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We rented this awesome three-wheeled mini-car today, me and Will. It's $18 for 24 hours, and the only extra cost is I need to fill'er up with gas before I turn it back in tomorrow afternoon. It's obnoxious green and loud as a motorbike, but is amazingly comfy and a damn pretty way to see the island. I've been having a grand old time parking it in regular-style parking spaces. The only annoying thing is, there's no reverse... so to get out of parking spaces, me and Will have to drag it out and turn it in the direction we want. XD;;

But, with this wonderful device, we invaded half the stores on the island, I got a couple t-shirts, Will found the "Ahh! Real Monsters" game for SNES for $1, and we had fun watching the drawbridge while we were stuck in traffic on the way back to the house.

My only real complaint is how messed up my hair is now from driving around in that thing.

Dunno what the plan is for tonight, but I need to mooch money from my mom to get that zip-up hoodie... I am out of cash now. That can wait 'til the end of the week, though.

Best vacation ever, mang. I definitely need to get one of these little three-wheeler suckers to drive around Tempe.
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So today, we went to Lehigh Valley Mall and Ichiban Steakhouse. It was all cold and rainy, so it was a perfect mall-type day, so naturally, a shitload of people were wandering around LV Mall and being generally in the way. But I got some new underwear (lol all I've got back in AZ is old and holey), snooped in Hot Topic and found shirts I want for my birthday, bought Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins for the Gameboy (classic! epic!), talked to Matt in the downstairs EB for a good long time and got up to speed on everybody, snooped in KB Toys and scared the shit out of Will by attacking him with a foam sword -- he thought it was an umbrella -- and also played with Pokeymans toys, tried and failed to find bar soap in Bath & Body Works, and found that Suncoast still smells funny, as it always has. On the way out, we got chocolate at that expensive chocolates place upstairs. Holy shit is it delicious and the ultimate PMS cure.

Nothing and everything has changed. Seriously. It's insane. I leave for 8 months and this place warps.

Ate delicious noodles and veggies at Ichiban, bickered with Will over which is superior, Kobe or Ichiban, and got some green tea ice cream. Came home, played Metal Saga, turned the controller over to Will after a while and played some Mario instead, and now I'm kind of falling asleep.

Tomorrow, we venture to Nuts About Ice Cream, which is my favorite ice cream shop in the entire country, and then I'm goin' across the street to duke it out with Liberty and see if they'll cough up my yearbook. Bitches.

And then I need to fill out scholarship applications. Joy and joyness. -_- Just what I wanted to do with my vacation.
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Date went pretty damn well last night, and included me and Pan beating some bizarre-ass half shooter/half dating sim game and having it tell us we were best as just friends (we lawled), the Azn being the ultimate suck at a racing game, Will and I impressing a hoarde of middle/high school girls with our DDR prowess (aka -- managing B's on Standard), and me flipping an air hockey puck halfway across the arcade and having the kid who brought it back tell me it was Will's fault for making it come across to me so wobbly.

Creepy Gameworks Guy was running register when we were waiting in line to get our cards all filled up for $10 All Night Gaming. This guy always acts like he knows me, is super annoying about it, and Pan and I were convinced he had a crush on me. So when I spotted the guy and just started glaring, Will immediately knew who it was from the stories and glomped onto me happily and stupid Creepy Gameworks Guy left me alone all night.

You have no idea how happy I am that I escaped one encounter without some smartass remark like he's known me my whole life.

Also, [profile] confusedkain! I got Pyramid Head Pony yesterday, and he is fifteen kinds of amazing. He's sexing up my car keys right now. ♥

Today is Japanese, and then I dunno what, probably homework and midterm shit. I don't even feel like getting up today lawl cramps but I am going to force my lazy ass up because it's Japanese, and Sensei is merciless.

Today's gonna be one of those days, I can tell already. Woke up far earlier than I would've liked, was greeted with cat puke when I finally got up, and I'm moving agonizingly slow. C'mooon, brain, work with me today.
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Doctor's appointment went well, and then I went on my once-a-semester spending spree at the Fiesta Mall in Mesa. But not before checking the mail, in which my Laguna keychain and my Lean Mean Thirteen were waiting for me. Read a chapter of the book, squeed happily at Laguna!chain and put him on my keys, and off we went.

I found the first season of the Pokemon anime, a shirt with Pikachu with the (- w -) face on, a Gryffindor shirt for the HP release party, a pin with Deery Lou and hair pins with same Sanrio deer. We're gonna Pokeparty once Senpai's back from her vacation, because season one is made of infinite win.

Going to pick up my Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii next week, which will be much love. I'm dorkily excited.

Still need to do that portfolio, but I am so relaxed and happy now that I don't even care.


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