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From time to time, I'll think to myself, Why don't I play my PSP games more often? I have quite a few that I still haven't finished and between the two Star Oceans and Lunar, I definitely have games I enjoy. Can't say so much for P3P, but I will finish that too.

And then after one and a half days of moderate play usage, I remember why I don't play the PSP so much.

It's because it cramps up my hands to the point that I feel like an old lady with arthritis. >:| It's that goddamn analog "stick". Just... asldjawijalsidasd


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Randomly decided last night that I felt like playing Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley on the PSP, because I felt like I'd been neglecting the stupid thing. Nevermind that I'm standing there in the final month of P3P, I just... didn't care, so I went for farming instead. XD;;

Got the dog, the horse, two cows, three chickens, and raised up one of the girls to a blue heart in the span of one game month. >D I AM JUST THAT AWESOME.

White Weasel ending. I am on the right path.

Passed my first two tests for training, plus the first performance assessment. ♥ Hoo-ray.

Miiiight finally be getting a new 360 soon. Will got some surprise work to do for his brother and we've got some extra money coming in from that. WILL WE FINALLY BE ABLE TO PLAY AGAIN? I've missed Blazblue and Left 4 Dead. ;_;

...Clearly, life = vidya.
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Car inspection: done. Car insurance: obtained. Registration papers: on the way in the mail. TX Driver's License: also in the mail. Just need to actually register the car and straighten out the stupid citation for not having the TX license and everything is SET.

Got a great deal on the car insurance. Everything I wanted coverage-wise, plus accident and ticket forgiveness, for $2 less than my second lowest quote. For the record, Nationwide's commercials about finding you a lower cost every time you call? Absolutely true. I thought I'd be an asshole and prove them wrong, but... they proved ME wrong. XD

Training for work is going great! It's nice to get off of my shift at the end of the night and feel happy instead of grumpy as hell. ♥ Still tired, but not hating the world. Very nice change.

Been replaying Platinum lately just for shits and giggles. My Pokemon team is just... I don't even know. I've got a Sealeo, a Crobat, a Gligar, a Houndoom, a Lopunny, and a Bibarel right now. This team is rather wtf. It's still been fun, though, and I even got a nod from the footprint guru for raising the Crobat because I stuck with a Pokemon that most people hate. (For the record, Rachel the Crobat was caught at level 7... as a Golbat. The mighty "WAT" I let out over her appearing is pretty much the entire reason I caught and raised her. XD)

So weird to think that it's October already. Time flies~

Also, Austin, stop being so cold already. It's only October 5. You are not New Jersey. :C
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Feeling accomplished for a change! This is nice. ;;

Went and transferred funds for rent this morning from Will's account to mine, called up the tax administrator's office to get the total fees for registration, got three insurance quotes (and will do another three tomorrow), and I'm gonna call and schedule to have the car inspected next week so that I can get this ball rolling on getting Avvy entirely in my name. Which we probably should have done in the first place, but alas.

So far I'm leaning towards either Progressive or Nationwide, so if anyone has any good or bad experiences with either one of them, let me know. ♥ All input to help the decision process is appreciated.

I've got training in a couple hours with a group of people I really enjoy. Work with the new job seems like it will be great so far. :3

Just need to email my old supervisor and see if he can call/email/whatever the dude in charge of the bonus checks, because said dude is avoiding me like crazy. I think he's trying to weasel out of giving me my bonus check that I earned because I left, although I EARNED the thing a month before doing so and it was just that they hadn't paid it to me yet. So I'm pretty sure they still owe it to me, and trying to get a hold of the dude to ask him when I can expect the check has been a pain. Maybe Matt will have better luck, being a supervisor and all.

Oh, life. Why you explode on me? At least the explosions seem like they'll be dying down soon. :c KNOCK ON WOOD, QUICK
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So at the Three Days Left At Current Job marker, I caught a cold. I'm not sure if it's from someone at work who refused to stay out while he was sick... or if it's from some jackass girl who felt inclined to sneeze all over me and Will and our food when we went to an Italian place last weekend. It was probably the girl, because it's a head cold, and the dude at work had a chest cold, but I digress.

Tried to pull a full day yesterday, but had to head home at lunch break due to being dead tired. Slept from 11 last night until noon today. I feel a lot better, but still wonky.

Chugging down lots of Sunny D and medicine and tea and I'm gonna drink a Red Bull to try and truck my shift tonight because dammit I need my moneeeeey.

My cat is the best company when you don't feel good. ♥ He's so cuddly and warm.
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Catching up on IRL shit. So, naturally, this is what I do. CUB'S FAULT

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The deer Pokemon in Black and White.

And the afro buffalo.

I will have them in my party with the doofy-lookin' dog and chinchilla.

That's four normal types, plus the eagle which is half normal.

Game's not even out yet and I already have an almost all-normal team planned.


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Sup guys.

