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Interview went well. :D The only bad thing about it was that my shoes were made by a person who hates feet and wants them to die. I still had scars from the last time I wore them -- literally -- but I donned 'em again today despite better judgment and now they're in horrible shape again. I won't get into details, but suffice to say, the scars are reopened and ugly.

I'd better get that job for this.

Still need to write for Character Development, but I think I'm gonna take a couple hour break before kicking that out of existence. Then it's swimming tonight, and home on Thursday. :3

I'd be so much more enthusiastic about all this if I wasn't so damned tired and drained from finals!
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My eternal hatred to for being so epically down in my time of need. ♥ I think those fuckers deleted my account, too. I can't get to it in any way.


Final for Character Development ALMOST COMPLETE, but without the help of FICTION-FUCKING-PRESS-DOT-COM, it'll take a while longer.

I am going to read the 300 comic now and revel in the testosterone and death. D:
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Yanno... I'm all for freedom of OTP, but seeing Snapesnogger's Snape/Lily shit on the front page for DevianTART every blessed time I log in is really starting to annoy me. I do believe it's only because it's always Snapesnogger. Can't it at least be a new artist if it's gonna be Snape/Lily every damn day? My inner James has his antlers in a twist over this faggotry.

On a completely different note, this weekend is going to be 48 straight hours of working on finals. Jooooy. I am off to an amazing start, having spent the last 24 hours trying to download and install Ragnarok again. Now playing on FrozenGlade server, since aeRO had to go and be a fag and not install right. Clearly my priorities are straight.

Also, and here is my dose of happy for the day: Finally got my interview for the TA position on Tuesday at noon. An exception is being made for me, since sophomores generally aren't allowed to be TAs, and hopefully I can get the job despite the odds being against me in that regard. (Being an exception is a heartening thing, though.)

So excited to get done with this semester. I want to go home.
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Hello, work ethic. Plz to be coming back to me so I can be doing my finals next week. It's really quite important and I would thoroughly enjoy your help.

Managed to plow through my Japanese work that's due tonight, as well as 9/10 of the work for my creative writing portfolio. Still need to write a paper for Game History, then it's time to write up three final papers and take two tests, one online and one in-person. It's not as bad as I feel it is, but it's hard to keep my head when I don't want to work at all.

Played Viva Pinata at school today while waiting for class to start, and will do it again tomorrow. I am thoroughly addicted. I've got the little worm pinatas breeding and am trying to get the bunnies going so I can attract more carnivore pinatas to the garden. I really want the deer I saw wandering around, too, but it didn't come in so I could see its requirements. But it was fucking awesome. I want it so bad.

Had fun beating the snail and fly pinatas to death with a shovel, too. It shocked and appalled quite a few of the guys in Cuban Pete's, who seemed to think that I had no idea wtf I was doing and that I needed constant guidance even though I was just playing around to see what all I could do and what all happens in the game. Seriously, now, guys, you know I'm a UAT kid... clearly I know something about video games or I wouldn't be majoring in them. I do not need help with them just because I'm a girl.

This underestimation of the female sex is why the vast majority of UAT kids will never, ever get laid. (I say this also because I've had UAT guys tell me that PMS is bullshit and that I'm making it up, that women choose to get raped, and that all women are psychotic bitches. I bet every single girl reading this paragraph had their shackles raised on at least one of those things.)

One more week until I get to go home~

Four more days 'til Will's family is here to visit and Kenney and I go into hiding~

One more day 'til I have to return Viva Pinata to the school library and Will rents it out again so we can keep playing it~
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Ahaha, so we're not gonna have power in the new apartment 'til Monday. The company won't do anything on weekends, so they're coming out to turn it on then. Hopefully Estancia won't be too PO'd at us about it. Lawl. We might end up staying here an extra couple of days. But the company said the power might not be off at 1100, and if it isn't, we're allowed to use it. Which is a good thing.

