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So at the Three Days Left At Current Job marker, I caught a cold. I'm not sure if it's from someone at work who refused to stay out while he was sick... or if it's from some jackass girl who felt inclined to sneeze all over me and Will and our food when we went to an Italian place last weekend. It was probably the girl, because it's a head cold, and the dude at work had a chest cold, but I digress.

Tried to pull a full day yesterday, but had to head home at lunch break due to being dead tired. Slept from 11 last night until noon today. I feel a lot better, but still wonky.

Chugging down lots of Sunny D and medicine and tea and I'm gonna drink a Red Bull to try and truck my shift tonight because dammit I need my moneeeeey.

My cat is the best company when you don't feel good. ♥ He's so cuddly and warm.
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Oh holy hell do I feel sick. THE DRY TOAST AND PEPTO! IT DOES NOTHING!

You know those horrible chills you get when your stomach is thinking of emptying itself? Yeah. This is fun.

AND WORK IN FIFTEEN MINUTES LOLOLOL i don't even know wtf my stomach is so mad about, it's probably just hungry

Part of me is really hoping to come home early today, even though it will make my paycheck cry. lol, not even at work yet and already wanting to go home.

EDIT: Careful what you wish for, I guess.

Got rear-ended on my way in by some dude I am incredibly certain was drunk. He hit and ran. Dude almost hit this van right before he hit me, so... pretty sure he was drunk.

I'm okay -- so far, at least -- and the car is also looking alright so far. I took a buncha pictures just in case.

Can't stop shaking, but I've got a police report number if work needs some kind of equivalent to a doctor's note. I, uh... don't think driving while I'm shaking like this is a terribly good idea.

Just... going to sit in my air conditioning with my cat now. And watch Friends.

Shaking a lot less now than I was, so... should be fine soon enough.

Seriously, though. What the fuck with getting rear-ended at a red light by giant pickup trucks. This better not be some recurring theme in my life.
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So I'm feeling much, much better at this point, but I sound like I've been chainsmoking for the past 40 years. Y'know, that raspy cracky voice and wheezing hacking cough. Everyone's had that neighbor/aunt/grocery store cashier that sounds like that, right? That's me right now.

But I feel pretty awesome. Aside from sore abdominal muscles from all the coughing and my throat still hurting a bit, at least.

Celebrating feeling human by doing laundry and listening to the Beatles. Blaring Rubber Soul throughout the apartment so I can hear it in the laundry closet. Amazing how soundproofed our place is. I mean, seriously, the laundry closet's not far from the living room and you can't hear a damn thing back there unless it's really loud.

I should really clean the apartment, but I think I should put off heavy-duty cleaning until I'm sure I can handle cleaner fumes without dying.

My mom got the flowers I sent her for Mother's Day. :3 She took pics with her cell phone and sent said pics along to me all happily. Thanks for help making up my mind which ones to send, [personal profile] coyul. :D We picked the right ones. ♥

There's something about Beatles music and coffee in the morning that just makes me feel like the day will go well. I should seriously start off every weekend morning like this. Not like I don't have enough Beatles music.
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You know it's been too long since you slept and that you're on way too many cold meds when you seriously lie there thinking you've found the cosmic answer to how to unclog one nostril in the lyrics to Round and Round by Ratt.

And only realize that it's weird when you wake up from a half hour of sleep, try it again, and wonder why the cosmic equation isn't working anymore.

...Thiiiinkin' I might take up my doctor's extra day out of work on the note she wrote for me at this rate. I think I've slept two hours in the past 48. Lookin' awesome, self.

Icon because my thought processes are strikingly similar to "Stick your hand in the TV DO IT DO IT DO IT"


With love we'll find a way just giiiive it time~
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So, uh. Really pretty sick here. Some fucker at work came in last Monday without his voice and told us all it was because he'd gone to some frat party and had yelled it out, plus allergies. We were all dying of allergy, so I figured "okay," and had no trouble with this guy sitting next to me.

