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It's that time again, kids!

So Will and I have been watching FMA Brotherhood lately. And the more we watch of it, the more I realize that there is a hell of a lot in Blazblue that is pretty much an exact parallel. Which led me to theorizing, and I think I may have stumbled upon something here. This is totally not what I've been kicking around while I haven't been sleeping lately, what are you talking about.

The Gates of Truth = The Boundary. This one's pretty basic and obvious. The Gates contain all knowledge and all timelines rolled into one, just like the Boundary does. In order to pass the Gates, you have to give up something -- and when dealing with the Boundary, the person loses something as well. Just like Al lost his entire body, so did Lotte/Arakune. Litchi also lost something, and she reminds me a lot of Izumi in that she seems fine most of the time... until she starts hacking up blood.

Which leads me to wonder if maybe she lost internal organs like Izumi did. With the fact that Lotte was an alchemist originally, it wouldn't surprise me too much if that parallel was in there.

Seithr = Human Souls. Litchi and Arakune both insist that "seithr is not what you think." It feeds into the magic that they use, but extreme exposure to it sickens and kills humans. Non-humans are not affected by the seithr exposure the same way. The Black Beast, which killed billions of people, left a trail of seithr behind everywhere it went. It makes sense if the Beast is leaving a trail of souls, of which there are so many that it chokes the lower levels of the world.

The reason it makes humans sick or even kills them is because the human body, when it already has a soul in it, is trying to reject the other souls trying to force their way in. Surrounded by a fog of them, of course the body is going to weaken and possibly die.

The reason it amplifies ars? I've got that right here:

Azure/Condensed Seithr = The Philosopher's Stone. By using human souls to amplify, it's the exact same procedure as the Philosopher's Stones in FMA amplifying alchemy. It's mentioned in story mode that Lotte discovered the Black Beast was seithr made solid. It's a failed Azure, but it's still massively powerful. Solidify the seithr/souls properly, and you get the Azure.

Which is the Philosopher's Stone.

We just watched the part in Brotherhood where Ed realizes the Stone can be used to overpower God (re: Father's objective). Hazama is doing the same. He is trying to form the perfect Azure to throw down God (ie: Amaterasu).

You fail in creating the Stone? You get something like the Black Beast. He's kind of like a homunculus. Although, speaking of homunculi...

Arakune = Gluttony. He's a failed Black Beast. "All he knows is how to devour." He never truly dies... at the end of most matches, he's barely alive and slips away, somehow restoring to full strength again later. What is Arakune after? The Azure. The Philosopher's Stone. Ultimate knowledge. He was an alchemist, after all.

Although, like I mentioned before, he also reminds me of Al in a way. And Litchi, just like Ed, is trying to get his body back. She just wants things to go back to how they were before, before they committed the taboo of crossing the Boundary. And just like Ed, she's willing to join up with the military if it means getting his body back.

Meanwhile, just like in FMA, a section of the military has broken away and is trying to stop the evil that's slowly taken over...

I may be drawing a few too many parallels, but it seems crystal clear now. Now all I need to figure out is... if the reason Litchi didn't lose everything is like why Ed didn't lose everything... then what was the reason Arakune lost his body? If equivalent exchange still applies here, I'm still missing what the hell he was trying to create. (Unless that was the Black Beast. Which would explain a lot. The blobbity creature he became is kind of like the hellish "Mom" created, after all.)

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