Other than that, I have Guitar Hero 80's style, Kenney's treating us to sammiches tonight, my dumbass cat is happier than ever before (gnawing on my charger right now), and everything else is good in the world. I passed the Japanese tests earlier, Sensei has been 18 kinds of happy since she came back from Japan, all my backed-up work is done... it's nice.

Now if only I didn't have to do this presentation for Soc. It's almost done, though.
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So the SOC teacher decided, quite randomly, that me and Jake needed to get in our teachback outline tonight instead of tomorrow night. Jake and I were gonna meet up tomorrow and do a thorough outline, since we both had stuff to do every other day this week, but now I either need to do the outline myself and swing it past him for verification or I need to go invade his place of work, taking away from the time I was gonna spend on homework.

Gee, thanks, Prof. Singer.

To top it off, the stupid UAT email system crashed, so now I don't know if Jake's gotten back to me about the outline/invasion idea or not, and I can't send a damn thing to anybody, let alone the teacher or my partner in crime for this damned teachback shebang.

On the bright side, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance Mom got an email from Dell this morning about their laptops being on sale, and it'd probably actually be cheaper with the sale to just buy a new Inspiron instead of replace my Days-Are-Numbered hard drive and my cracked screen. (All those commercials about their laptops being near invincible and perfect for college students? Lies.) Anyway, new laptop incoming, and all I really need to do is install XP instead of dumbass Vista and it's good to go.

Also, I'm actually ahead in Japanese, even if I still need to write for creative writing and Character Development.

And then I need to move on Saturday, but that's actually gonna be the easy part.

In conclusion, do not rely on technology when you go to a tech school, because the teachers will screw you over and make any technological advantages completely obsolete. :)
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Got the laptop back up and running after one horrible deathcrash and hard drive reformat. Took a while to get the drivers reinstalled, but it's running again. I'm /r/ing a whole shitload of pictures now since the drive needed to be wiped, so if you have a /b/ folder filled to the brim, IM me so I can see if you have some of the stuff I'm looking for plz. (#1 on my list is a picture of Cloud holding Aeris as she's dying, he's screaming, she's got a bulge, and she's saying, "touch it". I need that one back.)

Lost all my writings, which is making me more depressed than all the other shit I lost. The music I can redownload, the videos I can find again, the btarded pictures can be /r/'d, but the stuff I wrote and never posted, including notes on all sorts of things, are gone forever.

Anybody out there with a Dell Inspiron that's never hit the Media Direct button... don't ever touch it. Ever. Leave that fucker alone.


Stressed as hell, but once the move's over, and my presentation for SOC150, life ought to be okay again. Need to read the chapter tomorrow, write for Creative Writing, and work on Character Development stuff. -_- Also Japanese. And I think I'm behind on GAM150 as well, but the teacher's so far behind on grading that I'm really not concerned about it.

lol life sums it up pretty well right about now.

I need sleep like you would never believe.
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Going to the Potter/LAN party at UAT tonight, so I will be gone from about 8 'til midnight to 1 in the morning. Then I'm tanking Harry Potter 7 and doing homework all weekend, so it might be a couple days before I'm fully internet functional again. ♥

See y'all later~
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I am feeling so awesome today. We officially have the apartment; move-in's August 4th, the office lady said we're good to go on everything. Just need to write up the check for deposit/pet deposit/first month's rent when we move in and everything's set~ ♥

Seriously, man, if we could get an apartment with two unemployed college students, one working college student, and a cat, and without a cosigner, we can do anything. A good complex, too. I am so damn proud of us, you have no idea. X3 This will be my future watermark for Seemingly Impossible Shit. I could get this apartment squirreled away safely. Anything is possible now. I can pay off college loans before I die now. I can get a kickass job in the game design field now. I can be the best goddamn intern ever now, and I can get the company to pay my moving costs to get me there next summer.

This is such an uplifting thing. X3

In other news, I kicked ass and took names in Japanese today, will kick more ass and take more names in Creative Writing later, will be hanging out with the guys tonight in celebration, and the only bad thing about today is that I need to study me some kanji for the test on Friday -- but that's two days away and looking good now because I can do anything.