And then today my voice goes out. Ultra sore throat. Coughing. And -- this lovely bit didn't start 'til only a few hours ago -- fever. Started out at 99.9, two hours later was 100.7, and is now 101.7. Since I feel like I am both fucking freezing and made of molten lava all at once, I can't sleep even though oh god body aches and tired.

Tried blankets, tried cold cloth, tried hot tea, tried ice cream to try and break it, but this fever's not done capping out yet I think. >:| lol, is that you, strep? It's been a while, buddy.

In any case, no white spots on the tonsils yet, and if this shit isn't broken by morning, I'm calling out of work and going to the doctor asap. No bueno.

At least the cat has been real cuddly while I'm all "blarg I am slug". He and I snugged and watched The Princess Bride and Ratatouille earlier. He's helping to keep me out of arctic cold right now. Wonderful animal. ♥

What a lovely weekend. >:|
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Character Stamp Meme

lol, in other news, I am a walking biohazard. Apparently. Doctor thinks I've got the flu -- didn't say if it was swine or regular -- but she came in wearing the entire shebang of medical mask, plastic gloves, you name it. And her nurse, too. I get the test results today on whether or not it's the flu, but they want me to stay out of work until the 24th.


Everyone at work has it already anyway. ♥ Thanks, Boss.

Four day weekend was nice, though. Yay sleep.
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I definitely caught what's going around work. >( Hacking up a lung, sore throat, gummy eyes, super tired and achey. FFFF.

Called out and will go to the doctor to get me my note so it won't count against me. Can't get an appointment 'til Monday, but that's fine. Even if I feel better (which I probably will), I'll still go and get my note.

'Til then, it's all about soup and hot tea. And snug up with my cat and sleep. ♥ Nothing like a warm and fluffy Moot when you're feeling like crap.

Icon because that is my face right now.
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Uuuuuugh. Three days of only three hours of sleep at night. I am so exhausted wtfffff.

And for some inexplicable reason, my head itches like hell. It's like my dandruff decided to go aggro all of a sudden.

In all this time I've not been sleeping, I've been leveling Pokemon. I don't know why I put these progress things in here, except perhaps that it's kinda fun to look back on them? :shrug: )

So, so tired.
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So I have the attention span of a gnat and I'm hopped up on cold meds, so it's even worse, so I decided I'd restart my HeartGold file. Already.

Before I reset it, I went and caught Lugia, Ho-oh, and the dogs, loaded all my valuable items and TMs onto them and what pokemon I wanted to salvage (shiny!Gyarados and Anji the Killer Butterfree, namely), and traded 'em all off onto my Platinum version. Also bred up a team that I'll use on the new one just to be able to say I did breed already on HG. There's no convenient hatching path to follow, but Ojii-san at the Daycare calls you to let you know when there's eggs, so you can basically putter off wherever the hell you feel like it and you're fine.

Reset the file, grabbed a Cyndaquil (because I feel naked without one) and I'll trade over the team I bred later once I've caught shit. It'll be a team of Lanturn, Scizor, Typhlosion, Ursaring, Skarmory, and Tyranitar. I obviously went for large and intimidating this time. I've never raised most of these guys before, so it'll be fun. ♥

This cold/flu/whatever I caught is seriously annoying and needs to go the fuck away already. I can't breathe, my throat hurts, my ears are almost as stuffed as my nose, my nose hurts due to tissue abuse. >( I know it's bad when Will's cooking dinner filled with cajun spice and peppers and I can't smell it at all.

Homework blows, and it's really hard to do when you're drugged up on Nyquil. If I fall asleep on Pokemon, I will most certainly fall asleep reading about why third world countries are poor and need help. I thought that was a given, that they needed help.

I have classes and major assignments due on the days of the viewing and funeral this week, and I'm honestly not sure which side is going to win out. My mom and family are yelling at me to go to class, but I really feel bad about it. :\ I've been wanting to call and apologize that I probably won't be able to make it, but my voice has been out and aaaaargggh.

