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Aside from work training and vidya, not much has been going on lately. Been playing a lot of Pokemon -- I'm planning some new, fun teams to try out for a new runthrough in the near future. New challenges! Exciting!

...Something tells me attempting a runthrough with a Spinda is going to be a royal pain in the ass!

Also been playing some delightful Star Ocean 4, which has been nerve-grating in several places but the graphics are downright beautiful and I adore the green-haired "fabulous elf dude" and the catgirl so far. The catgirl... looks like she could be the daughter of Vahn and Noa from Legaia. ;_; It's so adorable. It makes me love her even more.

I just wish the gameplay wasn't so aggravating sometimes. That spiky lizardman dungeon/planet/thing kept getting my camera stuck in the spikes and fucking up my view, for example. And you couldn't go more than three steps in the Area 51 knockoff without running into another monster. Just... ffffffffff.

Also the Rocks of Linear. That bodily block your path from areas of the map that WILL unlock later, just not until you have a certain item, so keep on this specific path for now you puny gamer. NO SIDEQUEST FOR YOU.

...I really don't know how I feel about this game.

Pondering starting a Borderlands file soon, and also Dead Rising 2. And Castle Crashers. It's been too long since I had a working Xbox. ;_;
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From time to time, I'll think to myself, Why don't I play my PSP games more often? I have quite a few that I still haven't finished and between the two Star Oceans and Lunar, I definitely have games I enjoy. Can't say so much for P3P, but I will finish that too.

And then after one and a half days of moderate play usage, I remember why I don't play the PSP so much.

It's because it cramps up my hands to the point that I feel like an old lady with arthritis. >:| It's that goddamn analog "stick". Just... asldjawijalsidasd


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Randomly decided last night that I felt like playing Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley on the PSP, because I felt like I'd been neglecting the stupid thing. Nevermind that I'm standing there in the final month of P3P, I just... didn't care, so I went for farming instead. XD;;

Got the dog, the horse, two cows, three chickens, and raised up one of the girls to a blue heart in the span of one game month. >D I AM JUST THAT AWESOME.

White Weasel ending. I am on the right path.

Passed my first two tests for training, plus the first performance assessment. ♥ Hoo-ray.

Miiiight finally be getting a new 360 soon. Will got some surprise work to do for his brother and we've got some extra money coming in from that. WILL WE FINALLY BE ABLE TO PLAY AGAIN? I've missed Blazblue and Left 4 Dead. ;_;

...Clearly, life = vidya.
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RP motivation is remarkably low right now, so sorry to Luceti and BFL dudes if I'm dragging ass. Just... can't summon up the energy.

Work's been pure shit all week and I expect it to get worse. I'm fully anticipating the system crashing and dying on us and us being sent home without pay either today or tomorrow. They need to put more damn memory in the server, but it's been five months and they're still dragging their feet, so I doubt it's gonna happen. It's already gotten to the point that the system randomly crashes and sites "Low memory" as the cause. Just... ffffffff. Go buy some goddamn memory at Fry's for a couple hundred bucks and j-j-j-jam it in, it ain't that hard.

Surviving almost solely on Daria and mass amounts of coffee. My sarcasm levels have skyrocketed.

I really need a new job lol.

Also, playing P3P. I still don't like P3 all that much, but at least with FeMC I managed to stick with it. Damn you, Koromaru and Junpei, making me stubborn this out...!

Almost lobbed the PSP out a window last night after I had a miniboss down to one last hit, it dodged all four of my party members' attacks with lowered evade and my guys with heightened accuracy, proceeded to get a crit hit in on the dog, and then fucking Megido'd the entire party dead. THANKS, ATLUS.

Continuum Shift in five days... :c Want.
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How did I never find this before. ;;_;; Violin + Weak Executioner = Fuckyes.

Although the squiggly shirt is really cracking me up.

Dammit this song always makes me wish someone would play Arakune at one of the games I'm in. ;_; Even though... I really do wonder how it would work in either place. Shut up, brain, pre-squiggly is practically an OC and doesn't count. Not to mention I'd have an emopants Litchi on my hands then. Alas.

...I should really stop listening to this and actually do something with my day off here.
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So I've spent the last few days unwinding a bit. It's really been nice. I read the new Stephanie Plum book and laughed my ass off over stink bombs, watched some Daria with Will, played enough Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for my eyeballs to fall out, made a cake, made stuffed peppers, helped Will make a BBQ chicken pizza, helped Will make some fajitas, and we're thinking of baking some more stuff later.

