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So Will and I have been thinking of adopting a new cat for quite some time so that Moot would have someone to keep him company. He's a grumpy old man and only likes female cats, so it was hard to look around for a female cat that he'd get along with... but who could also hold her own if he decided to be an asshole.

We found a great match just over the weekend, and went on Friday to adopt her. We named her Meryl, because she is tiny but very opinionated and has white boots. (What, don't judge us, we had plans of naming a big female cat Milly. /Trigun dork)

Moot loves her so far, but Meryl is Meryl and tells him off any time he tries to come over and say hi. He's hellbent on going over to curl up with her, but she's still at the Get The Fuck Away stage and hisses. But she's getting better and letting him closer now. Hopefully they'll get along well once Meryl is done being a tsundere.(We figure this will eventually happen because she greeted me and Will the same way at first and now sleeps between us at night.)

Also, finished the entire new Stephanie Plum book. This one is the first one I saw the ending coming from a mile away. :( Bit of a bummer, but hey, the next one's already announced, so maybe it'll be a grand finale. Which... I love these books to death, but if they're doomed to get weaker and weaker, I'd settle for a solid conclusion.

In other news, monster migraines that cause extreme nausea. At least the light sensitivity finally went away. :\
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Oh god literary nerd attack~

I finally got around to unpacking my books (which Will thoroughly hates now due to carrying the boxes upstairs, but that's another story). I totally forgot I had... well, a lot of the stuff I had.

In my defense, most of my stuff got left at Mom's when I went off for college, and when she moved, it all vanished into storage. When she was moving again before we left, she unloaded all my old boxes of crap on me.*

I've still got practically the entire series of Animorphs up to #30-something, the Indian in the Cupboard series (HELL YES), far more Terry Pratchett than I remembered owning, far more Anne McCaffrey than I remembered owning, a bunch of classics I didn't remember buying, Joseph Heller out the wazoo, Mark Twain, Amy Tan, Tolkien... I even found my old copy of Black Beauty that I got for Christmas when I was five or something. Shut up, it's my sister's fault I was a book nerd at the age of three. SPEAKING OF MY SISTER'S FAULT FOR TEACHING ME TO READ, my ancient copy of Charlotte's Web that she taught me to read with was in there. Talk about nostalgiabomb. Been nearly twenty years since I read that for the first time.

I just want to read everything. *_* It's so exciting.

The one thing I didn't find that I really wanted to and now it's bugging me, though? My copy of Catch-22. Where the hell did that disappear to. It's been four years since I've seen that damn thing. I should probably just admit defeat and buy a new copy. I miss Yossarian.

* Most of the boxes were, indeed, nothing more than pure crap. Oh, past self, you were such a lameass. ♥

Found my CDs, too, which my mom lost for FOREVER. Can't stand most of it anymore BUT, I got my White Stripes and Beatles and Rolling Stones. :D Dorking out listening to the White Stripes for the first time in FOREVER now.
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Last night marked the official first death bell toll for my PS2. I'd been wondering for a while, ever since it kept slowing down and struggling to read the FMVs in Final Fantasy 8, but the Chrono Cross FMVs just kill it in one shot. It plays otherwise, just gets murdered by cinematics... as I first noticed with Okami.

I'm bummed, but I really only had that thing for a year. I suspect that my dad's luck just transported into it when he bought it; he got a shit system because he always gets the shit system.

Oh well. Going out after class to go get a new one. Silver this time. I'm kinda PO'd, 'cause this was the money that I was saving up for an Xbox 360 at the end of the semester -- shut up, I really want to play Viva Pinata and a few other things -- but I guess maybe it'll just have to wait for next time. I think I'll keep the old PS2 just for backup in case of freak emergency, but I really need something that'll let me finish FF8 and play Chrono Cross because just watching DVDs to burn away free time is hideously boring.

I even did homework last night for a good three hours. And I still had a lot of free time. ....I need that job at UAT to start, like, yesterday.

Anyway, other than the death of my electronics, yesterday was pretty damn boring and uneventful. Tanked through half of the first season of Pokemon, simply because I could. Laughed my ass off at Will making the exact same noise the pug we used to have at the stables would make. Luffed on my cat, because he is my buddy and watches DVDs with me. Discovered that Oceanspray Cran-Cherry juice tastes exactly like cherry pie (go buy it, for serious, it's so good). Same old, same old.

Harry Potter needs to hurry up and come out so I have something else to tank reading.
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Doctor's appointment went well, and then I went on my once-a-semester spending spree at the Fiesta Mall in Mesa. But not before checking the mail, in which my Laguna keychain and my Lean Mean Thirteen were waiting for me. Read a chapter of the book, squeed happily at Laguna!chain and put him on my keys, and off we went.

I found the first season of the Pokemon anime, a shirt with Pikachu with the (- w -) face on, a Gryffindor shirt for the HP release party, a pin with Deery Lou and hair pins with same Sanrio deer. We're gonna Pokeparty once Senpai's back from her vacation, because season one is made of infinite win.

Going to pick up my Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii next week, which will be much love. I'm dorkily excited.

Still need to do that portfolio, but I am so relaxed and happy now that I don't even care.


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