This is like finishing The Odyssey for Honors English in 10th grade and telling myself it made me capable of reading anything... which was also true. Only it's so much better.

This is the best I've felt in weeks.
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Last night marked the official first death bell toll for my PS2. I'd been wondering for a while, ever since it kept slowing down and struggling to read the FMVs in Final Fantasy 8, but the Chrono Cross FMVs just kill it in one shot. It plays otherwise, just gets murdered by cinematics... as I first noticed with Okami.

I'm bummed, but I really only had that thing for a year. I suspect that my dad's luck just transported into it when he bought it; he got a shit system because he always gets the shit system.

Oh well. Going out after class to go get a new one. Silver this time. I'm kinda PO'd, 'cause this was the money that I was saving up for an Xbox 360 at the end of the semester -- shut up, I really want to play Viva Pinata and a few other things -- but I guess maybe it'll just have to wait for next time. I think I'll keep the old PS2 just for backup in case of freak emergency, but I really need something that'll let me finish FF8 and play Chrono Cross because just watching DVDs to burn away free time is hideously boring.

I even did homework last night for a good three hours. And I still had a lot of free time. ....I need that job at UAT to start, like, yesterday.

Anyway, other than the death of my electronics, yesterday was pretty damn boring and uneventful. Tanked through half of the first season of Pokemon, simply because I could. Laughed my ass off at Will making the exact same noise the pug we used to have at the stables would make. Luffed on my cat, because he is my buddy and watches DVDs with me. Discovered that Oceanspray Cran-Cherry juice tastes exactly like cherry pie (go buy it, for serious, it's so good). Same old, same old.

Harry Potter needs to hurry up and come out so I have something else to tank reading.
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As I walked into UAT today, some car kept edging up further and further into the crosswalk, nearaly taking out my shins. When somebody does something along these lines, the natural response of the pedestrian is to look up at the driver, as if either daring them to run you over or giving them puppy eyes will save your life.

It was when I did this that I noticed that the person had one of those plushie lions from the Kenya flash that the Weebl and Bob people made, just sitting on the dashboard.

It's odd how I've forgiven them for nearly running me over just because of that.

Also, GOD, do I hate Smash Bros. There is nothing like exposure to Cuban Pete's to make you fucking hate that game. It's all they play. Jesus.
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Date went pretty damn well last night, and included me and Pan beating some bizarre-ass half shooter/half dating sim game and having it tell us we were best as just friends (we lawled), the Azn being the ultimate suck at a racing game, Will and I impressing a hoarde of middle/high school girls with our DDR prowess (aka -- managing B's on Standard), and me flipping an air hockey puck halfway across the arcade and having the kid who brought it back tell me it was Will's fault for making it come across to me so wobbly.

Creepy Gameworks Guy was running register when we were waiting in line to get our cards all filled up for $10 All Night Gaming. This guy always acts like he knows me, is super annoying about it, and Pan and I were convinced he had a crush on me. So when I spotted the guy and just started glaring, Will immediately knew who it was from the stories and glomped onto me happily and stupid Creepy Gameworks Guy left me alone all night.

You have no idea how happy I am that I escaped one encounter without some smartass remark like he's known me my whole life.

Also, [profile] confusedkain! I got Pyramid Head Pony yesterday, and he is fifteen kinds of amazing. He's sexing up my car keys right now. ♥

Today is Japanese, and then I dunno what, probably homework and midterm shit. I don't even feel like getting up today lawl cramps but I am going to force my lazy ass up because it's Japanese, and Sensei is merciless.

