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So I got it into my head to do a Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon White. Mainly, I've been playing between calls and while waiting for my damned work server to stop lagging. >>

I'm still trying to decide if I want to be one of the dorks with a Nuzlocke comic on deviantart, but so far, my laziness is winning out. We'll see.

The game cartridge is Japanese (Kanji practice! SHIT IS HARD SOMETIMES), so all the names are weeaboo-tastic. But two of the three reference songs that I had on my playlist at the time, so... hopefully not too dorky.

Team so far:
- Hoshi, male Oshawott. Relaxed. Level 11. Tackle/Tail Whip/Water Gun
- Ohtani, male Patrat. Hardy. Level 10. Tackle/Leer/Bite/Bide
- Ruby, female Purrloin. Modest. (DDD:) Level 7. Scratch/Growl/Nekonote (I THINK this is Assurance but I really can't be sure)

Hoshi is so named because Star Memory was on my playlist and he danced to it nicely. Ohtani is because I was peeved I got a Patrat as the first thing I ran into, called it a little bastard, and it crit-hit Hoshi so hard he almost died. Plus "minezumi" related to "Koizumi" in my mind, but it was male, so it was Ohtani instead. Ruby is a cat and I stumbled into her when the Lunar 2 theme was on my playlist, so... Ruby. >>

Ruby really really sucks so far. Modest nature. Just... c'mon, man.
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So at Walmart the other day, I spotted a cherry and blueberry pie from the same people who make those cheapass potpies that are basically crap but are still tasty for some reason. You know the ones. Anyway, the cherry/blueberry thing was 88 cents and I figured "why the hell not" and decided to give it a try because goddammit I love me some cherries. Even though I don't like blueberry much.

Nuked the damn thing up today and it's just... bitter as all hell. Way too many blueberries, not enough cherry. Like, I wouldn't even know the cherry was in it if the box hadn't said so. And it's got an odd soapy flavor to it.

This shit is nasty and I'm not gonna finish it, lol.

Making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight at Will's request. I think this will be the first time I'll be making it since we moved in. Both of us have been stressed to high heaven lately and some nice hot chicken and dumplings always makes everything better. ♥

I have to stop at HEB and get cat food later... maybe I'll pick up a real goddamn cherry pie for dessert. A couple extra bucks for miles more of comfort food is completely worth it. Shut the fuck up, waistline, you love it.

I've been in one of those Feeling Remarkably Useless and Hopeless slumps for a couple weeks now, but I think it's about damn time to buck up and ganbare again. I'll make the most of this weekend, dammit.
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I still can't get over this costume. This just... AAAUUUGH I need an excuse to have her wear that in Luceti/BFL/where-the-fuck-ever, I love that costume. ;_;


Also, Aracowne. lolol.

I think I burned my brain out switching between srs bsnss tags at Luceti and drunken idiocy tags at BFL. how in the hell.

herp derp.
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How did I never find this before. ;;_;; Violin + Weak Executioner = Fuckyes.

Although the squiggly shirt is really cracking me up.

Dammit this song always makes me wish someone would play Arakune at one of the games I'm in. ;_; Even though... I really do wonder how it would work in either place. Shut up, brain, pre-squiggly is practically an OC and doesn't count. Not to mention I'd have an emopants Litchi on my hands then. Alas.

...I should really stop listening to this and actually do something with my day off here.
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Because I am bored and have nothing better to do today other than dust and do laundry:

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom: LITCHI )

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom: BACON )
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It's days like this I wish I had a Higurashi icon, but this is still relevant.

Shadow event at [profile] brofist_tv is fucking badass. Hell yes for suppressed sides running rampant for a week. Litchi and Baiken both have so much they keep bottled up that it's going to be a glorious explosion of angst and complete psycho and I am having far too much fun with it.

I'm still debating on what to do with Yellow other than obvious gender confusion. >>

Combine this with plots at Luceti, trying to round up a Guilty Gear cast for said Luceti within a week, and the internet is a fun and exciting place for the next couple weeks.

ilu, internet. Even when you eat my life. ♥
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♡♥♡♥♡ RP LOVE MEME ♡♥♡♥♡

♡♥♡my thread♡♥♡

I have been so, so tired lately.

I could sleep for days.

Instead, I do rp memes and throw Litchi and Baiken into a billion threads everywhere like that's gonna make me any less tired.

So, so worth it.

Also, P4. Playing it again. Mainly because I was sitting at work and the stupid battle music came on my mp3 player while I was working on a pain in the ass book to file and it ended up being way more badass than it should've been and made me want to play P4.

