks, because said dude is avoiding me like crazy. I think he's trying to weasel out of giving me my bonus check that I earned because I left, although I EARNED the thing a month before doing so and it was just that they hadn't paid it to me yet. So I'm pretty sure they still owe it to me, and trying to get a hold of the dude to ask him when I can expect the check has been a pain. Maybe Matt will have better luck, being a supervisor and all.

Oh, life. Why you explode on me? At least the explosions seem like they'll be dying down soon. :c KNOCK ON WOOD, QUICK
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I started off my morning duking it out with the bank. Got my money refunded after an hour and a half of getting progressively angrier -- and I'm that person that gets quieter and calmer the more angry I get, which seems to strike the fear of God into people on the phone. The first guy got so worked up towards the end that he was stammering, but I... really don't feel bad about it.

The supervisor tried to stubborn me out but after an assurance that I wouldn't get off the phone and that I'd keep calling back and asking for her if I was hung up on, she caved.

Spent work today being a stand-in manager and trying to bully a bunch of 30+ year olds into doing work on a Friday. I was only mildly successful at that.

I still need to fight with Livejournal to give me my goddamn icons that I paid for a month ago, but I think all the fight is out of me for now. Maybe tomorrow.

Talking to Wells Fargo tomorrow about setting up a new account so I can GTFO Bank of America. Whoo.

So sleepy. T_T

Tittyfish icon just for the hell of it.
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I am having one of those days in which I hate everyone and everything for no good reason. It probably has something to do with having an upset stomach all day combined with a migraine that radiated down my neck and throughout my shoulders, but whatever the reason, I just feel like ripping out everyone's throats today just because they exist. I've seen no fewer than three LJ posts in the past 24 hours that have made me practically froth at the mouth, but internet arguments are a waste of my time. Everyone's time, really. And I don't need to attack friends just because I'm feeling hungry and mean for no reason.

I spent all of my work shift writing witty sticky notes in the various files and filling them up with retarded emotes just to give myself something to smile about. One coworker busted out laughing over my one "### amendment is an orphan plz scan its birth cert it's so lonely :c" note, so I guess it was helping at least part of the shift as well. ♥

Dude next to me still beat me with "### birth cert is upside-down. as i am not a bat, i cannot read the number, plz flip in QA."

This is a disjointed entry. Oh well.

I think what I need is some nice tea and a fluffy blanket and some sort of stupid movie or Friends season to watch and chill out over. Maybe read some corny fanfiction or get a bubble bath. I don't even know, but I gotta get these panties out of the twist they're in.
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So the other day at work, I got the birth cert of the person with the longest name in the United States. I honestly think it's the longest in the world, but I could be wrong. Google tells me it's just the longest in the US.

It took six pages to spell it out.

Six. Pages.

At first I thought I was looking at a massive spamming of keyboard smashing, but then it dawned on me that there was actual order amongst the chaos.

I really feel bad for that kid. XD;
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Not LJ-cut because I don't care. :3

LOOK. FINALLY, my idiot boss from EB got his stupid ass fired! (He probably finally groped the wrong person... asking Matt what happened now.)

SERIOUSLY SO HAPPY. I am a terrible person, and yet I don't quite care.

In Chincoteague right now. Having a great time despite food poisoning from the shrimp I ate tonight. We saw a shika doe earlier, running along the side of the road... she had on some kind of tracking collar, but it just looked like she was wearing a big red dog collar with a bell on it. XD It was so damn cute. There've been a few whitetail bucks running around, too; I think we've seen four so far, plus a whitetail doe and her fawn lurking around in the marsh. Only seen one herd of ponies yet, and they were pretty far out into the marsh, but hopefully when Will and I go on the nature trail tomorrow/Tuesday, we'll see plenty closer up. Also, hopefully we'll see some more shika. They're definitely doing their usual begging thing this time around.

Went to the new Chincoteague Build-a-Bear workshop thing tonight. Will got a calico cat, I got a dog. Dorky as it was, it was pretty fun. (We did this after spending all afternoon getting seashells at the beach and giving the vast majority to some lady who looked like my 11th grade English teacher.)

Tomorrow is trail-walking day, unless it rains, then it's Invading Main Street Stores Day. It'll be fun either way. Tuesday, the Purple Pony clothing store is supposed to be getting more shirts in, and I'm hoping to snag a zip-up hoodie from them to replace my beat-to-hell Trigun one. :3


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