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Pictures from my Easter egg-making bonanza with my dear friend Pat today~

Most are Pokemon, but the Okami-egg, my masterpiece, has its own cut, so it's easy to separate from my Pokeman fantardation.

God help you if you have dial-up. )

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The Belief-o-Matic says that I am 100% Neo-Pagan. I find this lulz-worthy 'cause I agreed with everything they had on the page to describe their beliefs and 'cause my dad flipped out on me once and told me I had to pick a religion, right here, right now, and I wasn't allowed to pick a pagan one. (I found the last part out by calmly saying, "I understand Shinto and Buddhism the most out of all I've read about...")

Haha, Dad. XD Sorry you couldn't sit on me and force me to be Catholic. I laughed about that, too, 'cause I had 17% on Catholic. Dad would flip.

In other, completely unrelated news, I finally got all 100 stray beads on Okami last night. It gives you this kickass accessory that turns you immortal. Infinite HP, Infinite Ink, x10 Attack Power. What makes it even cooler is I've got the Walk On Water accessory equipped to good 'ol Ammy and now she's in full god-mod mode. She can walk on water, she can kill anything in one hit, nothing can hurt her, and there's no limit on brush techniques I can use.

It's so flippin' sweet I don't even have words for it. XD I just ran around for an extra hour and a half after swearing to myself I'd go to sleep, killing monsters and laughing 'cause no matter what they did, they couldn't hurt me.

It's not cheating 'cause the game gave all this stuff to me. X3 And playing as a goddess... shouldn't I be immmortal?

Amazing, man. Amazing.

I love this game.
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So I randomly decided it would be a Good Idea to draw Amaterasu from Okami, surrounded by all the animals in the game that you have to run up to and feed to earn praise and therefore get stronger.


I ended up with this monster of an undertaking, but the rough sketch is done and there's some good potential here. I've got 20 animals, including wolf!Amaterasu. I took out the monkey that's in the game simply because I fucking haet monkeys and put in a butterfly instead, 'cause there's a deer and a boar and I fail like that.

omg, this is gonna take so long, but it ought to be awesome. X3 This damn game owes me one life after devouring mine.
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I just went straight from two hours on Okami, beating the game, to popping a ridiculous amount of bubblewrap.

My fingers are dead, lol.


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