Today's gonna be one of those days, I can tell already. Woke up far earlier than I would've liked, was greeted with cat puke when I finally got up, and I'm moving agonizingly slow. C'mooon, brain, work with me today.
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Life seems to be on the mend again. Got a date of the double variety tonight, I hear there's some guy dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite running around UAT today that I am hurrying my ass up with breakfast to go see, and I got me my Pokeymans for the Wii yesterday. It's pretty damn fun, except for that SPIN THE WHEEL AND YOUR ENEMY CAN USE YOUR POKEYMANS TOO thing. wtf is that, seriously. I didn't train them to have them turned against me. (I got taken out by my own Dialga. >O)

Today's thoughts are, though: What is up with the friends only craze here on LJ? I know a large quantity of my friends-list is friends only, and this is how I know that... the vast majority have no reason other than being elitist to make it locked from the public. They're not trying to get away from an e-stalker. They're not so insanely popular that random people just pop up and friend the shit out of them so much that it gets annoying. They're not hiding information from bosses or snoopy family members or coworkers or any of that shit...

...most of the time, it's just being an elitist. And all they're hiding from the public is such wonderful and meaningful entries as "Today, I had some salad. It was delicious." and "I FUCKING LOVE COLORING!!!!11!!" and "Livejournal, I am so emo today. D:" there really any reason any of that needs to be hidden?

And maybe I'm not seeing the point here. Maybe it's not elitism that makes people who have no real reason to friends-only-ify their journals. Maybe it's some mutant gene that pops up in 50% of the population and gives them some other reason... I don't know. I just don't get it.

Not that this rant is here to piss people off, but if anybody on my friends list is reading this and has their journal private for any reason other than hiding it from specific people that you know are after it, please tell me what the deal is all about. I really want to know.

Aaand I just got a text message from Senpai saying Napoleon Dynamite left UAT. D: I missed him. Fuck.
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Finally, finally almost all caught up on all my work. Jesus, did it take a while. Still got an entire portfolio to do for Creative Writing, one worksheet for Character Development, and three discussions and a research paper for Sociology, but that's sadly only about a third of what I originally had.

Goddamn, am I paying for letting it slide for a while.

Also, got the job pretty much slated, just need to fill out an application on the UAT intranet and then I'm done.

It has been one awesometastic Monday, despite my lack of sleep. :3
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FINALLY, I have found myself a job. Most likely. Hopefully. UAT shouldn't have a problem giving it to me, in any case, and Hirano-sensei asked for me specifically, so it oughta work. But yeah; Sensei asked if I could be a tutor/TA for her starting in the fall semester. :3 She's totally confident in my ability, which is such a confidence boost you have no idea. She said I should also invest in a kanji dictionary -- NOTE TO SELF: NELSON'S -- just for my own sake, even if it's not entirely for classes. (I mentioned that I have fun practicing reading by translating manga/games/websites in spare time, but that kanji always trips me up.)

Sensei also said I should start up a Japanese culture club, which I may or may not have mentioned before, and I'm trying to rally support first before I see how I go about making a club anyway.

It's funny how much Hirano-sensei can rope me into without me feeling like it's a chore. I just love being able to help her. lol, favorite teachers and moms away from home.

It's also odd how I'm so excited to have so much workload incoming from both those things. If it were anything else, I'd be headdesking myself into oblivion by now... if I would've even agreed in the first place.

On a completely random other note, LAN party tonight was lame. Came back home after a couple hours with Will and have every intention of stealing his copy of Ehrgeiz to play while he plays the housewife and bustles around making miso soup. :3
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wtf power outages today. I was almost up to the boss battle against Fuujin and Raijin, too. D:

Despite the sporadic bursts of electricity, I managed to get my laundry done and also got a huge chunk of my backlogged homework out of the way. There's still a lot, but I guess I'll live.

Did a lot of backstory work for Raine for Garden Life, including manuevering around some confusing plotholes in the FF8 history. Patched up those, came up with some info for the present, and then read a staggering amount of badfic just to see what other takes people have taken on Raine and Laguna...

...I am pleased to say that I like my rendition best, next to that kickass fic "Storm Front."

