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So I was feeling horrifically sick to my stomach at work and was pretty thoroughly tired of going out to the bathroom (ID card swiping at a couple doors on each trip) every time I felt close to puking, so I ducked out at lunch time to come home so I could at least throw up in the comfort of my own apartment. The clouds were looking pretty ominous towards the north when I left, but I figured it might just be drizzling by the time I'd be getting to 183.

I was so wrong.

Hurricane torrential downpours. Horizontal rain in sheets. It was flooding pretty bad already and I spent most of the drive home just trying not to float off in the puddles. Turned a 20 minute drive into a 45 minute drive, but at least the other Austinites had the sense to drive slow too. I was expecting insane tailgaters as per usual, but nobody cut me off or tailgated -- thank God for small miracles.

Now I am home and dry and still feeling pretty shitty, but at least I didn't have to try getting home at 11 with even more flooding.

Careful, fellow central Texans. It's getting nasty out there. :\
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Quote of the Day: "Hey, Bob, would you happen to know any wines that go well with Cap'n Crunch?" - On the radio

Today I learned the valuable lesson that splitting images at work to the guitar riffs in Thunderhorse is ridiculously hard. I messed up so many times because I was being an asshole and trying to hit a key for every note. Derp derp.

However, splitting to the drumbeat is a-okay. Works wonderfully well with Dir en grey shit as well. And Guilty Gear. Oh god, Momentary Life is fun as hell when you're hitting a key for every note. ♥

...Don't judge me, this is how I make a very boring job entertaining.

In other news, Will and I had the bright idea the other night of putting on the humidifier because my allergies were acting up. We didn't take into effect that it was damp and cold outside, and cold inside. Add in the damp from the humidifier and now both of us feel like we're coming down with nasty colds. ~*GENIUSES*~

Apparently it's supposed to snow next week. Here in Texas. In February. Something is very wrong with this.
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It is raining like a BITCH outside. >:|

I hit a puddle coming off the highway that was so deep it came up over my hood and splashed all over my fucking windshield. >:|

I might need to call out of work tomorrow since half the roads leading up to the office were already flooded. >:| Screw 'call out', it's a state office, they'll probably close themselves.

Normally, I love rain and storms and all of it, but driving home was so harrying in this shit. It's horrible. You can't see worth a damn.


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Guilty Gear drabble dump over at [profile] nuklearwinter for anyone interested~

My life has basically been Discedo and Brofist these past few days, with some Spike TV sprinkled in between. Pretty boring. Also job spplications. LOL RESUME, I think mine probably sucks D:

I slept a lot. That was really nice. ♥ I do so enjoy my breaks from insomnia. Feels good, man.

It's windy as fuck here in Austin today. How's the weather where you are, friends list?
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Well, thank you to [personal profile] debilitate for the v-gift and to the anon who sent one to Discedo!Baiken account. Much ♥ for the message on yours, Grasshopper. ilu too bb. Anon, are you the one who's always leaving smilies on the HMD? Or was that Grasshopper too?

Other than that, I really don't have much to report on. Been playing P4 and HG when I'm not packing or sleeping. I got this Totodile with near perfect IVs who's been rocking all over the place. Most awesome.

Also, I hate snow, but ice sucks a lot more and I'm very sure there's a lot of it outside right now. D:


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