Just a request here: Please to not be doing the damn pingback crosspost crap with my entries. I doubt anyone would, since it seems my entire flist is pissed about this shit, but still.

Thanks, guys. ♥
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Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

Meeeeemes, why do I love yoooouuuu
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[Insert angst over money here.]

A new job. With slightly better pay. That's all I ask.

Please, God of Interviews, smile upon me and grant me just one interview.

Icon has nothing to do with anything, it just makes me smile and I need that right now. XD
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Pick one of your characters and one of mine and I'll give you 5-10 facts as 'written' by my character about yours. (Please be specific about games, because otherwise, it'll be confusing.

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So at Walmart the other day, I spotted a cherry and blueberry pie from the same people who make those cheapass potpies that are basically crap but are still tasty for some reason. You know the ones. Anyway, the cherry/blueberry thing was 88 cents and I figured "why the hell not" and decided to give it a try because goddammit I love me some cherries. Even though I don't like blueberry much.

Nuked the damn thing up today and it's just... bitter as all hell. Way too many blueberries, not enough cherry. Like, I wouldn't even know the cherry was in it if the box hadn't said so. And it's got an odd soapy flavor to it.

This shit is nasty and I'm not gonna finish it, lol.

Making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight at Will's request. I think this will be the first time I'll be making it since we moved in. Both of us have been stressed to high heaven lately and some nice hot chicken and dumplings always makes everything better. ♥

I have to stop at HEB and get cat food later... maybe I'll pick up a real goddamn cherry pie for dessert. A couple extra bucks for miles more of comfort food is completely worth it. Shut the fuck up, waistline, you love it.

I've been in one of those Feeling Remarkably Useless and Hopeless slumps for a couple weeks now, but I think it's about damn time to buck up and ganbare again. I'll make the most of this weekend, dammit.
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Oh holy hell do I feel sick. THE DRY TOAST AND PEPTO! IT DOES NOTHING!

You know those horrible chills you get when your stomach is thinking of emptying itself? Yeah. This is fun.

AND WORK IN FIFTEEN MINUTES LOLOLOL i don't even know wtf my stomach is so mad about, it's probably just hungry

Part of me is really hoping to come home early today, even though it will make my paycheck cry. lol, not even at work yet and already wanting to go home.

EDIT: Careful what you wish for, I guess.

Got rear-ended on my way in by some dude I am incredibly certain was drunk. He hit and ran. Dude almost hit this van right before he hit me, so... pretty sure he was drunk.

I'm okay -- so far, at least -- and the car is also looking alright so far. I took a buncha pictures just in case.

Can't stop shaking, but I've got a police report number if work needs some kind of equivalent to a doctor's note. I, uh... don't think driving while I'm shaking like this is a terribly good idea.

Just... going to sit in my air conditioning with my cat now. And watch Friends.

Shaking a lot less now than I was, so... should be fine soon enough.

Seriously, though. What the fuck with getting rear-ended at a red light by giant pickup trucks. This better not be some recurring theme in my life.
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I have no good excuse for this other than "I pick out character songs at work and then feel like sharing the songs with people."


Songs that I have tossed into my Litchi Playlist! )
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Alright, Luceti canonmates. I've decided. I'm canon updating Litchi to this: )

Also, ganked from Keryn:

--> for this meme, choose one character of yours and one character of mine-- and then i will write out how they hook up, settle into a long term relationship and/or marriage, and describe their firstborn child/children. crack pairings and old characters are acceptable.
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Re: Litchi's story mode in CS )
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So Serebii says the new legendary thing for Black and White has a Pokedex number of 000.

>Pokedex #000

MISSINGNO.'s number was 000.

Ladies and gentlemen...


is the face of Missingno.

And for some reason, that being the face of my childhood nightmares... all makes sense.
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RP motivation is remarkably low right now, so sorry to Luceti and BFL dudes if I'm dragging ass. Just... can't summon up the energy.

Work's been pure shit all week and I expect it to get worse. I'm fully anticipating the system crashing and dying on us and us being sent home without pay either today or tomorrow. They need to put more damn memory in the server, but it's been five months and they're still dragging their feet, so I doubt it's gonna happen. It's already gotten to the point that the system randomly crashes and sites "Low memory" as the cause. Just... ffffffff. Go buy some goddamn memory at Fry's for a couple hundred bucks and j-j-j-jam it in, it ain't that hard.

Surviving almost solely on Daria and mass amounts of coffee. My sarcasm levels have skyrocketed.

I really need a new job lol.

Also, playing P3P. I still don't like P3 all that much, but at least with FeMC I managed to stick with it. Damn you, Koromaru and Junpei, making me stubborn this out...!

Almost lobbed the PSP out a window last night after I had a miniboss down to one last hit, it dodged all four of my party members' attacks with lowered evade and my guys with heightened accuracy, proceeded to get a crit hit in on the dog, and then fucking Megido'd the entire party dead. THANKS, ATLUS.

Continuum Shift in five days... :c Want.
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I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I can accept that.


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