Also played a bit of Digital Devil Saga and I've been thoroughly enjoying that. The commentary between me and Will has been making it infinitely funnier. "BAT IS A STUPID NAME. BAT IS A STUPID NAME. Oh, he actually IS a bat, that'd be it. ...Still stupid name." I've been feeding my party nothing but holy cows Apis with the Devour skill since... I mean, c'mon, it's just burgers. Delicious burgers.

I also chained up a shiny Bagon earlier, and it was a royal pain in the ass to catch. But I caught him, and his name is Sparklefag. :D

In short, this weekend has been made of video games, pink lemonade, and delicious food. I'm so glad I got to have my dumbass fiance home with me for once. ♥
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Happy birthday, [profile] beloved_baka!

Also, it seems my userpics have finally been added after a month of waiting. Right after I submitted a report. But the expiration date is still six months from when I paid, meaning I'm currently gypped one month of icon time, which means the fight is still on with LJ. Let's see if I can get this resolved. >:|

Today, Will and I had an adventure to a) pay off P3P reserve halfway, b) invade Barnes & Noble, c) obtain delicious tacos, d) get some stuff for the cat. Exciting.

Also finally got one of the rival marriages on Animal Parade, which took forever and I'm not terribly looking forward to bullying the others into marriage. Especially since the other girls aren't as easy to make friends with, ie: I need something better than just Decent Milk heated up in a pot. :c Also I can't figure out how to make my damn silkworms give anything better than Decent Cocoons, and that was irritating me, so I let Will have the TV for some Xboxing.

I am so sleepy from waking up waaaaaaaaaaay too early, but I have coffee and thank god for it. ♥
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So last week, due to Will having a 25% off coupon for GameStop on a used game, we went and finally picked up Star Ocean 4 for me to play since I didn't want to spend any more than $20 on it. With the final discount at 35% off, it was $21, and I could handle that.

Since I was finally able to drag myself out of my bed just last night, I started up a file on there to waste some time, 'cause sleeping with Hellboy 2 on in the background gets old after a while.

It's alright so far. Nothing I'd really write home about, although the maps are beautiful and the battle system has been fun as all hell. The characters bore the fuck out of me so far and the story is just meh, but... well, I'm only two hours in, so I'm still in that RPG stage where everything important is just referred to as "THAT" and everyone nods while the player sits there facepalming. But hey, the maps are fun to explore (even though GODDAMMIT QUIT BLOCKING OFF MY PATHS DAMN YOU LINEARNESS) and the battles have been far too entertaining with the jump option now available. About damn time, Star Ocean. Well done.

Hopefully the characters and story get a little less boring, lol. But then again, when have I ever played a Star Ocean where I wasn't bored by the the original two party members.

Needs moar save points, though. Fuckin' seriously.
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I swear to god I'm so sick of seeing FF13 everywhere. hahahaha

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So Will and I are losers and thought it'd be a fantastic idea to go and buy some booze today because a) he's been wanting some vodka for a while and b) I've been a sad panda the past couple weeks and alcohol makes me a happy, sleepy doofus. We got a bottle of vodka and a bottle of some plum sake.

I don't know what is wrong with the kind of the sake we got, because usually umeshu is delicious, but oh god it's so terrible. We tried adding cherry flavoring even and it still sucked.


Anyway, yeah. I apologize if I have a short fuse with anyone or if I clam up at all. Just dragging myself through an emo patch. Distractions are beautiful.

Speaking of -- Lunar remake on PSP. How in the world were the old VAs so much better? I thought the days of horrific dubbing were over, but ohhhh no. Guess not. It's still Lunar, though, and that game just makes me so retardedly happy that I'll take it. Sweet Jesus, though... Nall. Just... wat. I'm up to the stupid Vane Magic Trial, which I'm hoping to power through because DO NOT LIKE VANE and I want my damn Kyle and Jess already. >:|

Hell Mel makes the game worth it in and of himself.

Also, Bang motherfucking Shishigami makes me feel better about the world. There is nothing quite like driving home from work yelling like an idiot along to some stupid off-key theme song. More majestic than a mountain indeed.
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So I finally gave in to temptation and read the scripts to Litchi and Arakune's arcade story modes for Continuum Shift.

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So I've been being an idiot these past couple days, kicking around ideas for a Jersey Devil character if [profile] american_dirt opens back up again. I figure the best way to cut down his powers and keep him level with everyone else is just to make him basically just a really weird animal with a couple weaker magic abilities. So a bastardized version of the Devil. But I really like the idea, I just need to play with it a bit more and get it fine-tuned.

