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I think I've figured something else out. After finally doing some goddamn canon review and failing my way hardcore due to forgetting all of Litchi's moves.

I think Litchi is the reason Lotte went squiggly.

At one point, she gets a memory blip from the Boundary. It's Lotte saying along the lines of "I don't care, Litchi. Just do it. I have to know the truth behind the Boundary... behind the Azure!"

Just... I don't care, Litchi. Just do it. Whatever the hell it was that kicked off the erosion... and I'm thinking it was to test her reverse seithr flow theory... I think it was at her hands. Which would definitely explain the sheer guilt.

I'm still piecing things together, but dammit, I WILL get this. >:|

Also, totally a different matter, but I think Litchi actually mentions that Perfect BB World we all used for the AU event at luceti. She says "The professor mentioned something about a peaceful world, but..." when her memories are scrambling and she's remembering things from said peaceful world. And I think that may actually be the "memories" at the end of Litchi's story mode... not the future, but things happening from that alternate dimension where it's all just Tao gropings and Bang being hated on by Linhua for stealing Litchi's attention.

So I think I'm tossing out my previous theory that the "memories" at the end of the story mode are premonitions... I think they're just alternate universe crossing into her perception. I really, really do think she's going to die in the next game. There's so many damn hints dropped all over in her CS story mode it's ridiculous.

"I don't have much time left." And then the ending where her powers incapacitate her and Kokonoe is caring for her... and she's given an estimate of a month at worst before she dies... I figure that's probably right.


I really do think it was her fault that Lotte shifted. At least the beginnings of it.

...Dammit Litchi.
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