Also need to call Mom and ask about coming down to visit at the end of the month so I can get my car inspected and maybe get a filling that fell out replaced. Got a gaping hole in one tooth right now that I should probably patch up before it goes and gets a cavity in it. :\ Yay obsessive brushing in the meantime?
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So I caught some sort of flu. Started to come down with it on Saturday, felt like shit Saturday night, felt slightly better Sunday, went to class on Monday despite feeling poopy, felt MUCH WORSE yesterday and stayed home from class, and it seems to be clearing again today. I should just stay down and let it get better today.

But I need to do laundry baaaw. Maybe I'll just let that go until the weekend.

Been spending my sick time on homework so I don't fall behind and lots of Star Ocean 1 on PSP. I had to reset my file because 1)I had no idea what dungeon I was running around in and wtf was with the puzzle I abandoned halfway through and 2) my party irritated the hell out of me and I wanted different characters. So I restarted.

SO1 is way, way, way harder in the remake than SO2. I mean, shit.

Also been reading HGSS spoilers all week and I am psyched~ So excited to play those. Is it 2010 yet?

...I should make art out of all these cough drop wrappers I've got here.
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Lordy, lordy. Three days back in classes and already I'm coming down with something. WAY TO GO IMMUNE SYSTEM

Apparently bronchitis is going around. Which I am notorious for catching very easily. And it could very well be that, since I'm feverish and coughy and my throat hurts. >\ Way to go, self, get off on the right foot.

Ate lots of soup today. Drank so much tea I don't even know. Got a very nice nap. Still feel shitty. Mom's birthday party is tomorrow. Poooooop

Watching Kill Bill while eating dinner. I'm a little twisted.

Anyway, meme time because I'm a sheep baa

Not another fandom meme! )
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News update: Back in AZ with flu. :D

That is all.
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Quote of the Day: "FRUIT PUNCH! FRUIT PUNCH! FRUIT PUNCH!!!" - Some guy next to us at the Sonic yesterday, screaming his order into the box because the girl, for some reason, didn't understand... and then got pissed at him for yelling.

^^ Highly entertaining ^^

So yesterday, we returned our little car and went to some Paint Your Own Pottery place, which was pretty fun and the lady running the place was very nice. I made a little Starrlite foal statue, Will made a turtle box, and Mom made a teapot/teacup combo thing.

Hungry afterwards, we piled into the car to go to Sonic for lunch, and I was feeling very wonky. Very drained and tired, my skin felt too hot, and I felt a little carsick.

Turns out I've probably got some mild form of sunstroke. (I say probably because we're still not sure... it keeps coming back and won't go the hell away, so we're suspecting perhaps food poisoning.)

Despite this, I wouldn't let Ma or Will derail from the plan to get Mom some shirts at Purple Pony and get my hoodie. Got home, collapsed for a nap, woke up with a 100.2o fever. Managed to get the fever down, hung out downstairs for a while, went upstairs to go to bed... woke up at 3 in the morning, shivering something awful and with a sky-high fever again. I managed to weasel Will over to keep me warm, but it didn't help much... had to take a lukewarm bath again to get the fever down.

Was wide awake after that, played vidja games downstairs 'til 7 in the morning, then went back to bed.

Woke up in the same state again.

I am most displeased with this fever.
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Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance does it have.

lol icons )

In other news, I have a stomach bug. It's really, really awful, a lot like the one I had a couple years ago that actually had me throwing up -- which I never do -- and convinced me that I was dying. Shut up, I get terrified if I puke. It never happens. Think I went six years with a clean slate before last time happened. Anyway, this time, no puking Thank God, but I am so drained that I can hardly move at all and I feel v. v. v. sick.

I plan on flopping on Will once he gets back so I have a source of warmth to ease away the muscle aches, might eat some plain spaghetti later if my stomach decides it's willing to let food in, and will otherwise just lie here on the couch like a dead thing and play Final Fantasy VIII.

