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Well, it's official. My Kinect is possessed.

No fucking joke here. We had left the 360 on while Will went to go look something up on the internet, and I was just sitting here, out of sight of the Kinect, reading some comics. And the thing turned itself to the Netflix selection screen.

After a pause, the hand icon came up. I started looking around the living room in the Kinect's view range to see what would be triggering it, figuring it was probably one of the cats or the curtain or something. The cats were both in the bedroom. Nothing was moving at all.

The hand icon waved, then slid over, hovered over Fullmetal Alchemist, then a horror movie, and then settled on the early 90's X-men. None of these are in our queue, just Recommended.

As X-men came up, the hand icon kept waving around the screen and then disappeared when the intro was done.

All the hair on my head is standing on end, dude.

This fucking Kinect.


For the record, I turned off the cartoon because it was just really freaking me out. Will was laughing his ass off and saying the ghosts knew I wanted to watch it. Just.... FFFF. :c
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Today, a break in all my rp dorkery for some irl crap.

These past couple days, I have gotten a lot done. Work let out early last night due to Easter, so once I got home, Will and I decided to use our opportunity to get some grocery shopping done. It was sorely needed. We got plenty of food, restocked our drink supply which is really what we burn through fastest, and got a few bonus dork items for our Easter.

Since Will's brother works at a local church, he and his wife won't be available for a family get-together on Easter... which is fine, really, 'cause we understand. Our only Eastery plan was that I was gonna make some strawberry crepes. So Will and I decided that, since we'll both have off work, we'll just make it a fun and loser-tastic day for us.

Which means that, while we were at Walmart last night, we decided to grab a six pack of Dos Equis, some chips and dip, some peanuts, and some pretzels, and we decided that we'll play Guilty Gear against each other and be noisy and make fun of each other and just have a generally fun day being drunk and nerds.

Because clearly, that is what Easter is about. >>

Also picked up a new cat litter pan, since the ~*fancy*~ one I had before apparently wasn't sold in Austin, 'cause I can't find the special litter and pads for it at our Walmart. Which was the only place I ever found that sold it anyway. OH WELL~ Grabbed a nice enclosed litterbox for Moot and some fancypants litter (go go multicat formula for our ONE CAT), set that up today. Our computer room suddenly seems less like a cat room, now that the litterbox is enclosed.

Also picked up plenty of food for said cat, and I'm going to try and make that little bastard eat something other than the Friskies pate crap, because it's far more difficult to find that in a big combo box than it should be. I bought him some of his favorite pate cans and then a bunch of the shredded/morsel/whatever they call it in gravy to try and wean him off of his turkey and giblets fanaticism. Let's see if this actually works.

Also kitten chow. A huge bag for ten bucks. I will fatten up this skinny bastard again if it's the last thing I do.

Kicked off today by cleaning up computer room, straightening up kitchen, taking Will off to work, and I mean to clean the bathroom once I've eaten something. Something being apples and yogurt and maybe a granola bar. Nommity nommity nom. ♥ May as well eat healthy today so I can be a junkie tomorrow with my beer and peanuts and chips. :D


Also, a weird story from work, ganked from an IM with Mari because I'm too lazy to retype )


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