I also like my rendition of Fuujin the best out of all the fics I've seen, because almost everybody insists on making her a weepy damsel in distress when she is, in fact, quite the opposite. wtf, fandom.

Took a break from my RP/homework to do all the dishes that I let pile up out of laziness and lethargy, made myself some spaghetti for lunch, finished off another chapter of reading and then played summore FF8.

Prolly going over to Estancia tonight for a little while. I am... really pushing my socialness quota over the line this weekend.
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You know... it's totally ridiculous, but talking to [profile] hikari_cyhan has reminded me just how much I love UAT. It's corny as hell, but I really do. It's the first time I've been genuinely proud of where I go to school since elementary, and I'm actually happy about the vast majority of things about it.

I mean, yeah, the smelly kids are irritating, and the Smash fags in Cuban Pete's are enough to make anyone want to kick the Gamecube out a window and into a burning cesspool, and the creeps get really old really fast, but the friends I've made here make me realize that, even with all the cons, I could never have picked a better school to come out to.

Yeah, I'd like to get away from the desert summer, and I would love to see my mom and band again, but whenever I get to feeling down about that, all I have to do is go spend time with the gang and play some Mario Party, or go to Sonic and talk about video games, or walk around the mall with nee-chan and I forget why I was upset in the first place.

It's depressing to think that I'll be done here by the time two years have gone by, but I have no doubt in my mind that I'll still have the gang around then. And I'll be damn proud to tell people where I came from. And I'm sure I'll come back to this godforsaken little desert town as often as I can just to peek in on how good ol' UAT is doing.

I'm sure I'll be picked on mercilessly for this entry later, but fuck it, I love this place and I'm proud of it.
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lol element meme )

So [profile] fayriedance got me all interested in some multi-Final Fantasy RPG over on GreatestJournal and I ended up joining as Reeve and Fuujin. >> Part of me is like OMG I NEED NO MORE TO DISTRACT ME FROM SCHOOLWORK, but part of me is just jazzed up on new RP energy.

I never learn, I guess.

Letters From Iwo Jima came in the mail yesterday, so I have my emotional torture salute to an absolutely amazing movie now. I really want to do a music video with either Do As Infinity's "Kagaku no Yoru" or Dir en grey's "Ain't Afraid to Die" or maybe even Gazette's "Saraba", but I'm dragging my feet 'cause that means I have to watch it again and I'm already borderline emo enough without that.

Slept super late today, had many a weirdass dream. Amazing. I feel so very good, even though I'm slowly turning completely nocturnal. This is a big oopsie, considering I have classes at 10:30 in the morning. D:

...but new RP, yay~
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So I randomly decided to make a cake. It didn't cook in the amount of time the box said I should cook it for, so I had to wing it and I really hope I didn't fuck it up. D: Because I hate wasting money on failed food experiments.


Went over to Estancia for a sleepover last night, had a lovely night's sleep on the uber-comfy couch that I miss oh-so-much, ate some Haru-made pancakes for breakfast, and was dying of a migraine so I had to come home fairly early after a couple hours' worth of Saturday Morning Pokemon Marathon.

Been playing Pokemon mbr XD for the Gamecube for a couple days; rented it out of the UAT library. It's actually pretty damn awesome. I might just keep renewing it for a while. :3 It's fun, the minigames are amusing, and my team is really very awesome. (I've got a Spheal named Tubby that I love so much it's ridiculous.)

I really, really need to do homework tomorrow and Monday, but tomorrow is also Haru's birthday, so I gotta go over and hang out with him, too. It's so good to have him back from Texas again; Arizona just wasn't the same without everybody's big brother.

Also, on a completely random note, drunk idiot men in the grocery store, running around and spraying AXE everywhere are the absolute scum of the universe. >(
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DUDE. Halloween this year, Pan and I are gonna be Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, respectively. :D Our friend Shawna's gonna be Calypso, too. Senpai might be Elizabeth and she's gonna see if she can get Haru to be Will. It's gonna be badass.

I still need to do my papers. Fuck.


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