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Hey, flist. I love you guys. And any friends that are straying past this LJ and see this, you guys too.

I got a message on the Facebooks last night from a friend of mine from high school. The second I mentioned to him that I hadn't been too great lately (but that things seemed to be over for now and looking up), he sends me a PM: "Did somebody do something? I'll choke 'em." Dude's got enough major worries of his own, but it was nice to have an I'LL CHOKE A BITCH sentiment from someone. ♥

ALL YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. I feel so loved. ;;_;;

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Quotes of the Day: (both from Dustine)
- "And you would ask to touch my buns. And I would say maybe."
- "I am not a bubble."

Dustine has been a constant source of amusement today. XD Pan and I yelled "REQUESTING BLACKUP!" at one point, just 'cause I was dying so hard on Star Ocean, and he came barreling in here and almost slid right through the sliding glass doors. Which were closed. It's a damn good thing he didn't, 'cause I don't think I could make the maitenence report for that. "Yeah, so we requested blackup... and we got it. But it went through the window."

Got fewds at the grocery store earlier, made cookies, and was awesome with the gang. Our cookies are amazing. We made Sailor Moon themed ones, Silent Hill theme (Pyramid Head and one of those armless zombies), and kanji cookies. The kanji cookies were an unholy bitch to put together -- which I did with proper stroke order without even realizing until I was on the second or third cookie -- but they look awesome and I have to say, they were good practice. And we're bringing them in for snack during Japanese history on Monday. >D

Yes, we're dweebs.

We were cracking very lewd jokes earlier because we are /b/tards. Poor Senpai walked into the living room, heard us cracking penis jokes, and went right back into her room.

Playing Star Ocean now and listening to jrock and being very awake despite it being 3:30 in the morning. I blame doubleshot expresso drink. And Pan is leaning way over onto my bed and singing the current music. XD And pushing my mattress, like, across the room. And she's about to fall on the floor.

I'll laugh when she does.
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DeG Concert Countdown: 1 month, 6 days!

[profile] nekopanchan has gotten me into the live-action Sailor Moon. It's so horrible that I love it. >> It's eaten up all of today.

Last night we wound up having random!party and Pan came over to play video games with us and eat pizza and use me as a personal weapon and be geeky all night. :D It was pretty awesome.

And then PGSM devoured my life.

On the bright side, I got the black wolf on Okami, so I am accomplished despite it all.
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Quote of the Day:
[profile] miya_kome: What're you on Quizilla for? >\
[profile] _maesterseymour: Wanna take a quiz.

John and Alex both licked my Wii. D: It's been violated.

And I made mbr get me food. Felt good to command somebody around and actually have them do things.

Also, Katamari Damacy is fucking amazing.
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Sensei! I got your package! ^__^ Thank you so much! (Mom was like "IS THAT THE FUCKING PACKAGE I ORDERED WEEKS AGO?" and I was all giddy and giggled, "It's from Sensei. X3")

Today was the family Christmas shindig, which I was rather non-spiffed by, but I got some awesome presents and Final Fantasy III and Mario and FMA limited edition movie and soap, which I needed so bad 'cause I'm almost out back home. (Feels odd to say that in reference to Tempe.)

Again, another awesome day. I ate soooo much delicious food I could explode. Nums.


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