And Pokemon. lol, leveling sucks.

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Quote of the Day: "Hey, Bob, would you happen to know any wines that go well with Cap'n Crunch?" - On the radio

Today I learned the valuable lesson that splitting images at work to the guitar riffs in Thunderhorse is ridiculously hard. I messed up so many times because I was being an asshole and trying to hit a key for every note. Derp derp.

However, splitting to the drumbeat is a-okay. Works wonderfully well with Dir en grey shit as well. And Guilty Gear. Oh god, Momentary Life is fun as hell when you're hitting a key for every note. ♥

...Don't judge me, this is how I make a very boring job entertaining.

In other news, Will and I had the bright idea the other night of putting on the humidifier because my allergies were acting up. We didn't take into effect that it was damp and cold outside, and cold inside. Add in the damp from the humidifier and now both of us feel like we're coming down with nasty colds. ~*GENIUSES*~

Apparently it's supposed to snow next week. Here in Texas. In February. Something is very wrong with this.
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Things are really coming together now. ♥ Cleaned the kitchen -- countertops, sink, dishwasher, cabinets, walls -- and vacuumed, so this place is looking much more like we're about to leave it than it did before. Stuff is almost entirely packed. Most of the stuff coming in the car with us is already in it, except for the litterbox, suitcases, and frozen food. And, y'know, us and the cat.

Not cleaned are the walls, which are going to be repainted with part of our safety deposit whether they're spotless or not. So fuck that, they can paint over the places where dyes leaked out of furniture, scratches, and whatnot. XD I'm not taking the time if it's going to waste anyhow.

Laundry is done, I did some studying for my final tomorrow, I went up to the school and bitched at them to what seems like it might turn out right, we got Pat promising dinner tomorrow (chicken and potatoes and stuffing oh gooooddddd yessssss), got spaghetti from said friend tonight for dinner, and I printed out all my directions, contact numbers, hotel locations, and all that jazz.

Just need to get gas tomorrow, vacuum seal the shrink-bags for the suitcases, pack up the Wii and PS2, return Pat's vacuum to her, eat dinner, and, of course, fail take my final.

I think I can do this, I think I can do this...

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So I have to read Wuthering Heights by next Monday, half of it due tomorrow. I tanked the half of it this afternoon. It was painful, to put it lightly. What the hell is with there being absolutely no likable characters aside from the maid?

I followed that up by tanking a 36 page monstrosity of a political article that was filled with grammatical and spelling errors out the wazoo and had no argument or even much of a point. That was painful too.

As burned out as I am from all this horrific reading, I'm still excited like a total dumbass over 4th Wall Day at [community profile] discedo. I hope that Robo Ky will come back again. And I totally want to throw Litchi in somewhere. >> Such a loser, if this is the highlight of my day...

Also, Raikou is a bitch on HG. Bastard won't stay in any ball and I refuse to use the Master Ball on him. >( He is paralyzed and with one HP. How the hell is he still busting out and running away?

Also, two days of migraine. How has my brain not melted out my ears yet?
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Pokemon rantage. )

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You know, it's really weird, but there are few foods I enjoy more than daikon. Seriously, self, wtf. Daikon would make the weirdest favorite food ever, second perhaps only to lima beans.

Hello, Livejournal, this is me putting off writing my math paper. I know what I'm writing and how I'm writing it, I'm just... not writing it. I woke up, decided I would write the paper as I drank coffee, got distracted by the thought of Zelda, beat the Temple of Time, decided I would motivate myself with a hot bath to get my brain working, ended up hungry and made some breakfast/lunch, and am now LJing instead of writing.

I swear on my honor as a geek that I will do it once I've finished my food.

Tonight is mini-shopping night -- this is a note to myself so that I don't forget -- because we are in dire need of parmesan cheese, cat food, and spaghetti sauce. Maybe daikon. Now there's a combo the cashier will never see again.

Also, self, do your XHTML homework. It's not that hard this week.
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Everybody remembers those Shades!Sims, right?

Well, I had to uninstall the program a while ago to try and save my poor crappy computer some grief, but I saved all the lots and all the Shades!Sims into a side folder so I could bring 'em back whenever the hell I felt like reinstalling.

So today, I reinstalled Sims 2 after deleting Gankutsuou ('cause honestly, I'm willing to pay for the whole damn thing) and FMA (same reason -- plus I can always gack it from [profile] darthsuna out at UAT). Aaaand I've come across some good and bad things. :\

Clickie for rants and pictures and electrocuted genin (oh my)! )


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