Watch I'll decide it's crap anyway and ditch it. :P

Feeling so, so lazy today. The sun's gone again. It's been so gloomy for so long that it's starting to just make me want to hibernate or something.

Or sit here and play games with Will all week. Past couple days, we've beaten each other up on Guilty Gear (with Will vehemently cursing Baiken's shortness ♥) and mauled zombies on Left 4 Dead 2 together. Mainly me running out there like a complete dumbass, flailing around with a katana and lopping off zombie heads while Will shot at anything coming at my back.

And us running off and leaving Coach and the chick to die. "Hunter's got Coach!" "Yeeep. He sure does. Let's go set that Witch on fire." "'kay!"

Clearly I have the most awesome fiance to play games with. ♥
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Okay, so internet should be hooked up on February 1. Time Warner apparently can't find our address even though they have a deal with the apartment complex that we can only have them for internet. I haven't gotten an update email from them yet saying "LOL SORRY WE'RE STUPID, WE FOUND YOU", but then again, I also haven't gotten an email saying that they still can't find it. I dunno what's going on there.

Got a hair cut yesterday, for free because I donated the hair they hacked off. :D I had nearly a foot of curly frizzy mess that I wanted to get rid of in light of the humidity and heat here. Now my hair's all short and tame and it feels so good~

And for free~ ♥ I wasn't expecting that at all.

Got groceries on Saturday with Will. Our apartment is now stocked. We also obtained Girl Scout cookies with Will's tip money. Fucking awesome. :D

Cat hasn't let me sleep much these past few days, so I'm hoping I don't fall asleep at work. Shit's boring, but dammit if it's not worth it. Double my rent money every month? Benefits within a month? Awesome coworkers? Totally worth it.

Besides, I get to read the weird ways people have kicked the bucket on all the death certificates. Suffice to say, fireball helicopter so far takes the cake for most badass death.

Started up a new file on Megaten Nocturne last night due to boredom and having a shitty team on my other file. I have a kickass Nozuchi and decided to try and not be an asshole and get rid of High Pixie. She's kind of outshone by my other demons at the moment, but if I can evolve her one more time....

I should probably go answer the tags I've gotten so that I can slooowly stay active at RPs. Just... fffff Time Warner. Gimme my own damn Roadrunner.
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fff nothing like losing productivity due to stomach/head/body aches, deep-set chills, and general sleepiness. The packing cubes got here today and poor Will had to haul the furniture (with the help of a furniture dolly thank god) out himself. I had just... no strength in my limbs. I don't even know wtf. Was super sick last night... hoping a good night's sleep will fix me.

Played some Left 4 Dead 2 with Will after we ate some dinner. I suck so bad lol. Can't aim to save my life. Unless I'm running around like a dumbass with a katana or guitar, then I'm good. (Killed a Tank with a guitar. Is this awesome? y/y)

Also played HeartGold for about... ten minutes. I'm raising an Eevee in an attempt to get an Umbreon. Only I've been so bleeeh that I can't even focus on that.

We have too much stuff. :\ Really need to start feeling better so I can help get this shit outta here and into the cubes.
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Been playing Animal Parade and Pokemon Rumble. Dude, the kids are so cute on Animal Parade. At least Luke's are. The boy kid is just too damn adorable and keeps nagging to learn how to ride the horses. The girl's not out of her crib yet, but the bunny hat is great. ♥ I finally got my goddamn barn upgraded on there (LUMBER TAKES TOO LONG TO GATHER ARRRGH) and now I have three cows (soon to be four), two horses, and an ostrich chick. MOTHERFUCKING OSTRICH, DUDE.

Pokemon Rumble is just retarded, but so damn enjoyable. Nothing like fucking up the arena battle with a Nidoran.

I gank memes from people. Perhaps too much. But here's one from [profile] broadwaystar12.

❀ ask any of my characters a question. ask them anything you want, regardless of knowing their canon or not [or even if you RP or not!]
❀ if they are from an au!world, it will be stated in the return comment title. [this does not apply to mine.]
❀ feel free to ask them as your own character, if you want. either way, your question might be returned with one of their own, if they feel so inclined.
❀ it's totally encouraged for you to tag with your own character

Baiken, Guilty Gear
Litchi Faye-Ling, Blazblue
Albel Nox, Star Ocean 3
Francisco "Tito" Rodriguez, OC
Nara Shikako, Naruko
Chiyo, Shades
Yukana, Shades
Shiraha Chiharu, Shades
Yamanaka Suisen, Shades
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Well, thank you to [personal profile] debilitate for the v-gift and to the anon who sent one to Discedo!Baiken account. Much ♥ for the message on yours, Grasshopper. ilu too bb. Anon, are you the one who's always leaving smilies on the HMD? Or was that Grasshopper too?

