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Ganked from [personal profile] rikasaurus! I'm too lazy to upload stuff for download, but just lemme know if you want it and I can send it to you. ♥

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

I got "R" :D

1. RED... [em] - Dir en grey
2. Ride on Time - Daisuke Ishiwatari
3. Reset - Ayaka Hirahara
4. The road to hope. - Daisuke Ishiwatari

...I totally realize my weeaboo is showing. >>
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I have no good excuse for this other than "I pick out character songs at work and then feel like sharing the songs with people."


Songs that I have tossed into my Litchi Playlist! )
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How did I never find this before. ;;_;; Violin + Weak Executioner = Fuckyes.

Although the squiggly shirt is really cracking me up.

Dammit this song always makes me wish someone would play Arakune at one of the games I'm in. ;_; Even though... I really do wonder how it would work in either place. Shut up, brain, pre-squiggly is practically an OC and doesn't count. Not to mention I'd have an emopants Litchi on my hands then. Alas.

...I should really stop listening to this and actually do something with my day off here.
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So I'm feeling much, much better at this point, but I sound like I've been chainsmoking for the past 40 years. Y'know, that raspy cracky voice and wheezing hacking cough. Everyone's had that neighbor/aunt/grocery store cashier that sounds like that, right? That's me right now.

But I feel pretty awesome. Aside from sore abdominal muscles from all the coughing and my throat still hurting a bit, at least.

Celebrating feeling human by doing laundry and listening to the Beatles. Blaring Rubber Soul throughout the apartment so I can hear it in the laundry closet. Amazing how soundproofed our place is. I mean, seriously, the laundry closet's not far from the living room and you can't hear a damn thing back there unless it's really loud.

I should really clean the apartment, but I think I should put off heavy-duty cleaning until I'm sure I can handle cleaner fumes without dying.

My mom got the flowers I sent her for Mother's Day. :3 She took pics with her cell phone and sent said pics along to me all happily. Thanks for help making up my mind which ones to send, [personal profile] coyul. :D We picked the right ones. ♥

There's something about Beatles music and coffee in the morning that just makes me feel like the day will go well. I should seriously start off every weekend morning like this. Not like I don't have enough Beatles music.
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More memes. Because... I have nothing more important to say.

Ganked from Emma~ )
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Quote of the Day: "Hey, Bob, would you happen to know any wines that go well with Cap'n Crunch?" - On the radio

Today I learned the valuable lesson that splitting images at work to the guitar riffs in Thunderhorse is ridiculously hard. I messed up so many times because I was being an asshole and trying to hit a key for every note. Derp derp.

However, splitting to the drumbeat is a-okay. Works wonderfully well with Dir en grey shit as well. And Guilty Gear. Oh god, Momentary Life is fun as hell when you're hitting a key for every note. ♥

...Don't judge me, this is how I make a very boring job entertaining.

In other news, Will and I had the bright idea the other night of putting on the humidifier because my allergies were acting up. We didn't take into effect that it was damp and cold outside, and cold inside. Add in the damp from the humidifier and now both of us feel like we're coming down with nasty colds. ~*GENIUSES*~

Apparently it's supposed to snow next week. Here in Texas. In February. Something is very wrong with this.
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So apparently, Miyavi's gonna be in LA next month. Also DespairsRay and Kaggra, both of which I loff on, so this concert is going to kick ass. Tickets go on sale, of course, while I need to be at the thing for the speech contest, unless they're talking EST, in which case I can swing it. Otherwise, I'm making Pan get me a ticket. 'Cause omfg, Miyavi. Also a lovely excuse to go back to LA and bug Motoki for a couple days. XD;;


Today, I woke up all cheerful, walked to school laughing and happy, had a great first class, went down to Cuban Pete's to sit with Pan until Japanese, and about twenty minutes before Japanese, all of a sudden, I was incredibly sick. Like, chills and fever and epic stomachache that limited movement and everything. omg, felt so bad. I managed to drag myself to Japanese, ask Sensei if I could take the kanji quiz right then and there and go home, took said kanji quiz, and staggered my way back up Baseline so I could collapse in bed.

After just lying here with the laptop and some tea for about eight hours, I'm feeling a bit better. The chills and fever are gone, at least, which is quite the improvement. (Went through fever hell around 6 and couldn't pile enough blankets on, but that's past. XD;;)

Despite it all, I'm still super happy that I'll be going to LA again next month and having fun having the apartment to myself tonight. lol, blaring Ouran and watching corny-as-hell dub!Sailor Moon.

Think I might write for a bit before bed, even though I'm reeeallyyy tiiireeed.


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