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We lost Rose yesterday. I'm still kind of numb. I think I'm at emotional overload.

Basically just planning on being there for the fam.

Although I caught a mega-cold from an uncle, so I'm so weak and tired right now I don't even know.
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Well, mixed news on the family front. Cut for people who don't care. XD; )

In the seven hours we were at the hospital yesterday, I got a massive amount of HeartGold playing in. :D;; I beat Claire's gym, beat a surprise challenge that I won't spoil here, got my Master Ball, and went to go and try to catch Ho-oh.

That asshole bird... I reset so many times because he kept Struggling himself to death. Apparently no ball is good enough even when you only have 3 HP and are paralyzed/put to sleep. Jerk. I finally got the fucker in an Ultra Ball when I guess he decided he didn't feel like having my Growlithe absorb any more Sacred Fire attacks. It must be insulting, to be the sun god pokemon and have a tiny -- grumpy, I might add -- dog just soaking up all your flames like it's nothing. I didn't even want the stupid bird for myself, I just want it for trading. XD;

And yeah, my Growlithe is a grumpy fucker. Any time I talk to him, he's either going "..." or it's telling me that he's ignoring me. I know he likes me, because the little shit will, very rarely, do the happy dance that my other Pokemon do... I guess when he thinks I'm not looking. I dunno. Moody little shit. I named him Ragna. ♥

Already pondering a reset on this thing, though, since this was mainly a test run to see what I had to tackle in this game. I think I'll go and conquer the Elite Four and Kanto with my team of misfits, trade over my legendaries (LUGIAAAAAA and SUICUNE and RAIKOU~) and any items I feel like salvaging, and then reset and make an actual functioning team. The one I've got now is shit.

Although Anji the Butterfree is kickass, bro. Dude took out three gyms all by himself. He even took out Claire's Kingdra. Don't fuck with the butterfly.

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Things just steadily keep marching on into the crapper around here. XD; My mom called last night with news that my grandfather (on her side) had a massive heart attack yesterday afternoon. This was compounded when he had another one this morning right before my second class period -- he's holding stable, thankfully, but they've got him sedated into a stupor and secluded so that he can get rest and hopefully recover just fine. We should know by Sunday how he's doing.

In an amazing stroke of luck, the thing that probably saved him was that he had gone to get a benign skin growth on his neck removed that morning and was given painkillers that had thinned his blood out quite a bit.

I'm just... getting a little tired of bad news every time my phone rings.

Anyway, in happier news, I ordered HeartGold version both out of impatience and a desire to test my Japanese. Thank god for having a little extra money from finally getting my damn refund check from State Farm for the car accident ages ago. It showed up on Tuesday and I've been melting my brain out with it whenever I've gotten a chance these past few days. Talk about nostalgia bomb.

Some changes are damn stupid, though. Gym leaders don't stay in their gyms so much anymore, which is irritating as hell. Whitney left, Morty left. Uuuuuurrrgh.

My team is currently very flying-type heavy: Check 'em out! )
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lol chicken and dumplings. Best part of being home again, seriously.

Went out to Newark to pick up Will last night. Had fun going to four different places before anything was open so Ma could get coffee. Ended up watching Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth when we got home, then passed out around 4:30 in the morning. (In my defense... in Arizona time, it was 1:30.)

Woke up around noon. Went to go see Anko and wish her luck on her journey to Japan for college, swung by my sister's place to see her and Brian and the kids. Adrian quite happily led me around the living room, happily pointing out everything. ("Aun' Lauren, this is my Shrek. And this is my mommy. And this is my Cameron.") When I went upstairs later to try to find a bathroom, he was already up there, waiting to show me his room and introduce me to his teddy bear and his Elmo. Hyperactive little sucker, but he's funny. He's pretty articulate for a two-year-old.

Now we're back here and Will is failing hardcore at Shadow of the Colossus. :D It's fun to watch.

I'm gonna go get some strawberry rhubarb pie in a minute, and then veg. Tomorrow, it is the journey to the mini-mall to get Will a haircut, and then who knows what next. Ahh, laidback vacation time.
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Home again, home again. :3

Ate so much Italian food last night that I'm still full. Slept like a log (had weird dreams involving friends going psycho and me knowing Hogwarts spells to defend myself). Woke up to coffee, got me a cup, am enjoying it thoroughly.

Got to meet my new nephew today, too. :3 He's a friendly little guy. He was crying up a storm 'cause he's teething when I came out of my room, but he stopped as soon as I went over to say hi to him. Now he's over there with Mom, just smiling at me. He's a cute little bugger.

Going to pick up Will at the airport tonight, and then probably just chillax for a couple days.
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So Lexi finally had the baby last night -- this morning, my bad, it was night my time -- around six thirty EST. :D Little baby Cameron seems to be doing just fine, he's loud like his brother, and I'm very sure Lexi's gonna lose her mind sometime fairly soon. ♥

In other news, I've got a speech and a quiz to do in Japanese today and I'm a little spooked about it. XD; I've never been all that good at talking in front of people, but seeing as most of my class won't have any idea what I'm saying... it should be fine. I know I'm gonna trip over my words.

Guess I'll just be doing my best.

...Damn, never a dull moment here, huh? Truck arrival, Dir en grey concert, planning road trip to California, nephew being born, speech for Japanese... it never ends.
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Sensei! I got your package! ^__^ Thank you so much! (Mom was like "IS THAT THE FUCKING PACKAGE I ORDERED WEEKS AGO?" and I was all giddy and giggled, "It's from Sensei. X3")

Today was the family Christmas shindig, which I was rather non-spiffed by, but I got some awesome presents and Final Fantasy III and Mario and FMA limited edition movie and soap, which I needed so bad 'cause I'm almost out back home. (Feels odd to say that in reference to Tempe.)

Again, another awesome day. I ate soooo much delicious food I could explode. Nums.


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