Other than that, I really don't have much to report on. Been playing P4 and HG when I'm not packing or sleeping. I got this Totodile with near perfect IVs who's been rocking all over the place. Most awesome.

Also, I hate snow, but ice sucks a lot more and I'm very sure there's a lot of it outside right now. D:
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Today was one of those days in which I did a lot but feel like I did nothing at all. I was woken up by Idiot in Financial Aid calling to tell me the second check came in (before the first one... FFFF) and that I could come in and pick it up. She decided to be a smug and bitchy thing and so I started off very much on the wrong foot, wanting nothing more than to set fire to anyone and anything even remotely related to TCNJ.

So we went to pick up the check. I got some coffee from McDonald's on the way. Got the check from the lovely folks in Student Accounts -- people who actually do their jobs and are pleasant -- and went on an epic journey to try and find some place in Ewing that sells fucking packing tape.

What used to be a UPS store, like, a week ago is now an organic laundromat. Organic shit is a pet peeve of mine anyhow, for reasons I won't get into because I'd rant for a while, but there it is, where we were going to get tape and now can't. So we tried the grocery store nextdoor to it, which also had nothing. So we drove all around Trenton looking for some damn tape and finally got some at the post office, by which time I was rabid and just sat in the car inhaling my coffee to keep from twitching. PMS + Wake-up Call from Idiots + Wild Goose Hunt = Rabid Lauren.

Got home, packed up some shit (towels, DVDs, knick-knacks, posters, desktop comp, some kitchen appliances), made my mint brownie torte for Thanksgiving tomorrow with the fam (not exactly something I'm looking forward to), and then sat on my fat ass to play some Harvest Moon Animal Parade.

Married Luke on there, and he is so fucking doofy and fun that Will and I both were loling over half the shit he was saying. ("Wow, if that shooting star came our way, we'd be in TROUBLE.") Will and I had some fun in the beginning of the game placing bets on whether or not Chase would be tsundere or just a regular ass, whether or not the Wizard would rape you if you walked into his house at night, and other stupid shit that only we would think would be funny in Harvest Moon. ("The wizard looks like..." "Venom? Yeah, I know.")

Also, Animal Parade wins for a line about the wheel of fate turning and also Gollum jokes. I love you, Natsume.
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Will and I decided yesterday that we would go and 1) grab the fucking Mexican pizza I've been wanting for weeks from Taco Bell and 2) pick up my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game that I had on reserve. PMD counts as my birthday present from him, since I couldn't think of anything I wanted and he was the one to think of the fact that I had it on reserve and had no money to pay for it. XD;

We got in there and Will decided he'd grab Tekken 6 while he was there, because he had that on reserve without knowing it.

Came home, fired up PMD, and so far am a little meh on it because it seems like it's pretty much exactly the same as Darkness/Time. I mean, this is fine, because the characters/story/whatnot were fucking amazing and I loved them, but I keep playing hoping something will be different. The most I've gotten so far is an extra episode starring Bidoof that I can watch from the main menu.

...Is this what they meant by "extending the story from the previous games"? Because that's pretty fucking lame. Although I don't know why I would think a third Pokemon game in a specific story arc would be anything more than the Plus Edition; that's how it always goes. Maybe I read the website reviews wrong... Or maybe it WILL change around later.

In any case, my hero Pokemon was Charmander this time around (always either that or Pikachu), and I picked Mudkip as my partner again. My rescue team is Team Rocket, as always. ♥

Gonna play it a little more today and see if anything new comes up... if not, I'll just hop back on HeartGold for a while until I get bored with leveling again. XD;
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So I caught some sort of flu. Started to come down with it on Saturday, felt like shit Saturday night, felt slightly better Sunday, went to class on Monday despite feeling poopy, felt MUCH WORSE yesterday and stayed home from class, and it seems to be clearing again today. I should just stay down and let it get better today.

But I need to do laundry baaaw. Maybe I'll just let that go until the weekend.

Been spending my sick time on homework so I don't fall behind and lots of Star Ocean 1 on PSP. I had to reset my file because 1)I had no idea what dungeon I was running around in and wtf was with the puzzle I abandoned halfway through and 2) my party irritated the hell out of me and I wanted different characters. So I restarted.

SO1 is way, way, way harder in the remake than SO2. I mean, shit.

Also been reading HGSS spoilers all week and I am psyched~ So excited to play those. Is it 2010 yet?

...I should make art out of all these cough drop wrappers I've got here.


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