I think I need to take my mom's nagging advice to heart and go to the damn doctor. D: If this bug's not gone by Thursday, I'll suck it up and go. But... hate. ;;~;; Hate doctors.
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The stomachache/migraine continues! Joy of joys.

Went to the mall despite it all after my Japanese test, got some Pokemans stuff and a huge stuffed Bambi, which was on clearance and over 50% off. I was filled with glee.

Now considering wtf to do with myself other than lie in bed like a lump.
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Finally got around to getting the ear drops, as well as some baby oil to heat up, put on some wadded up cotton, and stick in my ear. (Age old Walls family cure for earaches... I felt naked without it.) Finally on the road to recovery from... whatever the fuck weirdness my ear is going through.

Tanked through the second half of One for the Money this morning, am onto The Hundred Secret Senses, will move on to Two for the Dough once I'm done with this. Played some Spyro: Ripto's Rage last night, got amazingly motion sick from the camera, felt nostalgic and ill, and went back to Pokemon: Fire Red. I might catch a Pidgey before Mt. Moon, but then again, I might not. I'm used to only having the Pikachu and Charmeleon on my way through there.

Tech & Society book still isn't here. Goddamn. I hope I can get to my homework in time before the discussions close.

Yay for disjointed entries.
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lolol, I am everything but concious today. Slept through my first class, which I was really psyched for, and I know I can't summon up enough energy to go in for the second one. I don't know wtf the deal is today, I'm just dead. Barely any strength in my arms and legs and I'm just tired as all hell. (Actually sleeping for once, though, so I'm pretty sure I'm sick in some way.)

What a time for this to pop up. Second day of the new semester =/= good time for this bullshit.

And I'm really liking all my new classes so far. ;_; Guess I gotta wait 'til Thursday to find out on the two I had today.

Think Imma go sleep for another few hours and then I'll tackle the reading for all my classes. Might as well get something done while I can't haul my ass out of bed.
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So apparently, Miyavi's gonna be in LA next month. Also DespairsRay and Kaggra, both of which I loff on, so this concert is going to kick ass. Tickets go on sale, of course, while I need to be at the thing for the speech contest, unless they're talking EST, in which case I can swing it. Otherwise, I'm making Pan get me a ticket. 'Cause omfg, Miyavi. Also a lovely excuse to go back to LA and bug Motoki for a couple days. XD;;


Today, I woke up all cheerful, walked to school laughing and happy, had a great first class, went down to Cuban Pete's to sit with Pan until Japanese, and about twenty minutes before Japanese, all of a sudden, I was incredibly sick. Like, chills and fever and epic stomachache that limited movement and everything. omg, felt so bad. I managed to drag myself to Japanese, ask Sensei if I could take the kanji quiz right then and there and go home, took said kanji quiz, and staggered my way back up Baseline so I could collapse in bed.

After just lying here with the laptop and some tea for about eight hours, I'm feeling a bit better. The chills and fever are gone, at least, which is quite the improvement. (Went through fever hell around 6 and couldn't pile enough blankets on, but that's past. XD;;)

Despite it all, I'm still super happy that I'll be going to LA again next month and having fun having the apartment to myself tonight. lol, blaring Ouran and watching corny-as-hell dub!Sailor Moon.

Think I might write for a bit before bed, even though I'm reeeallyyy tiiireeed.
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Wow is it easy to schedule a SuperShuttle ride home from the airport. I kinda like shelling out $20 for a hassle-free ride more than busting my ass calling vague family members that I never knew 'til five months ago. >>

Cut for TMI maybe~ )

SOMEHOW, I have come out of this holiday season with less than I came out here with. O_o I think it's because I'm sending out some stuff in a box and dumped, like, half my haul in there instead. It could also be that I'm leaving two hoodies behind in Pennsylvania. I dunno, but it worked, and I'm leaving lighter than I came here. >D Win.

I'll check in once I'm back home in Tempe~


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